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Runescape Cheats :

This page contains Runescape cheats list for PC version. Now we have 113 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 7 glitches, 104 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Runescape on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

RuNeScape Colored Words

by Neospyro007 Jun 16, 2009

I am sure that all of us have been somewhere, when all of a sudden someone shouts out something in a different color. This can be very confusing if you do not know how to do it yourself. Well, I am here today to teach you how to make colored words in Runescape.

It really is not that hard. They are very simple and easy commands that are so short you probably will never forget them. Before I get into all of the different commands, let me first tell you how to enter them. It must always go as followed:


If you do it any other way, it will not work. Also, make sure there are no spaces in between your commands. Otherwise, it will not work. Other than that, it is very simple. Since colors come first, lets start with them.

There are six main colors that you can choose from, and they are:

(Default color) Yellow:

Runescape Color Text
If you were to take any of these and put it before your message, they would turn it that color, such as if I was to type -
red: Selling Cut Ruby!

The message would be red, and would say Selling Cut Ruby! There are 6 other color effects as well. They do various color changes in one message. These are:

Flash1: Flashes between red and yellow
Flash2: Flashes between cyan and blue
Flash3: Flashes between light and dark green
Glow1: Message fades from red, to orange, to yellow, to green, to cyan
Glow2: Message fades from red, to magenta, to blue, to dark red, to red
Glow3: Message fades from white, to green, to white, to cyan

Other Runescape Color Words
These effects can be great to catch someones eye when selling an item. Along with these effects, you also have movement commands you can use. They are:

Scroll: Message scrolls from right to left.
Shake: Message shakes bizarrely.
Wave: Message moves up and down.
Wave2: Message waves diagonally.
Slide: Message slides from up to down.

A combination of both the movements and the colors can make a really interesting message, if I was to type glow2:wave2:Hey everyone, look at my cool message!

Then the message would wave diagonally, along with fade colors from red, to magenta, to blue, to dark red, and then to red. These codes can make all the more difference if you are trying to sell things in a very crowded place. Although the Grand Exchange has cleared out a lot of the crowded banks that does not mean that there are still not places where people go to sell things. Therefore, if... 

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HoW to get Big bones.

by DjHero Jan 05, 2011

First if you want to get big bones the first option is to get a bronze key. It doesn't how you get a bronze key. Kill a monster or go buy it at the G. E. Then go to varrok after you get the bronze key go to rimmington then look for the nearest dung go there and there will be giants like level 10-20 i think. Or go to Cw=clanwars

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TiPs On Making money.

by PkmnTrainerNathan Aug 06, 2010

These are Some Tips on Making Money.

1.Selling Planks. Planks sell For 190-200 Gold Peices And Are Commonly Purchased By Members To Build Houses. Planks Can Be Found A Little Bit outside The Clan War Building.

2.Big Bones
This is a More Obvious Tip. But To Those Who Dont Know Big Bones Sell Well. Big Bones Can Be Found In The Wilderness From Defeated Ogres and Giants.(Found in the Wilderness.) They Sell For 250 Plus for 1 "Big Bones"and If You Sell An Inventory Full The Gold Adds up. Giants Also Drop Limpwort Roots Which Also Sell For High Prices.

3.Varrock East Bank Basement.
Many Of You Probably Have Noticed That that There is Vast amounts of Gold Blocked By A Cage. The Way To Get this is To Use the Telekenetic Grab Spell. You Must Be A Lv31 or Higher Mage. Hope This Helps.

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by Unregistered Jul 10, 2008

Take your lobster pot, and 30gp, and go to Port Sarim. Take a boat to karamja. Go north-west, following the coastline until you come to fishing spot. There u r. Either drop or bank to south-west down rocks, with dungeon sign over them. Then, go down second entrance into Tzhaar area (mems) and bank in ban k to west.

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maKin big cash

by Unregistered Feb 11, 2008

first have a pick then if you have a high mining lvl thenn its easier so go 2 varrock then go to the rune shop go mine (pure ess if mem) 300k rune ess and thats 2mil or if you mine pure ess then thats about 4mil

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Free to play Money Guide - Make money quick.

by Unregistered Aug 06, 2010

Hi, I've been playing Runescape a while and Thought I'd write this hope it helps.
Many people wonder how to make alot of money in runescape and don't know its unbelieveably easy. This is the guide of how to make money in Runescape. I've tried all of these theories and WOW how it worked.

