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Roblox Review :

Roblox Review

by SecretidagentRoblox Apr 02, 2012

Roblox is where you can learn to do Lua programming for your game. You can also play other games and chill. You can also buy items for your character including shirts, t- shirts, and pants. Gear can be used to modify your gaming experiance the types of gear are: Melee, Ranged, Navigation Enhancer, Social Item, Musical Instrument, Transportation, and building tools. You can have fun with 1 place but BC gets you 10, TBC gets you 25, and OBC gets you 100. For groups you can join a war group, fan club group, and other groups. Free Account = 5. BC = 10. TBC = 25, and obc gets 100 groups. And with BC you get more robux daily. That is my roblox review. Rated 10/10.

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10Story line
The has no storyline you just join, and build or hangout. Which is why its fun you dont have to do anything you need to do you decide whether or not to do things.
The graphics are good. It doesnt lag usually. If you have a good graphics card it has no lag at all. Some lag is mainly due to a lot of bricks in the game your playing.
The sound on roblox is ok. But sometimes gear can be annoying. And you cannot upload your own sounds and music. However Roblox does hav pre- made music you can use but its limited.
The gear is good. They made HUGE improvements on stuff you can use with your character. Heres some gear examples: gravity bomb, musical instrument, sonic boom tuba, bombs, swords, shields. But yet its hard to build places. Bit theres fre models you can use that has almost anything already created.
9Lasting Appeal
Roblox has a lasting appeal to make you want to play it. Once your addicted, good luck stopping. And it even makes you want to never stop paying for BC once you get it once. But yet sometimes the hardness of building places turns you off a bit.
(Out of 10)


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