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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Cheats :

This page contains Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Unlimited Money (Dark Side)

by jagwar Jun 24, 2011

When your character gets to Korriban, head to the Sith academy, outside the tombs (where the archeologists are) and be sure to take Juhani with you. There is a character off to the left in the Valley of the Dark Lords named Dak Vesser.

Ask him who he is and Juhani will recognize him as a lost Jedi lover. Dak is bitter and will leave and be in the cantina. Go there and talk with him WITHOUT Juhani. You will be able to tell him that you are going to kill him and you will fight. After you kill him, collect his remains, including 150 credits and a lightsaber crystal.

Now go out of the cantina and take a left to the valley where the entrance to the Sith Academy is, and turn right back around and go into the cantina again. Dak should be alive (as long as Juhani is not with you), so you can talk to him and kill him over and over again! The lightsaber crystals you get from Dak are worth nearly 2000 credits each on Yavin 4. You also receive a lot of Dark Side points if you opt to do this.

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Secret - Double The Pearls

by medatheter24 Jun 24, 2011

You can easily gain two Krayt Dragon Pearls simply by following the Dark Side. After killing the Krayt Dragon on Tatooine, demand more money for the task (from the Twi'lek who conceived the mission). When he refuses to give in, kill him and loot his body for a pearl. A second pearl should be in the Krayt Dragon. Both should upgrade your lightsaber considerably.

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Secret - Beat Calo Nord #2 Easily

by jetli Jun 24, 2011

While on Tatooine, you will go into the cave of the krayt dragon after it is dead to retreive the star map. When you come out you will fight Calo Nord and a band of mercinary scum. You should do the Krayt Dragon mission first as later on in the game Calo is extremely tough to beat if you don't beat him during this mission.

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Secret - Electrical Immunity

by ohhellyea Jun 24, 2011

Go to Kashyyyk. Once off your ship, walk down the walkway until you meet Eli Grand, the merchant. You'll give a side-quest from his slave, but in his wares is a belt that offer 100% immunity to any damage that is electrical-based. It won't help at all against some enemies who are carrying a sword, but whenever you fight against a Dark Jedi or Malak their force lightning will flow around you instead of hurting you! They'll just have to knock you down with a lightsaber instead.

Further protection against force-powers can come from Yavin IV's shop, but this is the best defense for a belt. It should cost you 8500 credit.

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Secret - Cheat Item Name List

by Dragon Jun 24, 2011

Item names Use one of the following values with the "giveitem [item name]" code:

  • Calo Nord's Battle Armor: g_a_class8005
  • Jedi Robe: g_a_jedirobe01
  • Jedi Knight Robe: g_a_kghtrobe03
  • Star Forge Robe: g_a_mstrrobe07
  • Cardio Regulator: g_i_belt001
  • Verpine Cardio Regulator: g_i_belt002
  • Adrenaline Amplifier: g_i_belt003
  • Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier: g_i_belt004
  • Nerve Amplifying Belt: g_i_belt005
  • Sound Dampening Stealth Unit: g_i_belt006
  • Advanced Stealth Unit: g_i_belt007
  • Eriadu Stealth Unit: g_i_belt008
  • Calrissian's Utility Belt: g_i_belt009
  • Stealth Field Generator: g_i_belt010
  • Adrenaline Stimulator: g_i_belt011
  • CNS Strength Enhancer: g_i_belt012
  • Electrical Capacitance Charge: g_i_belt013
  • Thermal Shield Generator: g_i_belt014
  • Battle Stimulant: g_i_cmbtshot001
  • Droid Light Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdltplat001
  • Droid Medium Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdmdplat001
  • Droid Medium Plating Type: 1 g_i_drdmdplat001
  • Advanced Repair Kit: g_i_drdrepeqp002
  • Security Interface Tool: g_i_drdsecspk001
  • Advanced Flame Thrower: g_i_drdutldev007
  • Strength Gauntlet: g_i_gauntlet01
  • Eriadu Strength Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet02
  • Sith Power Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet03
  • Stabilizer Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet04
  • Bothan Machinist Gloves: g_i_gauntlet05
  • Verpine Bond Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet06
  • Dominator Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet07
  • Karaken Gauntlets: g_i_gauntlet08
  • Infiltrator Gloves: g_i_gauntlet09
  • Cardio Package: g_i_implant101
  • Response Package: g_i_implant102
  • Memory Package: g_i_implant103
  • Done: g_i_implant104
  • Biotech Package: g_i_implant201
  • Retinal Combat Implant: g_i_implant202
  • Nerve Enhancement Package g_i_implant203
  • The Party Selection Screen Available: g_i_implant204
  • Bavakar Cardio Package: g_i_implant301
  • Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package: g_i_implant302
  • Bavakar Memory Chip: g_i_implant303
  • Bio-Antidote Package: g_i_implant304
  • Cardio Power System: g_i_implant305
  • Gordulan Reaction System: g_i_implant306
  • Navaradon Regenerator: g_i_implant307
  • Sith Regenerator: g_i_implant308
  • Beemon Package: g_i_implant309
  • Cyber Reaction System: g_i_implant310
  • Light-scan Visor: g_i_mask01
  • Motion Detection Goggles: g_i_mask02
  • Bothan Perception Visor: g_i_mask03
  • Verpine Ocular Enhancer: g_i_mask04
  • Bothan Sensory Visor: g_i_mask05
  • Vacuum Mask: g_i_mask06
  • Sonic Nullifiers: g_i_mask07
  • Aural Amplifier: g_i_mask08
  • Advanced Aural Amplifier: g_i_mask09
  • Neural Band: g_i_mask10
  • verpine Headband: g_i_mask11
  • Breath Mask: g_i_mask12
  • Teta's Royal Band: g_i_mask13
  • Sith Mask:... 