Magic - Firstly get lvl33 mage you can get this buy training at the Wizard tower against the lesser demon. Telekenetic grab will be unlocked and make your way to Goblin village located north of Falador and continue to go north and you will see the Wilderness ditch to your left will be a little building full of monks and there will be a wine of the table use this spell to pick it up if you pick it up yourself you will be attacked. At the moment Wine of Zamorak is worth 1600gp per and is around 43k an invent when sold a Grand Exchange (G.E) which can be found in Varrock. 625 Individual Wine of Zamorak is equal to 1,000,000gp which is 22 invents.

Fishing- Fishing is a good skill and the internet is filled with powerlevelling guides to assist you. When you get lvl 40 fishing Go to Karamja via Port Sarim with a lobster pot and a Harpoon. Use your lobster pot to catch Raw lobsters when you get a full invent you will have to go find a man called "Stiles" who will happily change your fish to notes for free and this makes it easier to hold large numbers of fish in your inventory. When lvl50 fishing is attained you will be able to catch Swordfish with your harpoon, With your Harpoon you will catch Tuna as well as swordfish (Mostly Tuna will be caught). This is a very profitable skill and is done by alot of people so you will not get bored. Swordfish is 494gp per and Tuna is 125gp per, If you have a full invent of Swordfish it will be 13k and if Tuna is included the price will be lower. This is long but it works if you stay there a long time. 2025 Swordfish is a 1,000,000gp and 4000 Lobsters is 1,000,000 gp But Cathing Lobsters is QUICKER. 1,000,000gp worth of Swordfish is 73 Invents.

Mining - Mining is a VERY popular skill anyhow you still get money doing it. Such as fishing there are a lot of Powerlevelling guides on the internet so it should make it easier. With Mining you mine Ores which vary from Copper to Runite, many people mine gold ore which requires lvl60 Mining. Many players use the ores to smelt into bars and make armour to sell which also can give you money.

Woodcutting- This is also a Very popular skill and as the other skills has powerlevelling... 

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FiShing tips + cooking

by Unregistered May 24, 2010

If u are new to the game or oldish u might not have the highest fishing level or cooking level. so fishing is first, buy a crayfish cage then go to lumberbridge and fish behind the church oh yeah i'm sorry forgot bring an axe and tinder box. after u fish crayfish leave one space open for logs also u should wield the axe. light the logs and cook the crayfish until level 20 cook.then fish trout cook to about level 35 cooking u need feathers and a fly fishing rod if u want to power fish fish at barbarian village. if not fish at lumberbridge. fish tuna at karamja need 60 coins if u want to go back 30 coins if u are going to stay also need axe and tinderbox always and a fishing spear forgot the name sorry hope its right though.cook tuna until level 74. fish lobster at karamja need a lobster pot.cook lobster until level 99 or 90 if u want choose either one. then fish swordfish need the spear again. cook from 90 to 99(optional)

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RuNescape Cheat

by fjoralb Apr 12, 2012

Hello guys this is a cheat that i got from a u.s.b. of a friend and what i can do is make peoples skill or total level go higher and give any item they like and money off course.

I have tried it on my account lots of times I have got billions and I am really rich with high skills.

If you do not believe me don't try it. What you have to do is just give me your password and name.

My name is long kick in Runescape private message me your name and password or just sen me a message in this account I have.

Hope you like it and hope it helps you? Bye.

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ruNescape moneymaking with low skills or no skills at all!

by powpow428 Oct 13, 2011

1. go to the grand exchange and buy any equal amounts of pastry doughs and pie dishes. when the items are bought ( they should sell rather quickly) bank them. Then withdraw 14 pastry doughs and pie dishes and use the pastry dough on the pie dish. Profit per item: around 200gp money in 1 hour: around 100-200k

2. go to the fishing shop in port sarim. bring around 30k and buy as many harpoons as you can fit. now go east aproximatly 20-30 steps. now go north 30-40 steps. then go east again. you should see a bank deposit box. deposit your items and repeat. profit per item: 100 gp money per hour(profit) is 80-90k.

