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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage Rearmed cheats list for PC version. Now we have 37 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 2 easter eggs, 15 glitches, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage Rearmed on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!


by RR BOY! Aug 01, 2006


I hacked Robot Rage with Cheat Engine v5.2
Go to Sell Parts and click on any part that you want to sell. (DO NOT PRESS "SELL NOW"
Click on Enable Speed Hack on the right in the window in cheat engine
Set the first bow to 0.00001.
Set the second box to 100000.
Click Set Speed.

Robot Rage will look frozen but it's not. Just keep clicking the Sell Now button as many times as you want. When ready un-check Enable Speed Hack and you will have loads of cash!

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Cheats - Lots Of Credits

by Unregistered Jun 14, 2006

ok so u fight this guy named either orangemicro,bluepablo or orangemouse and die 5 times on the fifth time tell them "i love you" and go back to workshop and youll get 500 credits oh yay they will be in the united states in the east are hacks not people but they are not always on.
(i have tried this cheat more than once and it will work more than once)

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Secret - Free super weapon packs!

by Unregistered Feb 14, 2008

go into buy items and click super weapons, click one of the super packs and in the card number slot you MUST type 124412 once you have done that select a random card type and click cancel, after this the whole super weapons slot should be yellow.
Click one each of the super packs buy them and then cancel, in 4 days time you will have everything inside the super packs!
Happy killing! :)

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Cheats - All wepons

by Unregistered Dec 04, 2006

press and hold ctrl,shift,c

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Hints - Free 1,000,000

by cheatmaster830 Aug 18, 2006

Find I robot named Sly Killer in United States under beginner. Lose to them 1 time then exit to lobby and repeat this 15 times and exit to lobby. Now logout, login then go to your credits and you will have 1,000,000 more credits then you had before.

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Hints - Credits, Credits , Credits

by Unregistered Aug 07, 2006

alternate between the uk ans usa plus rooms. find someone called son of death, first type "cheat 101" into the chat bar. let him win once, then he will let you win. you will find ur credidts will have gone up.
Note : this doestnt work unless you are a plus.
this is NOT a cheat, this guy will apparently let you win but only if you type in chat 101 and let him win FIRST. Everybody wins.

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Hints - Test Weapons For Free

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2006

buy a weapon go to training play about when u r finished go to workshop and the weapon should be gone

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Cheats - Auto win

by Unregistered Jul 17, 2006

ask your opponent "do you want 100000000000000 credits?" if he says so, tell him to hold control and type win

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Cheats - A whoe lotta credits

by Unregistered Sep 04, 2006

when you are in the lobby press alt+8675309 and you will get 8675309credits

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Hints - Sneek up

by Unregistered Apr 02, 2006

Make sure you have a fast robot then go to a battle when the battle starts do a flash bomb (if you have 1) then go behind your opponent (while there still blind) and start fallowing them around and sooner or later they will give up and you will win.

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Hints - Easy wins

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2006

If he is on, challenge a robot named "Painkiller X". Then, chat to him "pain suffered". He will automatically let you win.

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Secret - ~HOT~ Robot Rage - Real cheat, take a peek... [Go>>]

by Droft Aug 28, 2007

Well, here it is. << Required to do the cheat,
It's the glitched bit. Trust me.

Step 1. Log into your robot rage account.
Step 2. Go to your workshop and take off your chassis.
Step 3. Go to sell parts, click on your chassis.
Step 4. When it says "Sell now" button at the bottom, don't press it.
Step 5. Go to your Paintshop.
Step 6. Now you see at the top, it says Workshop, Paintshop, Buy parts, Sell parts.
Step 7. Hold your mouse over the "E" in sell parts, and pull down in a straight line slowly until you see a hand appear near tower area.
Step 8. Click the hand once, and Sell now, should appear.
Step 9. Keep clicking that as many times as you like, and take a nice good look..
at you CREDITS!
Step 10. ENJOY IT!

If i helped you out, Please give me a thumbs up, thanks for looking, you won't've regretted doing so..

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Glitch - 3000 credit in 3 matchs

by betim Jan 28, 2008

go on lobby and go on united states east. he is usally there. and his name is insaneBT.
vs him and lose 3 times by falling of the ledge and then go to workshop and u should have 3000 credit. it works i have done it 6 times

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Easter Egg - Mini gun

by Unregistered Jan 28, 2008

the mini gun is on robot rage rearmed. it must be bought in the Super Weapons catogory.

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Hints - Advice for 1st time gamers

by Unregistered Dec 28, 2006

There are no cheats for ANY game on the web, not even Robot Rage.So please don't be scammed of your precious start-up credz

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by Unregistered Nov 06, 2006

Ok guys, there used to be a RR credit cheat.

So, ignore all credit cheats from now on.

There are superweapon cheats, but using those are like STEALING.

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Cheats - Get rich

by Unregistered Jul 17, 2006

go to lobby then look for a guy in united states named BIGBAAklLS it is a real robot from robot rage inc.
challenge him and die 5 times on the last challenge type "gimmemoney" then go to buy parts and you will have spir gun on the front and 5000 credits in you bank it s easy

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Hints - Quick Win

by cheatshunter Jun 23, 2006

first try to make ur computer a bit slower or to studder by opening a lot of windows. let someone challenge u when it is brely starting it should be kinda slow wen (please wait..) appears press ctrl+w and then alt+w keep doing it till u hear a beep it will return to the lobby and say that u won.

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Cheats - Free Money

by CheatsGuru Jun 21, 2006

Go to usa south and challenge Conley he is a computer then let hem kill you 10 times then go to the workshop and you will have $10000

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Cheats - Extra Money

by hotguy Jul 24, 2006

During game hold ctrl + alt and press 5 to get 10000000 credz

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Cheats - Get 50,000 creds!

by Unregistered Sep 06, 2006

Find kingdom sharts in united states and battle him. Then click f5 and it will automatically get you cred! i did it and it worked i was amazed

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Cheats - $$$$$$$

by Unregistered Jul 28, 2006

first type in my robot is wack then press f5 during battle u get 1000-10000 creds

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Cheats - Get 500 Credits Real Fast

by Unregistered Jul 27, 2006

GO to United States in novice and click on the destroyer 3000. Let him win 3 times and go to buy parts. You will have 500 credits.

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Cheats - Lots o dough

by Unregistered May 14, 2006

Go to the lobby and find a guy named Shibbinator. Challenge him and let him kill you twice and then go back to your workshop and you'll have 3,000 credits.

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Cheats - Special character

by Dec 24, 2005

Open Microsoft Word or a readme program.
Type in łŁ$ and more. To copy press CTRL + C.
To paste robot name: press CTRL + V.

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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats


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