Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Cheats

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Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Cheats :

This page contains Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption cheats list for PC version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 2 glitches, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Secret destroy enemy bases easily without bombing/Bombardmen

by jimster Oct 08, 2010

Destroying an enemy base can be difficult because either your bombers get shot down or your bombardment only disable the shields, or your forces are having a tough time destroying the enemies base, well theres an easy way. All you have to do is create an anti aircraft turret near the enemy base and once its done aim it at the base, and since it ignores shields the consortium bases will easily fall. This can also be used to fire at vehicles or the enemy soldiers, I was on the rebels and raided Mandalore with Luke Skywalker, and 2 T2B tank squadrons, in addition I captured the abandoned heavy vehicle factory. I had to destroy a barracks, a tank building, a droidekas factory, and the tall building, along with a few infantry units, and two squads of thos anti aircraft vehicles, so I used anti aircraft guns to destroy the enemy barracks, tank, and drodieka factory, along with 4 of the six anti-aircraft tanks, and one tank from the factory, I ended up winning with everything that I went with. I used Luke's stealth mode to sneak and build multpile turrets. In addition I have used the anti-aircraft guns to destroy numerous rebel and empire bases, along with numerous civilian bases. It won't fail, trust me and your bombers won't be lost, and bombardments can be spared for better times.

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Glitch - Taking out all three sides at once

by jimster Oct 05, 2010

On a few selective planets such as one in the upper right planet on the galactic map the one that doesn't allow T2B tanks or any repulsor vehicles. There is a slight chance that the enemy if the consortium or empire controls the planet that if either the empire or consortium attacks the planet that the rebels and Pirates will both be on the planet. . The pirates will be on the part that usually has a turbolaser tower or abandon factory that a pirate force will be there, plus you will have the rebel civilians, and either the attacking empire or Consortium will also be on the planet, There is but one more planet that this can occur on but idk the name, its similar in that theres rebel civilans and they are all near the starting Command Post.

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Secret - Strong Rebel defense on Aeten 2

by jimster Oct 05, 2010

Aeten 2 is a key planet to get because of its high credit value, but if your like me the Empire will always try to retake this planet with a large land force, and they won't allow you to build a space station, and your larger fleet is on the other side of the galaxy.

So what I recommend is when raiding the planet take control of all turrets, heres a list, starting from Command post 1 or landing one then the closet and then the farest.

  1. Build anti infantry turret on build pad nearing landing zone 1
  2. Build Anti Vehicle turret on the other build pad
  3. Build anti infantry turret near Command Post 2 near lave on bottom.
  4. Build ant infantry or vehicle on build pad just above Command post 2
  5. the next is a stretch but above Command Post(CP) 3 there is a build pad there build anti infantry or vehicle.
  6. Above that build pad there is another build what you want there
  7. going towards the enmies base there is three more build what you want.
  8. There is one more on upper right of map
  9. lastly the is two in between the base and CP 1

The three building I recommend you build are a barracks, light factory and Turbolaser tower, in that order. Now make sure to have at least 1 squad of T2b Tanks, and 3 plex and 3 normal soldiers, and preferably two of the vehicles with build pad on them.

When the enemy attacks send the T2B tanks from your base and send them to CP1 send your other tanks to CP2 and CP3 send your plex other regular soldier to capture the mining facility then to the bunker at CP 2 now send a few soldiers there as well then send plex and regular soldiers to the bunker by one of your turbolaser towers. This ensures that the enemy can't or won't be able to advance with either vehicles or infantry If they do qiickly try and recapture the CP. use those build pad vehicles to create shield generators above your base and the bunker near the turbolaser tower, along with a turret near the turbo laser tower.

If you put two build pads vehicles (dont know the name) 3 plex 3 soldiers and two T2B tanks on the planet you can send one T2B tank squadrons to protect the CP also with any leftover infantry. Divide the squad three to the CP2 and two to CP3 now send the other five to create a blockade forcing the enemy towards CP2, by putting the 2nd squadron on the fork in the road by CP 1 and CP2 shouldn't be far from the turbolaser towers and the bunker, this will prevent the enemy from advancing if necessary move your tanks back to CP3 this will give their shields time... 