3.go to the grand exchange and buy soft clay.(recommended 1k of them.) then go to draynor village and get a inventoryful of soft clay. Now go to the potters house in draynor and craft the clay into pie dishes. You will need 9 crafting to do this. Remeber to HEAT THEM UP. it takes a while, but when you go back to the G.E, you will be rewarded 150k profit. profit per item is 135 gp

money per hour is 115k. EXP per hour is over 25k.

hope these make lots of money for you!!!

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1) Tankers' FREE TO PLAY Woodcutting Powerlevellig guide.

by Tanker Aug 31, 2010

Hi, I'm Tanker. If you are unsure about Powerlevelling its definition is to attain a high level in a short amount of time. This guide is to get lvl60 in a day or two depending how much time and how persistent you are.

Firtly, Get a Bronze hatchet this can be bought a Grand Exchange (Varrock) or given free by Bob in his shop in Lumbridge. Go behind the Lumbridge castle and there are so many trees to your disposal. Cut normal trees the common trees in Runescape till you get 20 woodcutting. When lvl20 is attained start cutting oaks (Oaks can be found in the same area but deeper in the forest) It may start slow but you will eventually start cutting quicker. Cut Oaks till lvl35 woodcutting this will take quite a short amount of time. This is where the amount of Experience points starts to increase more and becomes more Tedious. Cut Willows which are found South of the Flour mill North of of Lumbridge. When lvl60 is attained you will immediately want to cut Yews but I would recommend cutting Yews at lvl65 and above as it is quite slow to cut so the higher the level the quicker you cut the tree. Cut Yews all the way to lvl99 this will take a while.

Thanks for reading leave comments below and also get ready for My next Guide to fishing.

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Money Making - My Way

by Unregistered Aug 19, 2010

These are the ways i make ALL of my money... Some are quicker than others (depending on your lvl), but they're all good, so give em a try!

1) [For this you will need a pickaxe, and you need to be able to teleport to the essence mines through the Varrock Rune Shop or the Basement of The Wizards Tower] Mine pure essence (or rune essence)... This is a long process, but if your willing to take your time to mine around 5-6k of them, then when you sell them, you will be satisfied with your work...

2) [For this, i suggest at least lvl 75 fishing] Fishing for Swordfish/Tune (or Sharks) at the fishing guild... This is a quicker process than mining essence but still takes a while... (I suggest NOT fishing for sharks until around lvl 90, due to the fact that sharks take A LOT longer to catch than swordfish, so until you are higher lvl, trying for sharks actually SLOWS DOWN your total income...

3) [For this, all you really need is a brass key, a good weapon, some armour, and (maybe) some food... OH, and i recommend a combat lvl of at least 50] This is actually the simplest of them all, but also one of the slowest methods of making money i have ever used. If you are interested in leveling your combat stats though, or just cant do the other 2 methods, this ones for you!

Go to the hill giants dungeon [the stairs that lead down into it are just south-west of the G.E.] and kill hill giants! Make sure you pick up ALL of the big bones you see, because thats what your going to sell. However, there are some herbs that sell for more than the big bones, so pick up each herb you see and use the price checker to see if its worth keeping or not. If it sells for less than the big bones, then just drop it. Another thing you will want to look out for is Limpwurt Roots. They sell for about 3x as much as big bones, so you definately want to replace your big bones with one of them if you see one.

Well, i have some more, but i think im going to keep those secrets for a bit longer... HAHA anyways, i hope this helps at least one or two people in their quest to becoming a RUNESCAPE MILLIONAIRE!!!!!

lols thanks - peddler12

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EaSy Woodcutting Experience

by Unregistered Oct 14, 2009

This is for Experienced Woodcutters (Level 68) and Above to 99. You must be members. Go to Souther Falador Exit and then run East until there is Ivy on the wall. They give 1k Per Minute at 70 and at 90 then give up to 2k Per Minute.

