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Runescape Cheats :

This page contains Runescape cheats list for PC version. Now we have 122 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 1 password, 1 unlockable, 2 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 104 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Runescape on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Hints - Dont tell pass!!!

by master mod Jan 22, 2007

every1 that ask for ur pass and usernames for like 100m are FAKE!!! I am a mod and i am banning peeps here.

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Hints - Don't listen!!!

by thadave Jan 04, 2007

The most guys that ask you for your pass or givedrop money are nothing more then LIARS they will not give the things they say!!!!!!!(You will thank me for this)

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Cheats - Don't fall for scams

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005


Clay          Level 1
Tin           Level 1
Copper        Level 1
Iron          Level 15
Silver        Level 20
Coal          Level 30
Gold          Level 40
Mithril       Level 55
Adamantite    Level 70
Runite        Level 85


Ordinary tree level 1
Oak tree level 15
Willow tree level 30
Maple tree level 45
Yew tree level 60
Magic tree level 75

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Hints - How toget 10k

by Unregistered Dec 26, 2006

go to the stronghold of securety and when u complet lvl 3 u get 10k!

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Cheats - Mostly all of these are scams!!!

by Unregistered Dec 07, 2006

trust me, don't tell any one your pass they'll probly just use your guy and multi play log in. If you want make a test guy give some 1 his name and there you'll see.

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Cheats - Stop and think!!!

by joshboi07 Jan 15, 2007

dont give anyone your password it is mostly all scams but if you make a new guy or women then test it. It will be more sensible cause if your a high level on runescape you could lose everything if you get scammed.

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Cheats - Join our clan!

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2007

The Flaming Skull CLan

To join the clan talk to I spearedyou

Dragonjaw100 - leader "Crown Of Duty" (For Now)
Combat Level 48
Mage 29
Ranging 12

I_Spearedyou - 1st Officer
Combat Level 43
Mage 29
Ranging 18

Alder_11 - 2nd officer
COmbat Level 40
Mage 25
Ranging 18

The KIll Deal -
Whoever does the most damage get the stuff, but he/she must share it with the battle participants.

The Flaming Skull Clan is a small one so far, but we do MASSIVE ganging and long-range. Not to worry, though, if you are a melee person. We have intricate Strategies + Sequences.


If you try to kill one of us, you will die. If you escape, we will hunt you down... we have our ways. Listen only to the leader and the 1st 2nd and 3rd officers.
We are not responsible for your items - Do Not Report Us


Depends on your combat level...

23 - 28 - Full Steel/Black (Choose)
29 - 34 Full Black/Mith (Choose)
35 - 40 Full Mith
41 - 46 Choose
Higher than 47 anything you want.


You can rent hardleather bodies, shortbows, arrows, and bronze and iron stuff.


For the Wildy Full Rune Gold is a little too innappropriate, right?...

So our smiths devised a rental system...

- Must return or you can buy it
- You break it/lose it, you still owe the item or you can pay a small fee


PBA: Things are nooby, so please be appreciative.



Bronze 2h 50gp
Iron 2h 100gp
Bronze long 40gp
Iron Long 80gp
Steel 2h 200gp
Steel long 170gp


Full Bronze 500gp
Full Iron 1K
Full Steel 5K


Leather body 25gp
Hard leather body 40gp
Leather Chaps 20gp
Leather Vambraces 15gp
Cowl 20gp
Coif 40gp
Shortbow 30gp
Longbow 70gp

Bronze Arrows 3gp each
Iron arrows 8gp each
Steel Arrows 10gp each


Full Blue Mage 200gp
Full Black MAge 150gp
Elemental Staffs 1.5K each
Battlestaffs coming soon
Salamanders coming soon


The uniform:
(Your choice of armour) and:

Black capes
Ammy of strength (melee)
Ammy of magic (mage)
Ammy of accuracy (rangers)
Leather Gloves or colored gloves
Leather boots or other boots
Addy weapon of some sort. Make it a common one.

If you do not wear these, you may not be able to come to the wildy. So
get the uniform, so you can pk and go noob-hunting.

When we go noob-hunting... 

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Hints - Easy money

by chameleon boy Jul 14, 2005

A very easy way to make easy money is buy silk at the silk shop in Al kharid. The shop keeper will say 3gp, but say that it's too much and then u can buy it for 2gp.
After you have bought atleast 15 silks, go to clothes shop in Varrock (symbol of clothes shop is a green shirt).
Then you should have over 200gp! Its noy much,but after awhile tou can get filthy stinking rich.

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Cheats - Quick lvl up

by snowmansam May 30, 2008

to get your level up quick and whether your a member or non member you can now go to the duel arena just go south of lumbridge to the desertand you will be there and if you cant find it add me: Snowmansam 2 and there is a space between snowmansam and 2 and you can train on me and I'll tell you how in game or just ask here hope this helps


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Cheats - Stop

by Unregistered Nov 23, 2006

dont do the money cheats they just want ur file i lost my file that way

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Cheats - Scams

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2007

You guys a pathetic. People be cool stay in school and dont fall for scams. Here are a list of scams and what to look out for.

