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Robot Rage Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage cheats list for PC version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 2 passwords, 2 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Fake Space

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2006

You can got the tower on your robot and got more space there. And then you can take of the tower and you have the fings there now. Its a good tip for more speed.

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Hints - Walkover

by Unregistered May 13, 2006

First of all go on no armour.With no armour you end up increasing your speed.With this you simply go full speed to the edge of the rooftop (cliff) and do a sharp skid left or right.If it is to hard to skid try and buy the three small wheels.Equip them and then try,feel the difference.

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Hints - All

by Robert Apr 22, 2006

There are no cheats that work. But one Super easy money:
Ok what you do is get 2 separate sites that are both playing RobotRage up on your screen, but first you need 2 different e-mail addresses and 2 passwords to log in with on both windows. You log in on both windows (with the separate emails and passwords) and then with both, go to the lobby (or put weapon on one of them first) and put them in the same country. Then use one of them to challenge the other guy, then with the other guy accept the challenge. You will be version yourself!
Then use one of them to kill the other!
And then you win money and you can keep doing it over and over.

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Apr 18, 2006

If your on the ++ ranking class go to it. Try to challenge Bues Clues. He always accepts. He will let you win because he is real rich. And you would get 10 credits real easy.

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2006

If your on the + ranking class go to it. Then you try to challenge Blues Clues. You try to challenge him and he always accepts. Then he will let you win. And he will chat with you if you want to chat with him.

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Hints - 500 credits easy

by brandy Apr 04, 2006

To get 500 credits tell the other player to press CTRL and F11 together at the start or in the middle of a game.

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Mar 26, 2006

Fight someone in your ranking class. In the fight, type in "F5 is turbo". Unless they have heard of it, they will press it and you will win.

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Hints - Money

by Unregistered Mar 25, 2006

Go to the lobby and on United States east. Look for someone called Emmott Rules. Battle him. If he is not there look for Leeds Defender. When you are battling one of them press AFDHJ@@67374.kf (all in capitals) and then surrender. Go back to the workshops on buy parts and type JHGYYUGYUHI (all in capitals) and you will have 1,000,000,000 credits (this only works if you are the same ranking class as the one you are battling).

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Mar 14, 2006

Buy 3 small wheels. Also dagger and plow. Get in a match and spin around so itís harder to hit or your opponent might be wasting their battery trying to find open space to hit!

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Hints - Easy win

by Unregistered Mar 14, 2006

Buy oil spreader. Go in front of that elevator and when they charge at you, spread the oil and move out of the way so your opponent will fall in. be sure to spread when you opponent comes so they wont know what your up to.

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Hints - Money or credits

by Unregistered Mar 09, 2006

Go in the lobby and go to the double plus robots look 4 a robot named popshop and let him win five times then go back to the workshop and hold shift alt and m then you will receive 5000 credits.

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Hints - More money better wheels

by Unregistered Feb 27, 2006

Sell your small 4 wheels and buy small 3 wheels. You will have better 2 better turn but 1 less grip.

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Hints - Kill opponent when they fall off pit

by Unregistered Feb 06, 2006

When in battle try pushing them off the edge and when they fall off and don't die hit the fire pit until all you HP is gone youíll see your opponent flying in the air. Then if they have shooting weeps ask them to shoot at you. As soon as it hits you the other bot will move like crazy and his HP will go down faster.

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Hints - Automatic win!

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2006

Ok you'r in a battle with a guy with better weapons than you ok. You want to win correct? All you have to do is trick him into thinking it will give him money. Now tell him the to put down the cheat. Hold down shift+rg+4 (press 4-3 times) this will restart His game - warning donít do the cheat to yourself it will reset yours DO IT TO UR ENEMY!!!!

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Hints - Beat guys with spear gun

by Unregistered Dec 12, 2005

Fight someone with a spear gun. Drive around them but keep moving and usualy they will shoot all there spears out then ATTACK!!! (this hint is not gaurenteed becuse you may run out of power, after a little wile they are more careful or they might be good.

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Hints - Float in the air

by rover Nov 17, 2005

If you have super pack 1 you can float in the air if you hit the other person with a missile up close and the other person will float and then if you claw them they will be in the air.

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Hints - Lots of money

by Unregistered Nov 14, 2005

Buy a super pack sell everything and you will end up with loads of money to spend on what ever you want.

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Hints - You'll *WIN*

by JESS Oct 15, 2005

Wait till the fight starts and then make them come to you and then if they do will have lost some batery so you drive every where and while ur driving cheak if there loosing battering if they are heap driving if it isn't then STOP!

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Hints - Ware

by Unregistered Oct 10, 2005

In Lobby, if you 3-start-rank, find "theheck" and get him into your battle. After he write #55035, imediatle press F5 to access open pack. Check work shop after 24hours.

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Password - The com code

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2007

You need to enter the passes on the program cheat engine.Search after.You need to be running robot rage

asofgodmakes you invonerable
greenstuffgives new paint colours
peiceofcakeauto win
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Cheats - Money!!!

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2007

play r3v3ng3 and play him 4 times and loss then on the 5th time he will lose so that u will get 200 credits. he'l be on united kingdom on either n e s w ok!

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Cheats - The cheat of all living

by Unregistered Dec 04, 2006

i used cheat engine 5.3 to do this.
first you make a new robot(opsional),then you use ir buy a high priced item like,(medium chasis,razor disk etc.)or you can use one of your own. so then go to the sell button on the top of your screen and click on the item.DON NOT SELL.then you open cheat on the computer icon on the top left of your screen.go all the way down(scroll), and click on iexplore.exe (theres two of them so click the one next to cheat.exe).once you click on that go to the sqare box on the right side of your screen(it should say enable speed hack).click on the box next to it to open it.there should be 2 bars saying speed and sleeptime.set the speed box to 0.00001 then set the sleeptime box to 10000 .now press set speed on the bottom of the should make your screen look frozen but its not.keep clicking on the sell now button.for exactly 1 minute. then disable speed hack on the cheat engine by clicking the check box next to enable speedhack.then your screen will turn back to normal and you would have 200000000 credits depending on what item you have used so please vote if this cheat has worked for you. if there is a problem please contact me at . i hope you get the cheats you need so truct me it took me a while to find a cheat.this is the site to download cheat engine 5.3 =

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Cheats - A Nice Robot

by Unregistered Dec 01, 2006

I own a robot named Meant 2B Destroyed. Challenge me and I'll be glad to accept it (if I'm at the computer). I'll let you beat me. I PROMISE! I WILL! Really. I'm usually in Switzerland. If there's a message that says " connection failed opponent is probably behind a firewall", then go to another guy named Scap Master (that's me). He's usually in Switzerland too. This cheat works almost every time. USE IT

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Cheats - Lots oh money

by Unregistered Nov 30, 2006

go to garage get a tower (any) and then click sell parts and put it there BUT DONT SELL it then go to paintshop and on the top right corner of the towere it will come up sell now click it as many times as you want


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Cheats - Get a free mini robot and 50,000 credits

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

ok first go to east USA look for a dogeracing and loose to him 6 times and youll get the prizes

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