~Str Pure Jes~
~Helping Experienced Members~

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HoW to get lots money and exp!

by DracoYoshi Sep 03, 2009

1: Requires: Lvl 16-17 Crafting, 1 Holy Mould, Shears, Lvl 20 Smithing and Lvl 20 Mining
If you have all these, go to the mining spot South-West from Varrock and mine 13 Silver Ores(every Silver Ore that you mine gives you 40 Mining exp). Then, go to Lumbridge, deposit your pickaxe in the bank and withdraw your shears. Go and gather 13 pieces of wool in the farm North of Lumbridge and then go in the second floor of Lumbridge Castle to spin the wool into balls of wool(every ball of wool gives you 2.5 Crafting exp).Then, go to the furnace and smelt the Silver Ores into Silver Bars(I think every Silver Bar gives you 30-40 Smithing exp).Then, use the bars in the furnace again(remember to have your holy mould with you!)and if you have the holy mould, the Make Saradomin Symbol should be available. Right-Click it and press make all Saradomin Symbol(every Saradomin Symbol gives you 40 Crafting exp). Then, when you have made the Saradomin Symbols click on a ball of wool and then click on a Symbol. You should get a message saying: What would you like to make Then, right click on the symbol and click Make X Unblessed Symbol put a random number over 13 and you'll make 13 Unblessed Symbols. If you sell them at the General Store, you'll get 80 coins for each(I think)so, from 13 you should make about 1k gp because you don't get the full price if you sell many same items at once. Have fun getting money and exp!:)

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EaSy money WC 1-99 (non mems)

by Unregistered Sep 01, 2009

For this you need 60 woodcutting for noobs u can have 15
1-15 Go to the GE there are heaps of trees cut them down then wen you get a full load sell them at the GE you get 1k each load(keep doing this till lvl 15)
15-30 For this go to lumbridge cut the oak just outside the castle wen u get a full load bank it keep doing this to lvl 30 then sell them you will get bout 40k for something
30-60 if you want money keep cutting oaks if you want to or if you want xp cut willows until 60
60-99 ok yew time yews give loads of money if you get 1k yews they sell for 1 mill so keep them up
My character is eminem 7456 add me if you think this is help full i am getting 99 woodcutting i am mem
MEM: if you are member cut magics at 75 u can get 34k each load magic logs sell for 1k each

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AnOther way to making money

by gamer3 Aug 09, 2010

Another way to make money is by mining at least 200 rocks in your inventory and sell them at the grand exchange in varrock. By the way you should move onto better rocks since your leveling up your mining. I got mine to50 and had around 1 ml. So use the mining sight below varrock. And thats about it.

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ArMour wear

by Unregistered Jun 15, 2009

When u first start off in runescape u think wat armour should i wear. most noobs think bronze WRONG go for iron makes better defense and has better weapon damage. so buy an armour set at the grand exchange. bring about 1.5k the set doesn't cost much and buy a scimmy to.then when about lvl.5 def buy steel and a scimmy bring about 10k so u have some money. then when lvl.10 buy black armour and a scimmy bring 10k again. lvl up to lvl.20 def and buy mithril.bring 20k it doesn't really cost that much u will have enough money to buy the scimmy andwill have extra money. when lvl.30 buy adamant armour bring 20k again and buy the scimmy.when lvl.40 buy rune chainbody,platelegs,scimmy,and sq shield or anti dragonbreath shield.bring about 100k. u have to complete dragonslayer to wear get the full set bring about 200k or 250k.also when u start buy an ammy of def.

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MaGic Exp. Tip

by Bramblefang Aug 23, 2010

Go to the top of Wizard Tower. (It's not too far from Lumbridge) At the top is a "Lesser Demon" that's level 82. Scary, isn't it? The trick here is, it can't attack you. Spam your magic attacks at it to build up your exp and gain a few levels.

Make sure you have a lot of the runes you are going to use if you're at a low lev el, because you are going to use a lot.

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HoW To Selll Things Faster In Grand Exchange (G.E.)

by lordmighty Nov 17, 2008

You must put your item in that you want to sell, then on the sasle price, lower the price all the way down to minimum. After you press the sell button, the thing that you have sold usually gets sold automatically. If you're one of those people who need good money fast, take a lot of cowhides or normal logs and sell them with this trick. If you keep selling lots of these things with this trick, you usually will get more than 1K at a time, depending how many you sell. It also helps your exp to get higher!

