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RuneScape 2 Cheats :

This page contains RuneScape 2 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 51 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 4 easter eggs, 46 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing RuneScape 2 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Do Not Fall For Scams!!!!!!!!!

by Sekryz Dec 13, 2006

Those people that ask for your username and password are some little kids with no skills of playing RuneScape, AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So do not fall for scams, stay alert of those players, they are only trying to steal your account. Thanks for your time :)

Farewell, Sekryz

P.S. Sekryz is my username on RuneScape, feel free to add me to ask for more info and tips

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Cheats - Free dragonplex 2-h

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

When you do the tutorial at the beginning, keep talking to the people that give you things. For example, with the baker that gives you water and flour, bake the bread then talk to him again. He should give you more supplies.

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Cheats - CHEATS? NO WAY!

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

To get infinate dragon fire shields start the dragon slayer quest diffculty:hard and get the Dragon Fire Shield from the King of Lumbridge castle then drop the shield and talk to him again. Repeat as many times as you wish.
P.S. Dosen't work if your wielding a shield or have one in the bank.

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Hints - Quickly levelling up

by Unregistered Dec 25, 2006

Ok, to level up really fast, start from level 3 and kill goblins until you're level 8-10, then go and kill some cows. get to about level 12-15, then make your way to varrock, but kill some chickens and cook them on your way. with your chickens (cooked hopefully) go to varrock city, but kill the unicorn on the way. when there, you can make any bars of material, like iron and turn them into armor if you can. carry on through the path to the bank at the end and head towards the barbarians villiage. kill some barbarians there until level 16-19, then go down the stronghold of security. preferably i would kill some goblins of level 5, 11 and 14, but carry on throuch the furthest door until you reach level 10-13 minotaurs. kill them until about level 20, then carry on to level 11 wolves and level 27 minotaurs. kill the wolves here until level 22, then go back to the level 10-13 minotaurs and do this cycle until about level 26-30. kill the level 27 minotaurs in the room of wolves until level 35 or 37, then carry on down to level 2 stronghold (get your prize in level 1). Go and kill some monsters here (various types, you're a high enough level) and wen you feel ready to take on level 3, go down. again, kill some monsters around here, but do not go to level 4... you will not want to get caught up with level 89 ghosts, will you?. go out of the stronghold and enter the wilderness from varrock city. keep going far, but make sure you don't run into a person of a higher level than you. keep going until you reach the end and fight some ice monsters there until level 80-90, then go back to the stronghold and fight the level 89 monsters until your level is pretty high

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Secret - Get 20k and 4 lamps and some gloves

by Unregistered Aug 13, 2008

all u do is make another account or use the account u have then go to lumbridge then go to the house with stairs and then go into the hole and talk to the guy in white armour and tell him u can kill the dragon then he will give u 2 lamps or if u have a new account u will appear next to him and u got to do what he says then u get the lamps

to get the 20k and the other lamps just go to barbarian village then go inside the hole and go to the end of the place and click on the thing in the middle and climb down the stairs then keep on doing the same thing untill u dont find a ladder to go down just climb the rope then by then u should have about 10k in ur hands

next walk to the building next to the barbarian building go to the back of it and climb down the ladder then talk to the guard then do what he says then go up the stairs then talk to the professor then finish the exam then u have 2 lamps then go down the stairs and go to the cell that doesn't have a door and rip the poster then when u get in u go to the very back and climb up the stairs when u get up go up and go to the room and pull the lever then go back down and go into the door and walk until u find a treasure box and open it then u'll get gloves and 10k so now ur have 20k 4 lamps and some gloves

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Secret - Easy money (members/non-members)

by mudkipmaster Apr 08, 2010

Members: WARNING: If you have rare stuff don't bring it while doing this, all you need is a Games necklace (8). First of all use it to teleport to the Wildy (wilderness) valcano after that walk past the graveyard full of zombies past the Ruins (place with deadly red spiders) until you get to Red Dragon Isle walk to the end until you see a Whiteberry spawn (don't worry about the dragon near it cant get you unless you walk trough its territory) pick up an inventory full and go back and then when you find a cave enter it (its the cave where the Coprperal beast is but don't worry if you don't start the quest Summers end you can't see it and it can't see you) use the Games necklace teleport to Wildy valcano then bank them they each sell for about 2k each.
Non members: HINT: This quest is easier if you have access to the chapions guild. Warning: This is not nessesary for non mems who can cut Yews. Go to the Champions guild or Fred the farmers house and kill the chickens and pick up their feathers and raw chicken and sell them at G.E (grand exchange).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to updates some of these methods could be more dangerous or impossible.

