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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage Rearmed cheats list for PC version. Now we have 37 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 2 easter eggs, 15 glitches, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage Rearmed on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Best Engine

by liltango Oct 10, 2007

The best engine in the game is a medium engine deluxe. It doesn't waste much battery and it makes you go fast.

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Cheats - 999,000,000,000,00 credz

by AZURE DRAGONS Jul 10, 2006

first go 2 usa pro challenge "DEMONS FIRESCYTHE" let him beat u 50 times and u should have 999,000,000,000,00 credz... if it dosent work plz contact

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Secret - Standing on air

by zzzp2 Nov 12, 2009

This how to stand on air.
it is a addition to the floating cheat(steps 2-7 are the original cheat)
1: equip a kamikaze bomb for 300 credits.
2:equip a hydrogen battery for 50 credits
3:equip a large engine deluxe for 700 credits (1,050 credits total)
4:go to training
5: go near the edge, but go back and forth until the battery begins blinking.
6: hold up(make sure to hold up or else you will fall)
7:you will go off the edge but if you hold the up button you will be driving on air!
8: use the kamikaze bomb.
9: it will explode and you will be still, but on air!!!
10: you will only be standing for one second. then you will fall (but it's training, so you will not lose any money!):)
hope this is useful

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Glitch - Robot Rage with cheats

by zepnar Jan 19, 2009

Hi all, the zipped file i hav is 10.1 Mb so its too big to post, but if u send me ur email i could send the file 2 u. it is a way to get all the super weps which sell for 288 credits each so a good money maker too. if u think i will spam ur email (which i won't) the i would sugest making a gmail or ymail account. my original upload text was:

Robot Rage with some cheats, I have a PC with norton so if you have a different virus prevention software please disable the auto-protect like part of your software

your computer will pick WPE pro up as a virus but i assure you it isn't.

I hav been using it ever since I fount it on youtube so its not original it is just all the rescources you need with a few side notes.

Enjoy :)

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Secret - Flash bombs (almost) useless!

by Unregistered Jun 02, 2008

if you have flash bombs take them off! if you are battling an opponent with them, great! to do it, if the opponent uses a flash bomb, look in the very middle of the screen. you can see faintly everything!

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Secret - Money And well not free but weaponz

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2008

dudez u need a laptop or a very very fast pc for this to workgo to robot rage then log in press ctrl+n to open a new internet window then all you do is make a new account and sign in don't put weapons on your 2nd bot go to uk east then find your 1st bot and challenge it simply kill yourself (or the bot you want credits on) i prefer getting a weapon on the first going up to the second and beating it up DUH!! couldn't you figure it out then 9 if u hav a fast laptop or pc) click play again u get 10 for every time you win count stop when your satisfied buy all your crap get a big chassi if u want lots of weapos i did it and i was a minus in Ranking! then a +++ came challenged me i gave up then on my 3rd try i went up to him gave him sum of my spears then bombs even a flame thrower! He kept challenging me ( i know he was a fool) finally he was down to a single + then a minus and now i am a ++ oh and free account here email is intial@gery.kom and the password is well email me with capital Gs email me say rover and your email i'll email the password i'll make the account on 3/3/08 and get much more cheats cya put questions on the question please say rover if it's about my cheat then ask your question i check this every week! i'll give more cheats bye.

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Cheats - The Best of Everything

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2007

In the main screen (the battle menu screen) type in: "656 - 111 - Ten" and then press Enter (case matters).
You will instantly have 10,000,000 credits, a choice of every single item (including each Super Weapon), and unlimited fuel, armour, and health in every battle. Your amounts of credits will go back to what they were before after each log-off.

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Cheats - Get exp

by stabman Dec 29, 2006

hey all you people in - class that seem to be fighting forever, go to usa east and battle master of darkness i battled him when i just started the game and now i am a + andstronger than ever i lost to i'm not telling you to lose do your best and win

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Cheats - Cash

by Unregistered Dec 28, 2006

go to a computer in u.s west, called comp bast.
then challenge him. (he arent always on)
first him will fall of the egde,
then him wants you to fall over, and that will happen over and over. CASH

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Cheats - 10,000 credits

by Unregistered Dec 12, 2006

in UK east there is a hack called noodle 354 challenge it and lose 3 times by jumping in the pit, then check ur credits in the buy parts section and you will have 10,000

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Cheats - Easy Money

by Unregistered Dec 11, 2006

I Know this may sound cheap... but my friend is a total sap. Find Un Released in South Sweden. Once you do this ask for a draw. He will not respond. As the message is still up. Run off the ledge but before you die, hit Alt F4. The computer will consider it a double walkover and reverse the effect making it so you won and give you 10 credits.

