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Robot Rage Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage cheats list for PC version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 2 passwords, 2 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Real Cheats

by Unregistered Aug 19, 2006

If you see a cheat that gives you "extra credits" they are completely wrong. But I have three cheats that do work.
1. If you press left and right back and forth, your car will go forwards without using batteries.
2. If you are almost out of batteries, use cheat 1 and get right next to the edge. Then have a weapon that uses batteries (drill, rolling pin, and regenerator) and when you run out of batteries they will push you off and you will float. Eventually they will be so confused and they will kill themselves-you will win!
3. This cheat is strange, but true. If you press 1, 2, 3, and 4 in order, you will kind-of see behind you.

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Secret - Trick people

by Unregistered Feb 21, 2008

if you are being chased by someone go to a egeg and stop then they might go faster then you run away then they will fall (do it 3 times or more to your brother,sister or friend)

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Hints - Float 2

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2006

if your about ready to run out of battery make sure you do it in front of the elevator pit thing, if your opponent trys to push you in you will just float, most of the time theyll keep trying and fall in.

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Hints - Fly

by Unregistered Sep 15, 2006

if u have the claw and u grab on to somebody, reverse over the edge and u can fly. its pretty cool

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Hints - Game Winner

by Unregistered Jun 13, 2006

Lose more battery? Need more speed? Need to cause more dmg? Now here it is! Follow this instruction and you'll get it!

In order to win this game, you first have to buy the Dagger. Second, earn two wins, sell the Hydrogen Battery, and purchase the Alkaline Battery so you do not waste more battery as you go to the other place. Next, earn thirty-one wins, sell the Small Engine, and purchase the Small Engine Deluxe. This let you move faster and waste less battery. Next, earn eight wins and sell four Small Wheels and purchase six Large Wheels. Next, earn twenty-five wins to purchase then Large Tower. Buying a bigger size for your robot costs more energy. After that, earn another seven wins and sell the Small Chassis to buy the Medium Chassis. Then, earn twenty wins in order to buy Razor Discs. This weapon is easy to make a simple target. After purchasing Razor Discs, win fourteen times, sell the Dagger, then purchase the Spear Gun. Next, win ten times and buy the Rear-End Camera. Earn twenty-two wins, sell the Medium Chassis, and purchase the Large Chassis. After that, win thirty-five wins and purchase the Flame Thrower. This weapon is easier to shoot at medium range, even through the gate. Earn forty-three wins, sell the Flame Thrower, then purchase the Armour Regenerator. Voila! Now, you can now battle against the powerful robots to become the first colossal robot of all robots.

NOTE: In order to stay the same rank, you have to lose five times. If you don't, then it takes longer time to get more wins than losses.

You get it? If you don't, then start all over again! Practice makes perfect.

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Hints - Hinty hints

by Unregistered Apr 18, 2006

If your a - and just started the game you will start of with 50 credits if your going to buy a axe donít! Buy a dagger play people with axes. Go as fast as you can (charge) at your enemy Ūý„ will hit them it will push them back they will miss you and then your on a roll (if the exe is coming for you before you hit them back up.

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Cheats - This Cheat Works, I got loads of stuff from it!!!

by Unregistered Oct 20, 2006

remove one thing and go to Sell Items, click on the thing you removed, BUT DO NOT SELL IT. Go to paintshop and about 1/4 the way down and three or for fingers across there is a spot where your mouse turns into a hand, click on it and a little sell now icon will appear,no it wont sell your chassis or tower, now click like crazy on it, go to Buy Items, YOU HAVE TONS OF CREDITS, you can do this as often as u like. THIS CHEAT WORKS, I WENT FROM A LITTLE CHASSIS TO LARGE AND MANY OTHER AWSOME STUFF,PLZ PLZ TRY IT

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Secret - The Final Move - KAMIKAZE BOMB

by rai105 Jul 15, 2008

Hey robotrage players use kamikaze bomb to destroy both of the players bot. if u think u r gonna lose then turn on the KAMIKAZE BOMB. By doing this none of u win. So if u have 1 go and equip the KAMIKAZE. It's not a piece of shit.