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Secret - How to get a cape and runes fast and easy!

by Unregistered Aug 14, 2009

Ok some people on rs are wondering how do all these people get their capes when u buy at the g.e they usually don't come right heres my way.u need dye for the capes.also some mages are like i ran out of rune but i don't want to spend my money well heres an easy way.ok bring dye for the capes any dye.ok here it is it all takes place right in front of fally(falador).i prefer being over lvl.5 bring armour any need a sword.the strongest one u can wield i prefer 2h or scimmy.kill the highway men 100% that they drop their capes get it then dye wat ever color u want if u want a black cape u don't need black dye cause its already black.for rune bring leather body and chaps vambraces optional no bow sword same 2h or scimmy.the reason why is the wizard cast weaken but weaken on ranging gear doesn't really work.anyways the wizard are lvl.13 their are air water fire earth wizards just a little distance from the highway men.they drop air runes water runes earth runes fire runes ashes.and talismans.

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Secret - A simple way to get some money

by Unregistered Mar 08, 2010

This works for anybody, F2P, P2P, noobs, etc. So, go to Lumbridge. Then go to the place with chickens. Start killing chickens. Pick up the raw chicken, and nothing else. When you have a full inventory, take them to the bank. When you have a total of 50, sell them to the general store. As an alternate, if you want more experience, you can do the same with cows.

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Secret - How to get money and level up a bit quicker

by Unregistered Feb 10, 2010

NON members
Money:If you WC level is 15 you can cut oak logs,near varrock west bank...and if you have a lot of oak logs sell it in grand exchange (or burn it for fire making experience).
You can also kill chickens and sell their bones and feathers.
You can also try getting stuff and making it in to other stuff and selling it at grand exchange. EX.lobster-cooked lobster Ores-armors or weapons cow hide-leather

28 oak logs (full inv..) = 2500 gp
200 feathers = 1500 gp

You can also try at falador party room,but you have to be quick.(party room world)

Mage:wizards tower lesser demon (it can not harm you no matter what)
Range:cows anywhere (preferablly between carrock and lumbridge)
Meelee:Men = lv.3-10 giant rats = lv.10-15 barbarian = lv.16-18 the rest is at stronghold levels and guards.

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Secret - Easy cash for members(10+ crafting)

by Unregistered Feb 10, 2010

Go to seers village i sugest using the camelot tele very fast way go to the flax feild a little bit south of the bank and pick flax the go in a house beside the yews, go upstairs and make bowstrings(10+ crafting!) and bank them and sell on ge for about 500gp apeice!!!!!!!!!if get alot of them u will be on ur way to millions in no time

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Secret - Gettin steel arrows without having to buy them partly

by Unregistered Jan 22, 2010

Ok if you want some steel arrows and don't feel like buying them from g.e or the shops. i suggest you do this. okay be level 29 and above bring some food tuna is good its cheaper heals good lobsters good but expensive this requires also some money notice some also to be able to go to 2nd floor of strong hold of security. okay this what you do get your best armour and weapons and food. go to barbarian ville then go through the whole in the ground after that go to 2nd level. go through the doors to your right. go in fight the zombies watch out for the fresh crawlers.the steel arrows aren't 100% drops. but are dropped alot. if your to lazy to kill them hire workers say 1.5k for 100 arrows(just example use if you want idc) mosly hire the strong dumb ones or the ones who really want money after that you can do whatever.

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Secret - Fast fishing exp!

by Unregistered Nov 30, 2009

First at level.1 fishing fish craw fish behind lumber bridge church until level.20.then fish trout until level.40. then tuna till 45 then lobster till 50 fish swordfish and tuna till 99 this is for f2p only.the reason why you fish swordfish and tuna till 99 is because it takes a while to catch swordfish and your catch tuna 80 percent of the time. so your getting rid of exp faster than catching swordfish for an inventory. just catch until you get a full inventory of swordfish. i did this i had like 15k exp and it brought down to 8k can fish lobster for money. lobster only gives you a certain amount per inventory. fishing swordfish and tuna is a fast way to get swordfish gloves. if you don't know where to get them you can get them at the fist of guthix if you don't know where that is its in the wild next to varrock if you don't know how to get their go to a world where it has the mini game and follow people need guthix coins to buy them k hope i helped you.

