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Sonny Cheats :

This page contains Sonny cheats list for PC version. Now we have 16 cheats in our list, which includes 6 glitches, 10 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Sonny on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

itEm king

by Unregistered Jul 07, 2008

take a item click itt and then when its icon follows ur mouse go to options and click on the red background and it will be added 2 ur stats

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raIse lvl and stats extra extra extra fast

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2008

for the lvl when you die or kill somebody when the screen turns black click the red x and you will be 1 lvl up for stats what ever the item says for example +9str drag the item to options menu then at the options screen drag it back where you got it from in any little square you cant see them but then click wile your holding it. it will disapper but your str stats woul d be raised by 9 or what ever it says.THESE TWO WORK ON MAXGAMES.COM

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veRy helpful non downloding secrets

by Unregistered Jun 26, 2008

this works on die or win a battle and when the screen is almost fully black click the little red x walla ifinity money and 1 lvl up other go to invetory and get any item and read wat it says like it might say str+14 and speed+7 it drag it to options click then click were the invetory shows the littl boxes and it will dis appear and ur stats will be raised

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quIck level up and then stats up quickly

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

when you finish a battle, just as the screen starts going black click the little red x near where the blue and yellow ring is. then when you relog back into the game it says level up and u get infinite money. then buy items from places like the illusion valley and once youve got items (e.g. strength +50) click it, click on stats and then put it in your stats and it increases it by however much. all my stats are over 1000 now :) happy gaming

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SpEcial armor trick

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2010

Ok, first go to "map" and select the third zone(area). Then, go to the shop and see what they have.Now, scince they don't have high-leveled armor,do the practice arena a few times and collect the stuff u find on the guys. Keep doing that over and over and over until u fill 2-3 rows. After that ,keep doing it and you will get high-leveled armor for your kind.Then, after you get at least three rows sell all the stuff u don't want.So, really you get alot of money and armor at the same time.

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SeCret in option

by Unregistered Dec 07, 2009

You no need nan money ,if you have it is still item and click it then go to option.put the item on option and your hp/magic/strengh/speed will be much more.if you have NaN money buy itemsand fill your inventory. the do the action above to make sonny powerful.

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HoW to beat Dr Herreragod

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2008

in order to beat what seems like the most impossible guy in the game on the secret level the infinity canyon you must first use break to knock him out the use the special skill subversion(i think its only for destroyers??) which switches healing to damage and damage to healing and then when he tries to heal himself(about 20000000000 health) He just kills himself and then the last battle is easy.

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hoW to easily get of the boat for gaurdians

by Bartimaeus Sep 18, 2008

first, after u lvl up(this should be after about the second fight on the boat) get magic bolt, then once u lvl again, clik re-spec and the first get iron skin and regenaration, then buy the axe, u will hit like only 18, but u will have like 400 health, and use all ur points on vitatality....THIS WORKS!!!

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thE best hack

by hugger567 Apr 24, 2008

this is the best cheat for sonny. its easy too.
go to
then go to the sonny menu at the top left hand corner.
press all the buttons...
to get the full paladin armour,
enter the code in the items hack:
121 helm
122 body
123 gloves
124 leggings
125 boots

cool cheat aye?

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thE best cheat for sonny!

by hugger567 Apr 23, 2008

i know the best cheat! go to the website...
enter it correctly.
scroll all the way down and download, if ur comp is fast, it shou;ld take around 10 secs.
go to the sonny trainer. go to sonny hack menu at the top. press every button and you get the best stats and items! everything is free,(except leveling up)
try it. you hit millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its true. (if u dnt belive me, you probably did something wrong)

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Sonny Cheats


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