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Cheats - Lots of creds

by Unregistered Dec 08, 2006

challenge some one named homo mobile he is a hack so if u lose to him 5 times, then go back to work shop and when u hover ur mouse over the creds box the I will pop up as if u were to type some thing, type how ever many creditz u want and ur set for life

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Cheats - Response

by Unregistered Dec 04, 2006

The one where u take ur wep or armour off, dont quite sell and then go to paintshop and click sell now no longer works, i guess they caught it.

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Cheats - $100000

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

Go to United States East if you see a guy named up urs castro or mexican train fight them and loose to them 5 after that sell your engine and you will have 100,000 credits!!!

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Cheats - 13000 credits

by Unregistered Nov 13, 2006

if ur a beginner go to the beginner place in rather usa or canada and die 12 times and on the 13th time say satin rules all and jump off the cliff and ull get 13000 credits

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Cheats - 1000 credits

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2006

Go to USA South in lobby. First challenge anybody (does not matter who). While in the game, kill yourself by driving off the edge of the building. Now go to USA South in lobby again and find a robot called PleaseDontHurtMe. Challenge him. Surrender to this robot. It will not do anything as it is a computer robot(do not move yourself, just surrender or the cheat will not work). Now challenge and surrender to the robot 10 more times in the same way. This cheat sometimes does not work. If it doesn't just try again.

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Cheats - Loads of money

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2006

Ok, so you want loads of credits?make a new robot, take off all the stuff except the chassi, sell everything exept the engine!!!ok, so you will have like a hundred somethin credits, buy a chassi tower(small)go put it on the chassi then go to Sell Parts and clik on the engine< DO NOT CLIK SELL NOW only click on picture.go back to paint shop, there is a little sqare on the right, on the top right corner go do until the mouse turns into a little hand, click when the hane is there and it gives you 50 credits everytime you clik it!!!!its awsome!!!

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Cheats - Lsten to this

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2006

all these cheats listed dont work. i tried EVERY SINGLE CHEAT IN THE LIST and did not get one. so i found one. go to the u.s., and somewhere there should be a robot named dorks. battle him 12 times and each time let him push you in to that elevator in the center of the arena. after this, you should have superpack 2. just to let you know dorks is not always on. but he is most of the time.

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Cheats - Credits that have no end

by Unregistered Oct 25, 2006

make a new robot sell his wells and battrey by any tower PUT IT ON YOU ROBOT remove you engine go to sell now click on the engine DONT SELL IT go to paint shop click on the right corner of the tower you will find a the word sell now click on it a lot of times go to by parts and you will find lots of cridets you can do that cheat a lot of times.

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Cheats - 10,000 credits free!!!

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2006

while in battle type money in block capitals and then press alt. + f4 you have 10,000 free credits when you go to buy something

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Cheats - Cred unlimited hack

by RR1 Oct 10, 2006

if you want 2 of everything and loads of cred, email with your login and password. If you don't want 2 of everything, also email what you do want and it will appear within a few days. (mostly in a few hours of getting the email though)

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Cheats - Loads of Credits easy!

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2006

Right, on robot rage rearmed, (p.s this does work) go to United Kingdom East and challenge Diceymaster.
i tried fighting him once for a laugh, but he beat, me, then, after i lost again, i found 300 credits in my workshop!

Dont know if it works for anyone else, but i dont know why it shouldnt! try it!

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Cheats - Free credits! this works!!!

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2006

to get FREE credits go to U.S.A and select the one with the most people on it. Go there, you should find a special computer character called 'DEATH FRACTURE' fight him, he looks hard, but seriously, if you lose twice, you should get free credits i mean seriously LOADS of credits

Hope it works!

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Cheats - Super money

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2006

Go to the UK east and select Bone Collecter he is a computer robot. While challenging him hold ctrl+T then press F5.

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Cheats - Free 500 credits

by Unregistered Sep 13, 2006

ok all u have to do is become a beginer + then go to emerica and go to beginer and if u see som1 called emorobot123 click on him and lose 10 times then on the 11 time u vs him try and push him off the edge and if u do go into garage and chose your robot again and u will have 500 credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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