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Secret - Fishing guide 1-99.

by Unregistered Aug 13, 2009

Ok this is my first guide so don't get mad at me if u don't like it ok here it goes.level.1-level.20 fish crayfish can be caught behind lumby church and caught with crayfish cage can get from fishing tutor near lumby swamp.level.20-level.30 fish trout can be caught at the river in lumby with fly fishing rod anf feathers i don't know how much u have to catch buy feather at the grand exchange buy 2k thats about 20k or kill chickens and collect them they drop feathers 5-15.level.30-level.35 salmon same as trout.level.35-level.45 catch tuna caught at karamja docks with harpoon need 30 coins if u need money sell youer tuna at the general store their in karamja.level.45-level.60 catch lobster at karamja docks caught with lobster pot bring 60 coins this time bank them at either falador or draynor bank because they cost alot at g.e most easiest at to make money.level.60-level.99 catch sword fish bring 30 coins sell the caught tuna if u want or drop them all go back and bank sordfish in a bank near by.

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Secret - Sell Cow Hides

by Unregistered Dec 08, 2008

1. goto lumby then head to the windmill
2. behind the mill will be a cow field
3. go into it and kill cows till u have full inventory of cowhides
4. go to the bank next to the cow field and bank all hides
5. repeat steps 3-4 20 times
6. go to g.e. and note all hides
7. sell all noted hides
cow hides sell for around 100 gp so 20 inventories would end up as 56000 gp

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Secret - Free 1.5kexp and 10k no need mem

by Unregistered Dec 03, 2008

even if your tutorial place thingy was on Tutorial Island, go down a trapdoor in a room in lumby. talk to the Sir Vant(servant). he will talk abt a dragon. blablabla. then say that you could kill the drag for him.he will say some stuff and give you 2 exp lamps 250exp each. Next, go to barby vill. go UP. near edgeville, u see a room with trapdoor thing. go down, talk to guard at the end of the room.say you wanna go up he says read the plaques. go read them then talk to him again. he let you go up, talk to proff. do the exam sheet he gives you. do it and give him(do correctly mind you i dont know how many correct you need). he will give you 2 lamps, each 500exp each.then go back to the jail.go through a poster. you will be at a mugger place. search around there will be ladders or stairs. go down and you'll be in cockroachy place. wander around you will see some lvl 83 monsters but nvm they wont attack you. then go upstairs and pull old lever. then go downstairs and go through jail doors. wander around again and you will find a chest. open and 10k and safety gloves!

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Unlockable - Armor Help

by Rulzall2 Apr 07, 2009

have you ever been upset when you bought that shiny new dragon halberd but can't weild it well if so look no further as i will show you how to earn and be able to wear those dragonic nightmares!Look and join MY clan for wars!!!
My Username is 3iands0 and my level as of 4/4/09 is 62...

Rune PlatebodyBeat Dragonslayer; also 40 Def and buy from Osiach or G.E.
Dragon Halberd [mem]Beat Regicide; also 60 Atk and buy from G.E.
Dragon Sq Sheild [mem]Beat Hero's Quest; also 60 Def and buy from G.E.
Dragon Platebody [mem]Either make with armor shards (94 smithing) or buy from G.E.
Dragon Longsword&DaggerBeat Lost City; also 60 Atk and buy from roaming salesman or G.E.
Other rune armor40 Def and buy from; G.E., Champions Guild, or Osiach
Defenders [mem]Def levels same as that armor level; along with Atk level(get from G.E. or Warriors Guild)
Enchanted Broomstick [mem]Beat Swept Away then talk to witches around RuneScape
How long will this go on!Keep reading and find out! XD
Heraldic ArmorEither buy from G.E. or make at your house [mem]
Ancient Staff [mem]Beat Desert Treasure and get from Pyrimid
Lunar Staff [mem]Beat Lunar Mysteries and get from Lunar Isle
Barrows Armor [mem]Get from G.E. or Barrows Minigame
More to Come!Look for {armor help2}
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Secret - For mages

by Unregistered Nov 12, 2007

go to the magic tutor drop your air and mind runes now go to her again and she'll give you more and hopefully your runes will still be there do at your own risk

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Hints - Getting God armour

by shadogate May 23, 2006

Hhave you seen those kewl god armour [sara,guthix,zammy(guthix is the best)]and your like wow kewl armour i can tell you how to get it.

