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Robot Rage Rearmed Cheats :

This page contains Robot Rage Rearmed cheats list for PC version. Now we have 36 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 15 glitches, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Robot Rage Rearmed on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

thE most unfake cheat ever and yes it works well for everybody

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2008

because all you have to do is
1-Go to workshop
2-buy a tower(smal,medium or large)
3-buy the most expencive item you can
4-go to sell part with a weapon
5-don't sell the weapon
6-go to paint shop click in the tower(on the top of the right corner)
7-when you see the hand click it)
8-It shows you sell weapon
9-press it press it press it press it press it press it press it press it........FASTER
10-then look at your credits

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CoOl visual

by Werrnerslug Feb 14, 2008

This isn't really a cheat. In the lobby, click on any robot. If their picture appears, grab it (hold left mouse button) and move your cursor to the far right of the screen. Then launch the cursor (literally) across the screen letting go of the left mouse in the middle. The picture will look like it has multiple weapons. Try it.

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InFinite armour hack

by akiakiaki666 Oct 15, 2007

First download the cheat engine 5.3.Find it on google.Then log in to your robot and open cheat engine 5.3.On the top-left corner you will see a computer.Click on it and go all the way down.Find 000000F4-iexplore.exe and click on it.In the value type in your armour number.Then go to lobby and chalenge someone.After the 3,2,1 press first scan and change the Exact Value to Decresed Value.After you get damaged clik on next scan.On the left a few numbers should appear and you should double-click the one thats similar to your armour.Tham down that number should appear.change the value to what ever you want.Happy hunting!

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GeTting lots of credits with Cheat engine.

by Unregistered Aug 28, 2007

First download cheatengine 5.3. Then open robotrage and make a new account (you can do it with your account its just that its easier to do it in a new account for the first time). Then select your browser on cheat engine.Mine is iexplore.exe.If you are using firefox yours would be firefox.exe. Now when you make a new account you only got 50 in the value box write 50 and click first scan. Now there is going to be lots of numbers of value on the list on the left side a dagger. Now you would have 40cred. Clear 50 off the value box and write 40 in there then click next scan...There should be only one value coming on the left list. Double click it. Its going to come at the bottom of cheat engine.Now right click on what you just double clicked and click "Find out what writes to this adderess. Click yes on the next screen. then minimize cheatengine and buy another dagger. Maximize cheat engine and you will see a code on the debugger.Click on the code and on the right side click replace. Now replace the code to asdefe4563.Minimize cheat engine and look you should buy 30 daggers. WARNING:Dont buy more then 30 daggers. its going to cost you nothing....quit the game and close the window. open enternet again go on robotrage and sell all the daggers amd you should be able to get heaps of money..You can do this with bigger kinds of weopons..If you have any problems add my msn or you can send me your user and pass so i can do it for you. I will get you 1000 credits cuz i dont have much time. Enjoy!

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by dshark15 Mar 25, 2008

To all those people who say challenge this person and loose and u'l get so many creds...SCREW OFF!!! don't belive them people. The really only things tht work is when u tell some one to press f5 or somethin like tht and it closes there window. The other one is tht Various site when u keep clicking next to the paint. Tht works and tht's how i got like...2000 creds. Don;t fall 4 the scams plz. If u can challnge me my name is HolyDiver15, i'll accept anything. thnx and cya

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eaZy and i mean eazy credits

by superhead Oct 28, 2008

u want creds really badley?well listen to this cheat when you go into the lobby and every1 is really good here is the best part you create more and more accounts but with a different email each time when u create those accounts go 2 the workshop and set the armor down 2 about 10 then go to the lobby go on any location then switch to your other account so 2 seperate pages and then challenge the other robot switch back to ur other account then accept the challenge and walla!

me and my mate did this and we got 600 creds each ten mins cool eh please comment

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ThE best robot rage strategy!!! By: Mikeyking

by Mikeyking Jan 15, 2008

1:bsell 4 small wheels,and buy 3 small wheels.Then buy dagger, sell hydrogen battery,and buy alkaline battery.Now keep battling people how ever you want, and then buy Flame thrower,razor discs,and spear gun.(But when you battle have your opponent chase you and then baash them with your dagger until you win!)Now,do the same and buy medium tower and medium chassi!now add razor discs to front spear gun to back,and flame thrower to tower!Now buy another alkaline battery and equip it! There you have it!Your on your way to rr stardom if you do this!!!!!!

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LeArn how to fly

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2007

This will only work with hydrogen battery Step 1:uses almost all of your battery until it blinks.Step2:drive slowly off of the edge .Step3:you're flying.Step4:have fun

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BeSt Engine

by liltango Oct 10, 2007

The best engine in the game is a medium engine deluxe. It doesn't waste much battery and it makes you go fast.