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Glitch - Secret More units While raiding a planet

by jimster Oct 04, 2010

The Rebel alliance has the ability to raid a planet. But you can only have two units plus a hero to raid a planet at once, including minor heroes (Field Commanders). But if you get Han Solo and Chewbaca and send them to orbit the planet Alone or with R2 and C3PO Then compose a small land force including any hero you desire. Now go and raid the planet in which Han Solo and Chewy are at you will now have a raid like battle but you can bring down Han and Chewy plus the droids, this gives you additional units, in a raid battle that can ultimately determine whether you win or lose.

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Secret - Secert Consortium Planet control

by jimster Oct 04, 2010

The Consortium has six units that can orbit and attack a planet on ground. Gather Tyber, Urai, Silri, IG-88, Basch, and any number of Defilers that you want, now take these units to an enemy planet and drag them to the planet's surface You will now be attacking the planets, use the heroes special abilities to your advantage and destroy any enemy bases.

The best strategy for destroying bases is to have defilers throw bombs on it while the rest of your land force guards them.

You can also create a team of just defilers but it gets more difficult to conquer a planet

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Secret - Easy Planetary control for Consortium

by jimster Oct 04, 2010

Use defilers to corrupt a planet and then to sabotage the enemies bases. Now send a small land force to wipe out any remaining enemy land forces. The best tactic is to use defilers or your main characters, doing so will provide an easy guaranteed win of the planet.

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Code - Piracy Reward Ships

by jimster Sep 29, 2010

These are the eight planets that have Piracy as a corruption option and the ships that are rewarded for successfully corrupting the planet by means of Piracy.

*Note that on certain galactic maps you will already have control over some planets thus making it difficult to get all eight ships

CORULAGACCLAMATOR( Tie Fighter, Tie Bomber)
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Secret - Easy Empire Win

by jimster Sep 14, 2010

The Empire starts off controlling all planets in the middle, so start off trying to conquer Nal Hutta, Kressel, Polus, Aeten 2, the Constorinum Planet on far left and the two rebel Alliance planets on the right All these planets have high credit value except Nal Hutta which has a bounty on Constorium Units. The Empire controls Aeten 2 and Kressel so protect these planets as they are vital. The Empire also might like to conquer the Maw, since they get the Tie Phantom Squadron. Now that all these planets or systems are controlled focus all force on wiping out the constorium so that no planets can be corrupted again. If possible build the death Star 2 and take it to their planets and fire at their space station or capital ships. DON'T DESTROY THE PLANET because the credit value drastically drops.

After the consatorium is destroyed focus all fire power on the rebellion.

Don't send star destroyer to planets with the rogue squadron.

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Secret - Easy Galactic win for rebels

by jimster Sep 13, 2010

The rebels like the empire and constorium need credits to build their armies. So capture the planets Polus, Kressel Coruscant, Aeten 2, and the one planet at the very top right, along with the two rebel controlled planets at the far left of the galaxy. Capturing these planets will give you high credit value so build mining facilities along with an ion cannon, barrack, light/heavy factories, and the turbo laser turrets If possible use the shield generator too. But on some planets like Aeten 2 the buildings are limited to three so build a barracks, light factory and your choice of turbolaser towers, ion cannon, or mining facility. No matter how you build on these planets remeber to build at least one mining facilty .

Capturing these planets will hurt your enemy and benefit you, if possible raid the planet to conquer it.

Another key planet is Nal Hutta, try to get it early in the game since the longer you wait harder it gets, but getting this planet will give you a bounty for all zann constorinum. Once you've done this attack the constorium so corruption will disappear. but leave the Maw and build a lot of space stations on its surrounding planets, this is for emergency money when your running low go and battle then retreat.

Then destroy the empire by cornering them inro a planet in which allies will assist you, such as Sullest, Kashekk, Mon Calamari, and others.

leaving them on a planet with your allies gives you the advantage of crushing them then if you haven't done so already focus all firepower on the Maw and cruch the Constorium.

Note make sure you remove any corruption that come from the Maw otherwise they might manage to sneak yet another system.

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