1. Duplicating gold
2. Duplicating armor
3. Give me your pass. and ill give you gold
4. Fansites

1. Nobody can duplicate gold, no matter what program they say they have. Its impossible I personally tried these and got scammed.

2. Nobody can duplicate armor. There is no such thing as a program that duplicates armor.

3. If someone asks for your password here are a list of things to do. 1. report them for trying to scam you. 2. walk away and ignore them. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PASSWORD! they are just looking for a free account.

4. Most fansites you have to sign up for. for some reason people think "hey, if I use my runescape username and password it will be easy to remember!" Its not a good idea to do this because if the owner of the site trys it in runescape they will have access to your account. Also if they ask for your username and password to runescape so they can give you gold or any item, leave the site and dont give them any personal information because as we all know you use personal information to regain access to your account if you forget your password etc.

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Cheats - Tretrus

by Unregistered Nov 27, 2006

you may have heard or read that in runescape a guy named tretrus gives away infinite money(gp. well i had the pleasure of talking to him and he told me he does not give away infinite money. last year he was giving everyone 1,000,000(1m) at the varrock fountain. he done this to try to help everyone. he told he was never worked for jagex. someone got the wrong idea and started this huge rumor.

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Cheats - There are no hacks in RS

by Unregistered Feb 28, 2007

Someone should make a list of the scammers here trying to get peoples accounts with the give me your pass and pin and i will give you a million scheme. It is all fake, all are loser cheaters, and they should be banned from the game. Report these names here scamming and get their accounts TOSed from the systems. NEVER GIVE ACCOUNT INFO:PASSWORD AND BANK PIN it is all a ripoff and you will walk away a loser.

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Cheats - Ultra rare item

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2007

This a dangourus, because it it involves fighting strong monster. First you need level 11 magic to do this. Cast weokon on pile of logs, a tree spirit will start to attack kill it and it will drop a very very very rare item, ALSO REMBER THIS WILL USALY WORK IN VARROK, NOT IN CITY BUT NEAR TREES.

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Cheats - Im sick of scammers

by Unregistered Feb 12, 2007

i will tell you that all of the cheats not some ALLLLLLL of the cheats that have anywhere in it give me your username and pass dont listen. the reason i say this is i got scammed of my lvl 40 so yeah but im serious those scammers are desperate. so no matter what they say NO MATTER WHAT do not ever listen even if they say oh well im a former mod you can trust me dont listen runescape has no cheats!!! so please avenge me and show all the scammers out there we arent desperate and get to where you are by yourself


P.S. if you would like you can become friends i dont mind.

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Secret - RuneScape Colored Words

by Neospyro007 Jun 16, 2009

I am sure that all of us have been somewhere, when all of a sudden someone shouts out something in a different color. This can be very confusing if you do not know how to do it yourself. Well, I am here today to teach you how to make colored words in Runescape.

It really is not that hard. They are very simple and easy commands that are so short you probably will never forget them. Before I get into all of the different commands, let me first tell you how to enter them. It must always go as followed:


If you do it any other way, it will not work. Also, make sure there are no spaces in between your commands. Otherwise, it will not work. Other than that, it is very simple. Since colors come first, lets start with them.

There are six main colors that you can choose from, and they are:

(Default color) Yellow:

Runescape Color Text
If you were to take any of these and put it before your message, they would turn it that color, such as if I was to type -
red: Selling Cut Ruby!

The message would be red, and would say Selling Cut Ruby! There are 6 other color effects as well. They do various color changes in one message. These are:

Flash1: Flashes between red and yellow
Flash2: Flashes between cyan and blue
Flash3: Flashes between light and dark green
Glow1: Message fades from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to cyan
Glow2: Message fades from red, to magenta, to blue, to dark red, to red
Glow3: Message fades from white, to green, to white, to cyan

Other Runescape Color Words
These effects can be great to catch someones eye when selling an item. Along with these effects, you also have movement commands you can use. They are:

Scroll: Message scrolls from right to left.
Shake: Message shakes bizarrely.
Wave: Message moves up and down.
Wave2: Message waves diagonally.
Slide: Message slides from up to down.

A combination of both the movements and the colors can make a really interesting message, if I was to type glow2:wave2:Hey everyone, look at my cool message!

Then the message would wave diagonally, along with fade colors from red, to magenta, to blue, to dark red, and then to red. These codes can make all the more difference if you are trying to sell things in a very crowded place. Although the Grand Exchange has cleared out a lot of the crowded banks that does not mean that there are still not places where people go to sell things. Therefore, if... 