Ok first you have to be a member to get the armour but its non-members so u non-members can were the armour. If you non-members want to buy the armour (full) ur looking at about 5-8 million gp...but if ur a member ur looking at about 2-3 million gp...or u can get it from lvl 3 clue scrolls (member only) which are obtaned by any monster over lvl 70 that is found in a member world

plz note: god armour is only rune armour with God colors it does nuthing more

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Secret - Want to get dragon armour easy

by ashley99999 Jul 15, 2008

just level up attack or strenght to 99 but leave def to 1 and then go to duel arena get whip and bet someone in a duel like 1 whip for dragon armour and there you go you have got a pure attack or strenght

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Secret - How do get 175k easy with potions

by velociraptor Sep 07, 2007

okay. Here is a good way to get money with strength potions as a free to play player. First buy weapons and armor (sheild if you don't have a 2h sword) then, kill hill giants, ice giants, moss giants, or hob goblins until you get a full inventory of limpwurt roots until your inventory is full (bring food in case you get wounded, I suggest chickens since Hobgoblins don't do much damage if you are a high level). Keep on doing this until you have 175 or more limpwurt roots then go to the nearest bank and store your roots there. Next go to where deadly red spiders are (karamja or varrock sewers). then get as many spider eggs, keep on doing this until you have 175 or more roots and spiders eggs. Then, if you have enough money, get 875 gold coins, and go to the potion guy in varrock.then put the pots in the bnk, and withdraw them as notes. Then, sell them to other players for 1,000 coins. Strength potions are popular and pricey amog players. When you have the desired amout of coins, you can buy what ever pricey armor or weapons you want!

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Secret - Austin Powers Reference

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2008

Go to Draenor Village and find the pig pen. There will be two piglets,one of them when examined will have your person say, "I shall call him, Mini Pig.",which is a reference to Austin Powers.

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Secret - Easy Money

by Sepiroth450 May 12, 2008

Go to Lumbridge General Store and you'll see a mage tutor near it. Right-click and select "Claim magic tutor." The magic tutor will give you 30 air and mind runes. Sell them at the Grand Exchange for the lowest price. (By the way, if you set an item at the lowest price in the Grand Exchange, people can still buy it for a higher price.) Runes sell moderately fast and cost quite a bit so you'll probably get about 2K (that's rounded) of money.

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Secret - How to range without being hit

by Unregistered May 08, 2008

This glitch lets you stand behind a wall and range/mage/hally a monster. If the monster takes up two squares, e.g. black demon, hill giant, Dragon, just stand half behind something so the they're half behind it. If they're one square, just stand behind a fence or something like that.

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Secret - How to make quick money

by Unregistered May 08, 2008

This only works if you have 30+ mining & are a member & have complete Rune Mysteries. Get the best pickaxe you can get. Go to the lowest members world you can, e.g world 2. Then, go to Varock east bank, go south to the magic shop and select "Teleport" Then, mine a full inventry of pure essence. Then, bank in Varrock east bank. Repeat till 100 pure essence. Then sell Grand Exchange market price. 100 will fetch around 30k-40k. This is really quick with rune pickaxe. Trust me. I made nearly 2m in 24hrs like this.

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Secret - Rune Essy should be called Gold Essy-Kg the Cobra

by Unregistered Apr 14, 2008

for F2P do rune mysteries quest then go to varrok to the aurbury then get tele-ed so ur in the essy mine. then mine essy then go to the bank and do this 40 times then you have about 800 give or take. then sell at grand exchange fo 40 each heres a chart
5000=200,000gp(even more!)
10k=400,000gp(get 500 more than this and it's half a freaking mill!)
and for members!
Pure essy(members server)100 each i think
5000=500,000gp(half a freaking mill!)
10k=1,000,000gp(1 mill)

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