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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage Rearmed cheats list for PC version. Now we have 37 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 2 easter eggs, 15 glitches, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage Rearmed on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Get pts free

by cagada d toro Jan 10, 2007

when u get ++ u will find this bot named Claw of a Mexican he is a robot that that will not fight but as soon as battle starts u press walk over Hint do this as soon as posible and the next time u look at ur pts u will get 35 pts instead of just getting 10 and u could do this over and over till u get a maximum of 360 pts I kno this aint alot but the pts realy help

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Hints - Lose to me, Lose to you

by Steven1237 Dec 18, 2006

Go in lobby and go to united kingdom north and look for V4 700 and battle me. When the battle starts one of us will fall of edge and lose. Then go back to lobby and fight me again and the other one of us will fall of edge. you can keep on doing this so it benifits both of us.

By the way i agree with PEOPLES LITTLE HELPER cause i was fooled for alot of fake cheats like press F5 in middle of battle and you lose. just ignore the ones which say cheats coz there scams and do the ones which
say they are hints or summit. OK

By Steven1237

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Hints - Pushing people off the clif

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2006

first you might as well move to the side(try not to fall
off!)then use the plow and try and push them off

hope it helps!
(it might not)

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Cheats - 2000points cheat

by junior nocky/++claw++ Nov 13, 2006

go to uk and go on to 3plus and find a person called ++claw++ and loose to him 10 times to get 2000points and a gd paint job

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Hints - 18 Dollars Free And Free Money

by shazamboobam Aug 08, 2006

all you have to do is buy a 3 wheel set and sell the default 4 wheel set and u will get an extra 18 dollars (the 4 wheel set sells for 68 so u should get it)and the just plain free cash is look for a player named shazamboobam and challenge them and il let u win so u get free cash u donít even have to die like those other dumb ppl say such as (just challenge darkbot223 and let him beat you 5 times and you will get 1000000 dollars in your workshop)everyone thatís a scam i am not cus if ppl that scam are noobs thank you for your time bye

ps.props to the dood that found out the cheat engine hack i was thinking how that would work

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Hints - The KING

by 222 Jul 21, 2006

Go In The Loby And Find King Of Robots 2.

After You Blow Him Up(Shove Him Of A Roof Or Blow Him Up Normaly)He Will Tell You 4 Hints And Will Be Your Frend.

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Hints - Easy Win

by Unregistered Jul 18, 2006

if u have a clocking divice, pretend to fall of the edge and some times our opponent will be dumb and jump off after u

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Cheats - 2ooooooo credits

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2006

battle little dickens and loose 10 times go to ur inventory and u will have 20000000 credits

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Cheats - Money Maker

by Master X Jul 10, 2006

Battle Spy X and loose but as you battle type in super spider X and you will get 1,ooo credits for each time you loose

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Cheats - Win Automatically At Start

by frer Jun 29, 2006

when it say please wain in a battle quickly type in how do you talk when its loading and you will win the battle with 10 credits and some points.

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Hints - Plow And Glue

by cheatshunter Jun 19, 2006

i was like u looking to make a better robot and i decided to write a nice hint to help people like me. the plow can not only block razor disks, but it can also move the spike things that they put on the floor. Another is if u got glue u can make our opponent chase u run toward the and go over it and spread glue over the fire and they will get stuck and they will loose all or most of there amour. u can combine the plow and spikes and put the spikes every where and u will block the spikes not our opponents there amour will loose out slowly.

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Hints - Stophitting yourself

by determaned May 31, 2006

If your fighting a guy with rasor disc just stad were you can see them comming. when they are aimed and they shoot wait then move out of the way. the disk will bounce off of the wall and come strait back at them.

(note: sometimes they will move when they fire)

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Cheats - Free credits and super pack 1

by Unregistered Oct 26, 2006

go to usa +++ and challange nocky or junior nocky these are computer and if you loose more than 20 times to them u automaticly recieve 5,000 credits and super pack 1, seriously this works ive done it myself.

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Cheats - Smack Down 2

by Unregistered Sep 13, 2006

for this cheat to work you must find deadzone88 and let him kill you 6 times and you will get 1millon creadits he's located in east amarica or + amarica

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Cheats - Easy Credits

by Unregistered Jul 11, 2006

battle a guy named IM A WEAKLING who is probably in the united states or the united kingdom and plays between 4.00pm to 5.00pm and loose 5 times then tell the guy to let you win he will let you win once go back to the workshop and you should have an extra 50 credits.
NOTE: unlike other cheats this cheat works as many time as you want

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Cheats - Easy creds

by im pimp May 26, 2006

find a hack named centaur in united states east fight him ten times and lose all ten then figh again and type in defeated and the hack will think it lost so die go to the workshop and u should have 10,000 creds

NOTE:do not challenge him he will not accept if he does though he might not fight but he'll look for u

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Hints - Don't chase!

by DEATH SPIKE HORD Apr 03, 2006

If in a battle you're chasing' some-one and you're new, Abandon the trail right now! Otherwise you will run out of battery quite quickly.
Tip #2:When you make a new robot, make it have max. armor, then buy the plow and dagger, and finally, put the dagger in frequent and the plow on the back and that way you will have like 45% chance of winning first battle if you practiced!

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Hints - Clawing

by Nov 24, 2005

If you claw someone they can claw you back and they can win!

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Cheats - 1000000 credits

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2006

go to a robot named alex3000 and he is normally in usa ++ calenge him and loos to him 11 times then go to your work shop and you will have 1000000 credits

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Cheats - 1000 free credits

by Unregistered Jun 19, 2006

Go to South France and find a CPU named DANNY IS AWESOME. Challenge him. Lose the first four fights. He will surrender the fifth game. If you go 2 workshop you will have 1000 free credits.

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Cheats - 500 Free Credits

by Unregistered Jun 16, 2006

Go to Eastern United States. Find A Robot named Bobby Jr Sr. He is a computer, if you challenge him he will usually except them. let him win the first two fights. Then he will automatically surrender. If you go to the workshop you will get 500 credits.

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Cheats - Coin God

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2006

If u see a guy with Mithros in his name if u lose 5 times to him you will get 5,000 credits.
This is exactly what a scam looks like if u see one on this page don't use it !!!

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Secret - Plow-the best

by AC/DC rules Feb 28, 2008

it does a lil damage but it also bloks razor discs and nails

so 4 the rich 1s put a plow on front and camera with razors (or sumthin) on bak

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Glitch - Flying

by Unregistered Sep 20, 2007

get a hydrogen battery and then go to the roof let your battery get real low and pull off the roof

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Hints - Get Lots Of Money!!!!! (realy WORKS!!)

by Unregistered May 24, 2007

first downlaod the latest cheat eengine from and go to you tube and they wil guide u in the process and steps. type in you tube search 'robot rage (a new way to get money)' then search, and it actually works i aready have 15,590 CREDS!!!

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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats


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