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Code - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

by Meowmix6 Jul 03, 2007

This involves editing the game file of swkotor.ini file,add the following line : EnableCheats=1 Now you have the ability to press the tilde button (~).Enter the cheat codes as follows:

setstrength (# 1-99) =Sets your strength level
setdexterity (# 1-99)=Sets your Dexterity level
warp (map name)=Warps you to a map if you get in a sticky situation like if you do something wrong after you get out of the Sith Embassy of Manaan and your getting executed.
whereami =Shows your mapname and your position in the map.
giveitem (item name)=Spawns an item in your inventory
givecredits (# 1-100000000000 I think)=Gives you loads amounts of credits
givesitharmour =Gives you Sith Armour
Cassus Fett Armour (White Armour)=g_a_class9009
Cassus Fett Armour (Purple Armour)=g_a_class90011
Darth Revan's Robes=g_a_mstrrobe06
Star Forge Robes=g_a_mstrrobe07
adddarkside =Decreases Lightside
addlightside =Increases Lightside
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Cheats - Leviathan-Canderous

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2006

First, give Canderous you're best armor before the Leviathan. Give him the Echini Foil and Genoharadan poison blade, an implant and other stuff, He'll be almost invisible with his healing powers.Both swords do a minimum of 5, and the Genoharadan poisons. Have fun with our strong lil' Mandalorian buddy!

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Cheats - Cheat Codes

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

The four systems must be transferred from the left pillar to the right pillar. Move the four rings in this order:

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Cheats - Items you can get using giveitem+other cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

NOTE: These are the main codes for Knights of the Old Republic that are usually applied by typing text in-game, or by bringing down the game console. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.
Find the file called "swkotor.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic game folder. Edit the file with Notepad and under the line [Game Options] add the following line:
While playing, press [~] to bring down the console then type any of the following cheat codes where # is a number: (Numbers are 1 - 999)
heal - Heal selected party member
setcomputeruse # - Set "Computer Use" skill
setdemolitions # - Set "Demolitions" skill
setstealth # - Set "Stealth" skill
setawareness # - Set "Awareness" skill
setpersuade # - Set "Persuade" skill
setrepair # - Set "Repair" skill
setsecurity # - Set "Security" skill
setstrength # - Set "Strength" skill
setdexterity # - Set "Dexterity" skill
setconstitution # - Set "Constitution" skill
setintelligence # - Set "Intelligence" skill
setwisdom # - Set "Wisdom" skill
setcharisma # - Set "Charisma" skill
addlevel # - Add indicated number of levels (negative values lowers it)
addlightside # - Add the indicated number of Light Side points (negative values lowers it)
adddarkside # - Add the indicated number of Dark Side points (negative values lowers it)
addexp # - Add indicated number of experience points (negative values lowers it)
turbo - Press [W] or [S] to move faster
invulnerability - Invulnerability
bright - Brightens screen
revealmap - Reveal map
givecredits # - Get indicated number of credits
giveitem - Spawn indicated item (you can find the full item list in the Codes FAQ listed above)
givemed - Spawn medpacks
giverepair - Spawn repair packs
givecomspikes - Spawn computer spikes
givesitharmor - Spawn Sith armor
restartminigame - ?
warp - ?
infiniteuses - ?
whereami - ?
dancedancemalak - Turn Malak into a dancing Twi'lek in the last fight
[Tab] - List all commands

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Cheats - Some console commands

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

edit the "swkotor.ini: file:
[Game Options]

press [~] to get the ">" prompt in game.
[Tab] = list all commands one page at a time
The game will accept higher values than listed for "#", but shown are the displayed max values. Some stat windows don't update until you close/re-open them.

addlightside # [1-100]
adddarkside # [1-100]
Force alignment value is 0 (Dark) to 100 (Light). Players start with a value of 50 (neutral) by default. "addlightside" raises it, "adddarkside" lowers it. A negative value entered, e.g "addlightside -25") will also lower force alignment.

setstrength # [3-99]
setdexterity # [3-99]
setconstitution # [3-99]
setwisdom # [3-99]
setintelligence # [3-99]
setcharisma # [3-99]
addexp # [1-~] (max level 20 regardless)
addlevel # [1-19]

setcomputeruse # [1-99]
setdemolitions # [1-99]
setstealth # [1-99]
setawareness # [1-99]
setpersuade # [1-99]
setrepair # [1-99]
setsecurity # [1-99]
settreatinjury # [1-99]

givemed get 99 Advanced Medpacks
giverepair get 99 Advanced Repairkits
givecomspikes get 99 Computer Spikes
givesecspikes get 99 Security Spikes
givesitharmour get 1 suit Sith Armor
*-----------^ *** note the U.K. spelling

givecredits # [1-99] = +99
[100+] = +# !Don't add too much!
giveitem ??syntax?? (adds a blank item)

bright extra light, can't turn off?!?
dancedancemalak ?!?!?
infiniteuses ?!?!?
turbo toggles rapid movement animation (?fight?)
whereami show map name and cords
warp ??syntax?? (centers camera view)

heal not tested
invulnerability not tested
restartminigame not tested
revealmap not tested

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by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Defeat the two Tarentateks in the temple room, then pull the lever in the right top corner to unlock two doors, the one you came in through and the one next to the lever. This second door leads to pillars with the fire and cold grenades which will get you across the acid pool. Note: Use the special cold grenade when corssing it.

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

The four systems must be transferred from the left
pillar to the right pillar. Move the four rings in this order.
Left to Right.
Left to Middle.
Right to Middle.
Left to Right.
Middle to Left.
Middle to Right.
Left to Middle.
Right to Left.
Middle to Left.
Right to

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