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Glitch - The Saw

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2008

Purchase the saw and then attack someone with it. Either you or the person will go flying in a random direction. Once I did it and he went through the floor. It's also bad cos it can backfire.

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Secret - A series of goodies...

by Unregistered Jan 11, 2008

Tactic I: Fire-Trapped
You'll need a glue spreader, and you have to challenge someone with only melee weapons (eg. Power axe, Rolling Pin, Drill, Saw, Dagger, Plow).

This is a simple tactic, but MAY NOT always work, and may kill off a few HP, so you also might need a large chassis with maximum armor.

1. Immediately go to the flame thing after the challenge starts. Go on it and start spreading glue on it. This may inflict a few HP.

2. Your opponent will charge you, and if you're lucky, they will charge at the flame! the glue sticks the opponent to the flame, and it will inflict A LOT of Hp from them. This best works when the opponent has wheels with little grip.
Tactic II: Boomerang Killing

Okay, so razor disks act as a boomerang, bouncing everywhere. You'll need quick speed (but not TOO quick) and a glue spreader again. It is a little hard to master this tactic, but you may get the hang of it if you practice.

1. Let your opponent shoot a few razors.
2. Predict where the razors may pass. quickly spread glue on that position before the razors hit you.
3. Somehow lure your opponent through the glue. If you're lucky, they will be glued, and the razors will boomerang to the opponent.

This is a good tactic when you are desperate and ran out of weapons (eg. You only have a Spear Gun, and you shoot all five.
Tactic III: Roasting Metals

This tactic is a slightly modified tactic of a common one. It is slightly hard. All you need is a claw in the rear and that is all! (You can add a plow in the front for protection from razors and press 1234 to view you rear to see if you can snatch your opponent)
1. Make a good attempt to snatch your opponent (Best to snatch him from the sides, and press 1234 to view the rear).
2. Now simply rear up to the fire and roast your prey to death! It is better than dropping him off the edge, as you might drop off the edge as well.

Well, those are my tactics. Hope you like them.

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Glitch - Drop Enemy wherever on the map

by Unregistered Nov 26, 2007

1.sneak up on unexpecting enemy.2.(Note: for this cheat to wrok you must have a drill.) get near him and slowly insert your drill ('m serious, don't stick to him just ur wpn must go through if you bump him you have to redo it) and when its well in spin it and you'll notice that you'll hang on to enemy and then you'll be pushed back and you won't see him anymore. NOTE: if it deosn't work sory
WARNING: my enemy had a rolling pin at back i inserted it there and he fell (screen turns black and enemy falls)

Hope you Enjoy
REMINDER: be quiet slow and percise
Happy Hunting

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Cheats - Super pack 2 for free

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2006

1)go to USA ++ and puch F11 for full screen
2)seek for hansyneater and challange him
3)wenn u have a battle with him puch F5
4)u will go automaticly to the log-in screen
5)log in and u will have super pack 2 in your item box!!

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Cheats - These guys are jackoffs

by Unregistered Sep 11, 2006

ALL THE CHATS IN HERE ARE FAKE they are just noobs trying to trick u dont pay attention to them.

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Cheats - Lies

by Unregistered Sep 11, 2006

WARNING never type in any of these cheats look at the miniclips web page in bold letters THERE ARE NO ROBOTRAGE CHEATS but if u r lucky there are some glitches.

NOTE:Even if someone tells u there r cheats there r not.Don't listen to other web sites either!

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Cheats - Free Money

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2006

most people on lie about there cheat to fool u and make u mad! thatís why it says 0 to 0 found this cheat helpful. Because it doesnít work. heres a real cheat. my robot is (ultimate 2) and ill chat, tell u the guys robot that owns the robot rage game, and ill even die for u for points and money! so find me (ultimate 2)in united states, south in the lobby for everything I said!

