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Raze Review :

Raze review

by AMP452 Jul 13, 2011

Raze is a really fun point-and-shoot game. It is one of my favorite games,i am really looking forward to Raze 2,which will come out in late august. Raze is pretty good, it is the number 1 rated game on CrazyMonk ey games.com. It allows you to play two campaigns: Human and Alien. Of course,the Alien campaign is locked until you complete the human campaign. I'm gonna' go ahead and give you a heads up: Level 26 in the Alien campaign was nicknamed by the creators, Mission Impossible. And believe me,it fits. I don't know how, but after trying for a million times, I beat it. With all of this said, on with the review!

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10Story line
The plot is plain and simple, Humans vs. Aliens, for complete dominance. The aliens are on a mission: to gain complete dominance over the galaxy. When the aliens get the upper-hand, the humans build robots to help them. The aliens later gain the ability to make zombies.
The graphics are pretty good, I would suggest using the lowest set, so that you can avoid lag(trust me,lag is the worst thing that can happen to you).
The sound is ok, but it gets annoying. So just use a trick: pull up youtube, and raze,and play some fast songs like, Your gonna go far, kid,or headstrong.Its pure epicness.
One word describes the gameplay, EPIC. In combat,you have a choice of alien-made weapons and human-made weapons. These include, a colt/pistol, bio uzis, assault rifle, the zapper, sniper rifles, railguns(a classic), shotgun, grenade launcher, chaingun, and who could forget the BAZOOKA!
9Lasting Appeal
Well, the game is pretty great, when I first saw it, I thought nothing of it, then I started seeing it on my favorite game websites, so I played,and its amazing. But after a little while, it kinda got boring, I had completed the campaign. For this, I give it an overall review of 9/10.
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