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Robot Rage Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage cheats list for PC version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 2 passwords, 2 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Win 500 to 1000

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

first go to lobby in united states you have to be a beginner because u need to be able to win money.go to beginners and find leeth hes always on and challengs him as soon as it starts hit ctrl+w then kill him. ive done it multiple times so u try it.

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Cheats - Free win

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

Hold Alt+c+x and there bot surrenders

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Cheats - Not working freaking anymore

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2006

i tried the tower cheat thing it work last time now it didnt work anymore!!!!!!
now theres no more cheats the freaking work!!!!!

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Cheats - 7000$$

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2006

go to usa east and battle a dude called The Desinagrater lose to him 5 times (doesnt matter how u lose) then go to workshop and then hold shift then push the 4 button 7 times then u will have 7000 credits

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Cheats - MONEY!!!

by gertin65 Nov 21, 2006

Find gertin101 in the UK room and he will lose on purpose for u. do it over and over and u will be very rich

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Cheats - Cheat that works

by Unregistered Nov 16, 2006

Challenge a default network bot called "Mindfreak 2" seek for him and you will win about 500 points and credits by losts...

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Cheats - Muchmoney

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2006

when you die than you get 1000 money

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Cheats - These are not real cheats!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Nov 10, 2006

these cheats arent real dude you half to belive me!!!!!!!!really!!!!!!!!!!! i tryed them they didint work!!!!!!

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Cheats - Views

by Unregistered Nov 08, 2006


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Cheats - Get 500 creits easy

by Unregistered Nov 07, 2006

i found this to be really good and it really works!I found out that ascreen name named skull dude is an automatic computer sytem that when it kills you ten times it gives you 500 credits!!!!!

ps:note this wil affect your reputaion

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Cheats - 1k credit

by Unregistered Nov 03, 2006

fight some1 with rino in there name (it can be hard to find 1) and lose to him 5 times look at ur credits u have 1k more!!!

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Cheats - 30 Creds

by Tripal X Oct 31, 2006

If you see a robot named Killer 2ooo or Turret their mine challenge them.Offer a draw i will except it 5 times then you will get 30 points from me (i'll get killed 3 times)

P.S. I'm 95% in east U.S. or in the rank 1's

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Cheats - 110,00000 credits

by waseeminator Oct 30, 2006

go to lobby then go to united kindom then go east battle this stupid guy called dr.monstaa or monster then let him beat you 77 time not in a row you can do it day by day or week by week or whatever just make sure it's 77 times then go to buy parts when you look at your credits you'll have 110,00000 crdits

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Cheats - Real good cheats

by roderick Oct 30, 2006

lisen a boy name dude for real let him win 20 time.and when you go back to the lobby type shift+ctrl+f4 booooooooom 5miiilon

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Cheats - Free money

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

ok this is simple all you do is

1:click on the robot rage paint place to paint ur viechle
2:paint a big money sign on it and put a 50$ picture on it
3:you just got 50 $ :)

this was posted bye " A WASTE OF YOUR TIME "

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Cheats - Unlimited amour

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

go to sell parts and sell every thing you have and don't then quit don't play for 21 days and you will have unlimited amour

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Cheats - Super weapons

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2006

go to battle with a robot by a name of fuke during the battle press F5 then you will see a white box cick on it n u can choose 1 super weapon .if it does not work try it until u get it. GOOD LUCK

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Cheats - Get free money

by Unregistered Oct 12, 2006

go 2 united kingdom east find sonny 3000 lose 2 him 20 times and get 5000000 credits!!!!!

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Hints - Free money and credits

by good ceats Oct 05, 2006

log in on your game then open another internet and make a new acount and robot then go to the loby with both and chalenge the other.

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Cheats - A Cheat for 1000 Credits

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2006

go to Canada and so to east and play a robot called flexyfingers and he will give you a cheat that will give you 1000 credits if you play him 20 times a nd you have to loose.

This is a real cheat written by Cheat guru itself so its real. You can play flexyfingers as many times as you want!

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Hints - Free Credit!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2006

Have two internet pages up. log in to robot rage, then make a new account with a different email and log in robot rage on a different internet page.
keep on challenging them! and make sure the oner u want credit on wins!!!!!!!!

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Hints - Informer

by Unregistered Aug 26, 2006

People please pay attention to this! All these cheats you see here there all fake its kind of obvious but its true" die 4 someone you will get yadda credits" see? Thatís so simple, totally fake. There cheats for themselves, do not listen 2 them. There scamming you guys. Donít you guys hate scammers? Please donít scam. I agree with that other guy that told you about this.

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Hints - Money

by blueboy453 Aug 17, 2006

First you make a new robot. Donít make it a name that doesnít make sense cause youíre got to want keep it. Go to workshop, take off the wheels, sell them, then buy a small tower. Attatch it, then take off your motor go to the sell place click on the motor but donít sell it! Then go to paint shop go to the top right corner of the tower and click. A sign saying click here to sell will pop up. Click on it again go to buy then you'll have more money! Go back to the paint shop click on it again and now click, click, click, click like your life depends on it! Then when you finally realize youíre life is not depending on it youíll stop. Then go to buy item and youíll have a butt load of money.

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Hints - Free super weapon

by Unregistered Aug 15, 2006

Get free super weapon by submitting pin number 124412.

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Cheats - Easy Credits

by Unregistered Aug 04, 2006

Find a guy called killer6 fight him he sez " i die then u die"do it and u will get credits and he/ i will 2.

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