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by Ace000Gamer Jan 04, 2011

Roblox is a free to play online game that allows you to play in infinite user-created worlds and create your own to share with Robloxia. Invite friends to play on your team in a paintball match, wear the hottest new avatar gear available in the shop. Manage your game and earn tix (tickets) to spend on gear and clothes. Earn badges by roblox or earn some user-created badges from the endless games availible. Create a meeting room for a group of friends to chat in, or just chat with the millions of other users playing. Roblox is a free game of endless fun for all ages, but if you aren't satisfied with what you have for free, try the premium stuff at affordable rates from Roblox Builders Club.

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10Story line
Roblox does not have a storyline for itself, but the user-created worlds sometimes have very interesting ones
The graphics of every world is the same. Excellent. With the ability to script your own stuff, I hope the graphics are good.
Not many sounds are used in Roblox. However, music and the occasional Doh! are used in some worlds here.
You have infinite areas to play around, have war, manage a tycoon, etc. in, and if you aren't satisfied with other levels, try making your own level with the Lua scripting language.
10Lasting Appeal
There will never be a time when nobody is posting anything to Roblox. There is constant new games and updates to keep you satisfied
(Out of 10)


divy1324    wrote on sep 02, 2011 9:18 am

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