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Silent Storm Cheats :

This cheat for Silent Storm [PC] has been posted at 26 Apr 2005 by Unregistered and is called "Cheats - Cheat mode:Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create ". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Unregistered and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 4 other cheats for Silent Storm, look them as soon as possible!

Cheats - Cheat mode:Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

1: Colt M19112: Luger British3: Luger P084: Sauer 38X5: Walter P386: TT 19337: Mauser K96 19268: Mauser K96 19129: Mauser M.71210: Webley-Scott11: Nagant 191012: Rifle 33-4013: Mosin 1891-193014: Carbine 193815: Lee-Enfield MK116: Carbine M1 193617: Carbine 98k Scoped18: Springfield M1917 Scoped19: AVS-3620: SVT-4021: FG-4222: G-41 W23: MAS 193624: Mauser M9825: Mauser M2926: Thompson 192327: Thompson 192828: M3A129: Sten MKII30: Sten MKIV31: Sten MKV32: Sten MKIII34: PPSh 4135: PPSh 41 modified36: PPS 4237: PPS 4338: MP4039: STG 4340: MP 28 - Bergmann41: MG 3442: MG 4243: DP44: RPD45: Bren47: ZB 26-3048: Chatellerault M1924/192949: Garand M157: Browning M192274: Colt M1911 Magazine75: Luger P08 Magazine76: Parabellum Magazine77: Sauer 38X Magazine78: Walter P38 Magazine79: TT Magazine80: Unknown81: Mauser M.712 Magazine82: Mauser 1912 Magazine83: Speedloader for six .38 rounds84: Nagant 1896 Cartridges85: Mosin Magazine86: Mauser Magazine87: Lee-Enfield Magazine88: M-1 Magazine89: Springfield M1917 Magazine90: AVS-36 Magazine91: SVT-40 Magazine93: FG42 Magazine94: MAS Magazine97: Thompson M1 SMG Drum Magazine99: Thompson 1928 SMG Magazine100: Unknown101: M3A1 SMG Magazine102: Sten SMG Magazine103: PPSh/PPD SMG Drum Magazine104: PPShm/PPS SMG Magazine105: MP40 SMG Magazine106: STG43 SMG Magazine109: MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt110: DP Drum Magazine111: RPD Boxed Cartridge Belt112: Bren Gun Magazine113: Browning M1922 Magazine114: Unknown115: ZB26/30 Magazine116: Chatellerault Magazine117: Garand M1 Magazine122: M61123: M-39127: First Aid Kit128: Unknown129: Mine Shovel132: Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt133: M-24137: First Aid Kit140: M-34141: SRCM mod .35142: Breda143: Z-23144: O-23145: OF-37146: 36M Mk I147: RGD-33 (offensive modification)148: RGD-33 (defensive modification)149: F-1150: RG-42151: RPG-40152: RPG-41153: RPG-43154: RPG-6158: Beretta M1938A159: Beretta M38-42160: MP 38161: MP 40-II162: Suomi163: PPD 40171: G-41 W Scoped172: Garand M1 Scoped173: Lee-Enfield Mk1 Scoped174: Manlicher-Carcano M38175: Manlicher-Carcano M91/24 Scoped176: Mosin 1891-1930 Scoped177: SVT 40 Scoped180: Panzerschrek181: Panzerschrek rocket propelled grenade182: Bazooka M1183: PIAT rocket launcher184: Bazooka rocket propelled grenade185: PIAT rocket propelled grenade190: Panzerfaust191: Panzerfaust rocket propelled grenade192: Dart Arrow210: Mechanical Sword211: MG FF Auto Cannon212: MK 108 Auto Cannon213: MG 81Z Auto Cannon214: PZB 41 Cannon215: MSS 41 Sniper Cannon216: Mechanical Sabre217: Vickers Machine gun218: PIAT rocket launcher219: ShKAS Machine gun220: PTRS Sniper gun221: PTR Boys gun222: DshK Machine gun223: AGS rocket launcher224: AGS cartridge belt225: Gatling Machine gun226: Gatling Drum Magazine227: LZ Energy gun228: TG-21229: Unknown230: Throwing Knife231: Shuriken232: Chakra233: Throwing Knife234: Finnish Knife235: Pukke Knife236: Kappmesser Knife237: SSA Dagger238: Unknown239: Fairbairn Sykes Knife240: Ka-Bar Knife241: M3 Knife242: Combat Dagger243: Luftwaffe Machete Knife244: Machete Knife245: Katana Sword246: Billy Club247: Black Jack Club248: Smatchet large combat Knife249: Khukuri Knife250: M1917 Knife298: Stunning Air-gun Silenced299: Stunning Air-gun Silenced343: MP41344: Sten MkIII Silenced345: Nagant 1910 Silenced346: Mauser K96 1912 Silenced347: MP41 Silenced348: M3A1 Silenced349: Welrod MkI Silenced350: Carbine Delizl Silenced351: Carbine 98K Scoped, Silenced352: ''Little Joe'' Silenced353: Beretta M38-42 Silenced357: BHLG 1Z358: PWM-1359: Heavy Mortar Shell360: Medium Mortar Shell361: Light Mortar Shell362: Medium Mortar Shell363: LZ-System Energy Charge364: TLG-3365: Wood Chopping Axe366: Mark 1367: PMD-6M368: Smiz-35369: Shumi-42370: Pmi-43371: TMD-B372: Manlicher-Carcano M38 Magazine373: Manlicher-Carcano M91 Magazine376: Colt M1911 BigJoe Arrow377: Little Joe Arrow378: Colt M1911 ''Big Joe''379: Pistol Stunning Dart380: Unknown381: Sea Devil Rifle Clip382: Sea Devil Scoped383: DShk Boxed Cartridge Belt384: Flak38 Magazine385: MG34 Boxed Cartridge Belt386: Hank of Wire387: Mine Probe388: Wire Cutter389: The key390: Advanced Picklock391: Unknown392: The key393: Picklock set394: Unknown395: Picklock396: Compressed Gauze Bandage397: Bullet Extractor398: Acetophenetidin Analgesic Tablet399: Forceps, Abbey400: Liquid Cardiac Stimulant401: First Aid Kit402: Cardiac and Respiratory Stimulant405: Haemostatic Forceps406: Adhesive Surgical Plaster409: Morphine Injection410: Fast Haemostatic Powder411: Morphine Sulfate Analgesic pill412: Chloroform Powerful Analgesic413: Haemostatic powder414: Haemostatic liquid417: MG81Z Magazine418: MG FF Magazine419: MK 108 Magazine420: MSS 41 Magazine421: PTR Boys Magazine422: PZB41 Clip423: PTRS Magazine424: SHKAS Clip427: Dynamite Charge428: Unknown429: Hecsogen Charge430: Lyddite Charge431: Nytroglycerin Charge432: Unknown433: TNT Charge434: LZS - Scoped Energy Gun437: Suomi SMG Drum Magazine438: Unknown441: Beretta SMG Magazine458: Panzerklein Repairing Tool459: Panzerklein Repairing Tool460: Unknown461: Rifle 33-40 Scoped462: Rifle Stunning Dart467: Prototype 8M1468: Prototype 8M1 Clip469: LZ-System Energy Charge470: Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt471: Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt472: Vickers 12.7 Boxed Cartridge Belt488: Lewis MkI Magazine489: Lewis MkI

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Silent Storm Cheats


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