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Spore Review :

Spore: A Review

by Nemanzin Oct 31, 2011

Spore is a game about evolution and sentience. You start off as a cell living in the ocean, and progress all the way to being a sentient, space-faring race. You must dance with and impress other creatures to become more sentient though, or you can just be a murderous monster. Many players will agree that while the latter is more fun, it isn't very helpful later on. In fact, it usually gets you killed. The game is quite entertaining, and offers a wide variety of play styles. Add that its graphics and you've got yourself one heck of a game. And truly, Spore falls into that category, even if it isn't the most replayable game in the world.

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7Story line
There really is no story until space stage, but once you get there it's fairly good. You have to travel to the center of the galaxy to fight an omnipotent race known as the Grox, who are extremely strong. There are tons of sidequests along the way, too. Good luck!
The graphics of this game are pretty outstanding. With cutscenes customized to fit your creature, Spore's Creature Creator is fun to muck around with.
Spore has good music as well as ambient sounds and creature calls, and pretty realistic ones to boot. There's nothing more satisfying than delivering the final blow to your enemy and hearing its cries of agony as it falls to the ground, dead.
This game. It's amazing. The gameplay is spectacular with three dificulty settings, the choice to be a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore, the ability to customize your creature and the high level of interaction with NPCs is amazing.
6Lasting Appeal
The one thing about Spore that's underwhelming is the fact that once you play it a few times, it gets to be repetitive and boring. You can zoom through the first four stages and then bore yourself once you reach space stage with all the sidequests and upgrades required to get anywhere at all.
(Out of 10)


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