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Runescape 3 Cheats :

This page contains Runescape 3 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 2 glitches, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Runescape 3 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Get 10k for free - practically no work required!

by Wii-Mad-Kid Aug 24, 2009

Go to the Stornghold of Player Safety, which is just north of Barbarian Village. Use the trapdoor and go into the empty cell. Pull back the poster to go into the tunnel. Go into the north east corner of the dungeon and climb up the stairs. Go into the room and pull the lever. Then climb up the rope. Go back through the trapdoor, back through the tunnel behind the poster, and then go down the stairs onto the lowest floor. go into the north west corner and through the jail door. Follow the corridor then go south. There is a little alcove with a treasure chest. Open the chest and you get the goodies!!! (The cockroaches won't attack you unless you attack them) On the old RuneScape you had to do a test to get skill lamps, but now they're in the chest with the gold and the safety gloves. If you got the lamps on the old RuneScape then they won't be there, but the gloves and gold will.

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Glitch - Being a mem for free

by pokemon465 Oct 27, 2009

- go to and click on to upgrade and it will tell put you account and put the way you are going to pay it, put the "pay by phone" and put seven numbers(the seven numbers are a fake phone number, and don't be stupid to put your phone number then you have to pay it and it will give you s number to call and call it and it will give you a code to write and then you write it in the redeem box! so there you have it

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Secret - How to become a good Mage easily

by Jack0672 Jun 11, 2009

Its quite simply, when i started i went to the saftey stronghold and got 10k from that. so that what started me off. i brought my runes and then i went to the cow pattics outside falador. I used all my runes and collected the cow hide. I then sold the cowhide and brought more runes. In about 3days of doing this i was 29mage.

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Secret - How 2 earn money+giving away acc

by zapdosboy Jul 10, 2008

there r 2 good ways 2 earn money. 1 is killing cows. this is the best way for noobs because cows suck and each cow drops a cowhide. they sell for around 115 on the g.e. if u tan them(1 for 1gp) they sell for 170gp on the g.e.use a scim on them. do this until u r around lvl 30, than kill other things. another way is 2 start mining. do the dorics quest first. go 2 dorics house north of falador. he'll tell u 2 mine some stuff. but since ur mining is 2 low 2 mine that, buy on the g.e. give it 2 him and ur mining will raise several lvls. then mine until u can mine iron. once u can, go 2 falador 2 mine it. mine it till u can mine coal. than go 2 a mine of ur choice. mine the next ore u can get 2. email me at for free acc, each higher than lvl25 with at least 50k

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Glitch - Join the doomslayers

by LinoTheWise Oct 12, 2009

Ok this isnt a glitch but i need to recruit

i have some rules which will be talked about later on but the 1st and most important rule is ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR SUPERIORS!

so far i have 4 people in my clan

Combat level-57
Attack level-47
Defense level-44
Strength level-51
Range level-26
Magic level-34

Healblaser2-Commander (if he agrees)
Combat level-60
Attack level-50
Defense level-51
Strength level-50
Range level-30
Magic level-40

Ancient lino-Perimeter breech coordinator (low level but he has a good job because he is a great friend of mine)
Combat level-17
Attack level-7
Defense level-5
Strength level-3
Range level-2
Magic level-24

LinoTheWise-Scout leader (lowest level co-owner but he is my good friend as well so he gets a good job)
Combat level-3
Attack level-1
Defense level-1
Strength level-1
Range level-1
Magic level-1

Job #1. Owner helper
Job requirements
Level 50 in all combat skills (ATK, STR, DEF, RNGE, MAGE)
Job description you ONLY listen to the owner and the other two linos (Lino417 LinoTheWise Ancient lino)
You usualy carry errands to the clan wars if i am unavailible to do it
Sometimes you must infiltrate enemy clans and get the leaders to take the clan to a spot im the wilderness where the entire clan will be spread out then the clan will form a group and attack

Job #2. Central warrior
Job requirements
High enough combat for you to not run away from a clan war in the middle of the wilderness you must be able to wear adamant Armour or higher
Job description
You stay in the middle of the group and go to wars and stuff WHATEVER YOU DO DONT BREAK FORMATION IF ONE MAN GET ATACKED BY A RELEVANT YOU ALL HELP KILL IT
formation is as follows you are obviously the o's
you must listen to me and the commander

Job #3. Perimeter soldier
Job requirements High magic level minimum 20 and you need a good way of collecting money so you can buy runes you must be a mage and you need robes
Job description
You keep a perimeter shield around the Central warriors and weaken and hurt attackers before they reach the central warriors try to knock some attackers out.
Formation (you are 1's central... 

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Secret - Good tips ( i found them out myself)

by Vexx Jun 28, 2008

Go to the wilderness where you normally find hill giants, keep on killing them and collecting thier bones , (this is also good for leveling up and getting your player lvl up if you bury the bones) keep doing this till you get about 100 bones. Then you can sell them at the Grand Exchange set it at the middle price that should be about 42k but if it dosnt sell that quickly set it to the lowest price ( dont worry you`ll still get the amount you should have) which would be 40k then when you have got that, repeat this whole system and you`ll be a million air in no time !!!

P.S: if you have anything to tell me dont hesitate to add me to your buddie list.

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