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StAnding on air

by zzzp2 Nov 12, 2009

This how to stand on air.
it is a addition to the floating cheat(steps 2-7 are the original cheat)
1: equip a kamikaze bomb for 300 credits.
2:equip a hydrogen battery for 50 credits
3:equip a large engine deluxe for 700 credits (1,050 credits total)
4:go to training
5: go near the edge, but go back and forth until the battery begins blinking.
6: hold up(make sure to hold up or else you will fall)
7:you will go off the edge but if you hold the up button you will be driving on air!
8: use the kamikaze bomb.
9: it will explode and you will be still, but on air!!!
10: you will only be standing for one second. then you will fall (but it's training, so you will not lose any money!):)
hope this is useful

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flAsh bombs (almost) useless!

by Unregistered Jun 02, 2008

if you have flash bombs take them off! if you are battling an opponent with them, great! to do it, if the opponent uses a flash bomb, look in the very middle of the screen. you can see faintly everything!

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MoNey And well not free but weaponz

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2008

dudez u need a laptop or a very very fast pc for this to workgo to robot rage then log in press ctrl+n to open a new internet window then all you do is make a new account and sign in don't put weapons on your 2nd bot go to uk east then find your 1st bot and challenge it simply kill yourself (or the bot you want credits on) i prefer getting a weapon on the first going up to the second and beating it up DUH!! couldn't you figure it out then 9 if u hav a fast laptop or pc) click play again u get 10 for every time you win count stop when your satisfied buy all your crap get a big chassi if u want lots of weapos i did it and i was a minus in Ranking! then a +++ came challenged me i gave up then on my 3rd try i went up to him gave him sum of my spears then bombs even a flame thrower! He kept challenging me ( i know he was a fool) finally he was down to a single + then a minus and now i am a ++ oh and free account here email is intial@gery.kom and the password is well email me with capital Gs email me say rover and your email i'll email the password i'll make the account on 3/3/08 and get much more cheats cya put questions on the question please say rover if it's about my cheat then ask your question i check this every week! i'll give more cheats bye.

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AN EASIER WAY!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Sep 15, 2008

If you have nothing else better to do then go to a crouded place, people should challenge you, if you can try to annoy them so they get so pi$$ed, they usually surrender within a few secs. Easy credits! works 4 me! enjoy folks!

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saW trick

by Unregistered May 19, 2008

go and get a saw then go up to your enemy and ram him then turn it on. He will struggle causing his battery to drop at high speed. If that doesnt happen at least you hurt him:)

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coOl combo

by hpesoj_545 Nov 13, 2007

a combo that works 4 me evry time
once u get enough money buy a plow and a nail spreader.
the plow can push the nails so if you lay them in front of you, you can push them into your opponent to damage them.

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PlOw-the best

by AC/DC rules Feb 28, 2008

it does a lil damage but it also bloks razor discs and nails

so 4 the rich 1s put a plow on front and camera with razors (or sumthin) on bak

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ThE Ultimate Strategy!!!

by Mikeyking Jan 05, 2008

hello.Ihave the best way to make your robot awesome!1:You have to sell your four wheels and buy 3 small wheels.2:buy alkaline battery equip it,and buy and equip dagger.3:now just go into lobby and challenge and fight people.after about 57 fights,buy a medium tower,and chassi.4:you should have 270cds left. now buy razor discs and equip save up 150credits,and buy spear gun and place in back of robot.5:now once you get enough money buy flame thrower and equip it.6:now you should have the perfect robot!!!!Happy raging.

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FrEe super weapon packs!

by Unregistered Feb 14, 2008

go into buy items and click super weapons, click one of the super packs and in the card number slot you MUST type 124412 once you have done that select a random card type and click cancel, after this the whole super weapons slot should be yellow.
Click one each of the super packs buy them and then cancel, in 4 days time you will have everything inside the super packs!
Happy killing! :)

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~HOT~ Robot Rage - Real cheat, take a peek... [Go>>]

by Droft Aug 28, 2007

Well, here it is. << Required to do the cheat,
It's the glitched bit. Trust me.

Step 1. Log into your robot rage account.
Step 2. Go to your workshop and take off your chassis.
Step 3. Go to sell parts, click on your chassis.
Step 4. When it says "Sell now" button at the bottom, don't press it.
Step 5. Go to your Paintshop.
Step 6. Now you see at the top, it says Workshop, Paintshop, Buy parts, Sell parts.
Step 7. Hold your mouse over the "E" in sell parts, and pull down in a straight line slowly until you see a hand appear near tower area.
Step 8. Click the hand once, and Sell now, should appear.
Step 9. Keep clicking that as many times as you like, and take a nice good look..
at you CREDITS!
Step 10. ENJOY IT!

If i helped you out, Please give me a thumbs up, thanks for looking, you won't've regretted doing so..

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