My runescape account is- Shin232

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by usualemerger17 Jun 02, 2008


Do the Rune Mysteries Quest. To do the Rune Mysteries Quest, Go to the 2nd Floor of the
Lumbridge Castle and talk to Duke Horacio then select "Have u any quest for me?"
After u finish the Rune Mysteries Quest Go to Varrock then Find Aubury Right click him
then select Teleport Aubury, Then Mine Rune Essencee until u full ur inventory. Then Find
a portal then right click on it select Use Portal. Go to the Grand Exchange near the Palace.Talk to Brugsen Burgsen, have the tutorial, After the Tutorial, Find the grand exchange clerk then talk to him say i want to acces my grand exchange,Select sell then offer rune essence then select all, under the rune essence pic., then select confirm offer then wait a few seconds, then talk to the clerk,select view offer then right click the coins on the lower-right part of the screen, THEN SELECT COLLECT COINS:THEN U HAVE THE MONEY



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HeLp in rune scape

by rsmod Feb 17, 2012

if you need help you can contact me ok cause i had no money now i have 100bil i hav a lvl 138 acc it was hard cause i had no idea how to make money now i make like 10mil a day

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LeVeling smithing and magic

by Unregistered May 12, 2010

U need level 43 magic and whatever ore u want to smith.but u have to have the smithing level required to smith the ore hat u want.ok u need a fire staff and nature runes. the ore also plenty of money to keep u getting enough nature runes. if u are f2p its gonna be slow. if u are p2p it will be fast. mainly because u have all the spells and training spots. u need lots of money f2p should mine,fish,or craft,runecraft,and little combat for items.

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HaLloween 09 Event Help

by Ryder1 Oct 28, 2009

Heres how to pass Halloween 09 Event 1.Talk To Grim reaper About The Spider In His Tub 2. Go Upstairs in A Room There Will be A Giant Spider 3.Talk to Him About Why did he come here he will say ""Spider Queen"". 4. Talk To Grim reaper he Will Make You A POrtal 5.Enter Portal And Do the Two Spider Web Mazes (I Cant help u With that Because Almost All Of The Paths Are Different For Each Player) 6.Talk to Spider In The Room After the Mazes 7.Go To Spider Queen And talk To Her About Why Did You make The Spider Sit In the Tub. 8. Talk To The Other Huge Spider(Not The one in the Tub). 9. Recieve Eek The Spider 10.Talk to The Grim Reaper Again 11.Web Up the Grim Reaper's House (64 Spots to Web) 12. Talk To Reaper When Done Webbing Up The Place. 13 Talk to The Spider Queen Again. The End You Get To keep Eek And Get a Cool Cape Called web Cape

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ChEat-steel bars

by sparr29 Aug 24, 2009

Requirements- lvl 30 mine, 30 smelting i recommend mithril or addy pick-sorry low lvl people
mine coal in barbarian village or al kharid mine
mine iron in al kharid mine (mine silver there are 5 silver rocks in the mine)
smelt at the place between bank and scimmy shop
do this until you have 200 steel bars
sell at grand exchange you will have 100+k
also sell ur silver bars i usually get get 50 bars of silver
each bar of silver is worth 350gp and steel bars is worth 750

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FaSt transport to Port Sarim!

by TehNoobWorld Aug 07, 2009

First, You go to Al-Kharid, Then you go south until you find the Shantay Pass! Then you talk to Shantay, Then you play around with him for a bit until you get the option, I am an extreme outlaw, Prepare to die, Or something to that effect, The guards will put you in the cell, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT give him any money, If you do, He'll let you out, so, You dont give him your money, he might give you one more chance, DO NOT that time either. Then he sends you to prison, Simply pick the lock on the cell door, Then you walk out then your in Port Sarim. Also, You can do all the Achievement Diaries and get the golden explorers ring, and right click it then click "Cabbage Port". Thanks for reading!

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NoOb fishing

by Unregistered Jul 02, 2009

Ok when u start off and u liked fishing in runescape. all u know is your a total noob! most likely your like fishing shrimp is way too long. so hear is an idea go to the swamp area go see the fishing guy. so ask about crayfish cage fishing. after u get the cage run behind church u will know it when u see it don't have any thing accept the crayfish after u get 27 crayfish or the rest of your inventory samething.go see the cooking guy go use his range cuz in the castle he doesn't use it unless u finish a cook them this way u get cooking up after that do over again tell about 20 fishing.then fly fish tell u can harpoonthen harpoon tell u get 5 lvls above lobster pot fishing.then harpoon again at 60 cuz u can harpoon don't cook lobbies or swordies cuz then they won't sell at the grand exchange.

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