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Cheats - Fast money and skillz

by Unregistered Oct 05, 2006

NOOBS READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_*
ok this is what u have to do to get lots of mony in
runescape fast and skillz:

1. get any weapon and any armor
2. go to the cows near al karid
3. kill the cows and pick up the cow hides. do this alot of times and ull get alot of exp from fightiing.

U can sell these cowhides for 100gp-150gp

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by Zhoom9 Nov 02, 2007

All you have to do is go to home teleport click on it wait untill your character starts reading the book a second after that quikly switch run on your character will stand up but your book will stay on the ground sometimes if you time it perfectly your book keeps the spell going and the book will teleport and you cant use home tele for another 20 minutes and you dont even get teleported. :D

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Cheats - A warning

by Unregistered Feb 01, 2007

be ware a lot of these people here are just looking for your password if it says you can get 10 mill a day its rubbish there are NO CHEATS for runescape the only things here are tips ....

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Cheats - A little add on.

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Autoprograms do not work! they will try to steal your password.
It happened to me. im a regular on runescape, msbmouse.

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Cheats - SCAMS!!!

by SpecOps12 Feb 12, 2007

Dont believe ppl wen they say 2 giv ur acc name and pass. sum of them will even say it worked 4 them even tho there lying cuz its there acc! And if u dont believe me make an acc about lvl 20 or higher but dont get attached 2 it and then c if ppl r lying!!! acc name & pass + giving them 2 ppl = scammed player(and sad) =(

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Cheats - How 2 Lv Up

by Unregistered Jul 26, 2006

easy lv up cheats .guys wats up its me pum46 i just for got my password .ok they r 2 ways 2 do this first the hard type go 2 world 34 and go 2 karamja and go 2 the fishing dock u have 20% of seeing a guy named xpopox if u c him say good day rune bodyplate he will eventually wish 2 trade with u trade with him then simply give him 30k.after say level 5 smithing after go 2 the dwarven mines mine 12 copper 12 tin then use the anvil it will say rune bodyplate-1barnow u can make as much as u want and sell them the second way easier. go 2 karamja at world 35 and go 2 the dock and c xpopox say hi my lady-o then heel trade u give him 15k after heel give u a cooked lobster .after that go 2 traverley add the name runejagx. kill 5 goblins and the fifth 1 will drop a rune bodyplate or a rune chainmail but it will turn ur smithing 2lv 5. plz ppl add me pum46 on runescape c ya peece out yos.

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Cheats - Get tons of cash

by Unregistered Jan 19, 2007

Attention! Whatever u do, do not fall 4 the "give me ur username and pass and u get Xmil" kinds of scams. All those noobs want is ur account/account stuff. I know a better way to get money. Keep making new accounts and pass tutorial island. Set ur recovery questions 4 that account. Fill up ur new account's inventory with food and then go to the Stronghold Of Security. In the 1st level the monsters don't attack u but in the second level and third level, run like heck. Keep getting the treasures and make pit stops back at Varrock bank to store the accumulated money so u ddon't lose it when u die. DOn't go to the 4th level it does not give money. Then transfer it 2 ur main and keep on repeating. If u play 30 minutes a day u can get like 70K a WEEK. Play more and u get over 140K a week! Ain't that awesome?! PLus, u don't have to give up ur pass or anything.

Hope u thrive in Runescape. Not doing so well myself,
I spearedyou (This is my Runescape username. Feel free to message me but tell me wat ur business is first. Otherwise i'll tell u to shut up and go away. Cheers!)

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Secret - How to get Big bones.

by DjHero Jan 05, 2011

First if you want to get big bones the first option is to get a bronze key. It doesn't how you get a bronze key. Kill a monster or go buy it at the G. E. Then go to varrok after you get the bronze key go to rimmington then look for the nearest dung go there and there will be giants like level 10-20 i think. Or go to Cw=clanwars

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Secret - Tips On Making money.

by PkmnTrainerNathan Aug 06, 2010

These are Some Tips on Making Money.

1.Selling Planks. Planks sell For 190-200 Gold Peices And Are Commonly Purchased By Members To Build Houses. Planks Can Be Found A Little Bit outside The Clan War Building.

2.Big Bones
This is a More Obvious Tip. But To Those Who Dont Know Big Bones Sell Well. Big Bones Can Be Found In The Wilderness From Defeated Ogres and Giants.(Found in the Wilderness.) They Sell For 250 Plus for 1 "Big Bones"and If You Sell An Inventory Full The Gold Adds up. Giants Also Drop Limpwort Roots Which Also Sell For High Prices.

3.Varrock East Bank Basement.
Many Of You Probably Have Noticed That that There is Vast amounts of Gold Blocked By A Cage. The Way To Get this is To Use the Telekenetic Grab Spell. You Must Be A Lv31 or Higher Mage. Hope This Helps.

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