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Cheats - Mega money cheta

by dabfgclub Oct 27, 2006


STEP 1: Sell you small engine and buy a small tower
STEP 2: remove your small wheels and go to SELL PARTS
STEP 3: click on your small wheels so it will be able to sell but DO NOT SELL
STEP 4: go to your paint shop and at the very top of the right hand corner where you paint your tower move you mouse around slowly than when a hand pops up instead of the mouse arrow CLICK IT a glitchy looking SELL NOW sign appears
STEP 5: keep on clicking the SELL NOW button than go to buy parts and look at all the money you have and then buy an armour regenerator and do it with it because you get credits faster

PS. It will work without an tower at 1st you just need to know where the right top corner of the small tower will be at the paintshop

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Secret - Most cheats a scams

by jakepf1 Jan 06, 2009

dont be a fool.not 1 of these cheats work it junk like go to the battle ****** and and lose to him 6 times and you will have $10000 well it is all rong if u wont a cheat download cheat engine 5.3 or wpe pro if your computer slows down delet it

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Glitch - How to fly in robot rage

by jakepf1 Jan 06, 2009 a alkline battery and a saw go to training
3.wasit the battery
4.before you cant move jump off
5.and dont let go of forward butten

p.s eny probs just tell me

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Password - How to have 1000 armour in robot rage

by jakepf1 Dec 23, 2008 need cheat engine 5.3 it up choose your internet browser
3.type your armour
4.after 123 press first scan
5.damage your robot then decrease value
6.dubule click on the value close to your armour
7.change the value to 1000 then click frozen

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Glitch - How to fly in robot rage

by jakepf1 Dec 23, 2008 a armour regenerator and a alkaline battery
2.go to training jump off the building with the armour regenerator on
3.wait for the battery to wear out
4.hold forward BUT DO NOT LET GO OR DROP

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Easter Egg - For those who have Cheatengine...

by Unregistered Dec 27, 2007

Use this awesome hack I found. ( works for me, I tried, got around 3400 credits!)

1. open cheatengine and robot rage
2. select Robot Rage in the process selection.
3. Log in, make a new robot and select the new robot. now, go to the buy menu.
4. Search 50 ( starting cash ) . you'll get
alot of results.
5. buy a dagger.
6. search 40 in cheat engine. you should only get one result.
7. add the address, right click and select Find out what writes to this should see a window with buttons at the side.
8. Buy another dagger.
9. expand cheat engine and look at the window. there should be a code. select it and click replace. Replace it with the following text:

asdafe4563 ( small letters )

10. Buy a plow. Notices that your money does not go down when you buy it ( if it worked properly. )
11. Don't mind the pop-up that notifies you you bought it. just keep on pressing buy now. you should get around 40 for a good robot.
12. press exit before robot rage hangs, exit cheat engine , restart your browser, log in and sell your parts. Hey presto, Lots o cash!

Using this cheat, i got large chassis and tower, flamethrower, 2 alkaline batteries, six large wheels, large engine DELUXE, and a spear gun whith a lot of money left over!!!!!!

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Cheats - 124412

by roderick Oct 30, 2006

if you wants money then lisen up private battle this persoon dude for real when you lose 5 time press alt ctrl +m+t+f4 then you will get 99millions of it so do it he will be one east and bigging

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Cheats - Free Tie

by dabfgclub Oct 30, 2006

All you guys need to have is either 1 rolling pin or an armour regenerator on your robot and since you run out of battery so fast when you get to 0 battery it will come up with a Tie

P.S I am not absolutly postitive about the armour regenerator becuase when I did it I had both of them on me

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

If you are going to the workshow set your speed max
go to a battle then go to a edge,
if a opponent rides to you ride away

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Cheats - Loads of money

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2006

U have to have a tower to do this. get a weapon and go to "sell items" and click on the weapon BUT DON'T SELL IT!.. go to paint menu and click on the tower and if u click on the right location and white, sell now sign should pop up... keep click it and however much the weapon or item is worth thats how much money u get for each time clicking it.:)

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