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may 17, 2008Runescape [ PC ]   Submitted

how do i get big bones or genies easy i cb lvl 63


Secret - Edgeville:

Get a brass key then go south out of G.E., then immediately west. You will come to this hut. Go in, down ladder, then go south into big cavern. The lvl 28 hill giants there always drop b bones.

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Secret - How to get Big bones.:

First if you want to get big bones the first option is to get a bronze key. It doesn't how you get a bronze key. Kill a monster or go buy it at the G. E. Then go to varrok after you get the bronze key go to rimmington then look for the nearest dung go there and there will be giants like level 10-20 i think. Or go to Cw=clanwars