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Runescape Cheats :

This page contains Runescape cheats list for PC version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 1 password, 1 unlockable. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Runescape on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

GuIde on how to make money.

by DjHero Mar 17, 2011

In the world of Runescape there are many many many ways to make money. (For non members) Here are the ways I make money. First Depending on your mining level Mine until you get the level 85 mining Yes a lot of mining but you need to get rich. After you finish leveling up go to the wilderness with a rune pickax and your best armor in a world wheres theres not many people (remember free trade and old wilderness is back you don't want to die) just incase you see a rev or a person that wants to fight. Go to the edge of the lava maze and (Not inside) near the edge of the end of the wilderness mine the reunite if you did not bring a rune pickax or better it will take forever. Each ore sells for 14.5 k last time I checked. If you have a good metal crafting or smithing level also you could smith it into rune armor. Next You can burn bones or sell big bones. Not many people know it but if you go to the karamja you can kill monkeys and burn their bones Seriously. Or you can take your chances and go to demon ruins and pick up some there. How to get big bones is easy. Go to clan wars in a world with non many people and you will see giants (level recommended 50+) Or instead you can get a bronze key (grand exchange or kill a goblin) and go to west varrok on the outside you will see a creek that leads into rimmington follow the creek down until you see a little house with a door and a hole inside climb down the hole and the giants are right in your face. Next you could also go to falador drop partys,beg,scam, all that jazz.

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by bjrralphs Dec 09, 2010

jhxcv cccThis form is for contributing reviews. All fields should be filled. At the free speach area you can express your opinions and thoughts related to the reviewed game. Also you can format text at the free speach area using the WISIWIG editor, as well as

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MoSt easy xp (members and have good def)

by Braeden1222 Oct 05, 2011

Well if u are a member teleport to falador then go right (east) then go up (north) then u will see a little room go into it then down the satairs it will take u to the dwaf mining place go up left then down and u will see a small rope going into a black hole it will take u to living rock defenders (lvl120) living rock strickers (lvl140) they are both easy to kill but they have alot of health they both rarly hit over 100 u should train on the LIVING ROCK STRICKERS (lvl140) they are 1264 xp each (1.2k) i train on these they r very quick xp hope this helped plz comment if this helped.

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MiNing, Easy money

by harrycrystal Sep 01, 2011

To get easy money, mine some rune essence or pure essence (once finished rune mysteries) then go to to Varrok to the bank and bank the mined essence until you are comfortable with the amount and then sell them in the g.e. keep repeating this as many times as you like.

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RuNescape easy peasy money!

by championboy1 Jul 30, 2008

Hi ime championboy1 also known on runescape haynes129
Im going to tell you about the easy money code!
If you would like to email me and ask a question or cheat ill give it to just email me on:!

Now for the first code in the section!
At the varrok place there will be one outside the castle and one inside the varrok castle now go to the one where the mining place is near to the grand exchange!
Mine Clay becuase its worth 99GP instead of something like 12GP or 32GP!
Now first clear all of your inventory to the bank then come back and mine clay! Then intil its full of clay that you have mined nip to the grand exchange and sell it becuase i made about 2284GP!
Each time you go the money you get you will make a fortune!
Remeber Email me if you want to ask a question or cheat and ill give it to you straight away! Just on:


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plZz read this!!! its important

by austinsobes Jul 03, 2008

look we all know that there are scammers out there right.... they say they can make u millions but just want to ruin ur profile....i did these kind of cheats on my old file...(sparkytycoon) i made over 100k on big bones and they dropped all of my money so dont listen to them!!!!! now im no pushover but if someone asks u for ur password then report them......!!!!now ill tell u some good cheats for ppl who are lvl 14 or higher....!!

kill hill giants and sell the big bonesgets u 441gp each big bone... lvl 28
kill wolfs at white wolf mountain in taverly and sell there bones(members)wolf bones go for 501gp.....lvl 25
kill unicorns and sell there horns(members)unicorn horns go for 881gp each....lvl 15
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acCounts leveling up quick

by rsmod May 07, 2012

send me ur inf0 and i can get you account from level 102 to level 128 in 2 days

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