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may 14, 2008Runescape [ PC ]   Submitted

How to get past The guard on Karamja?


Secret - Beer:

hi there to get rum off island hide it in a box and then fill it with bannas after that tell the guy inside the banna platue then go to port sairm get white apron get a job at the grosery store then go behind door searh banna crate and there you find your beer see you later all



Secret - How to get past guard on Karamja:

If u mean to get rum to redbeard frank, you have to speak to banana plantation owner, ask for a job, then use bottle on crate then fill up with bananas. Then ask for job with grocers in Port Sarim, and go out back and search till u find banana crate. You should find rum in one of them. Then take to Redbeard Frank.