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Star Wars: Republic Commando Review :

Republic Commando

by cheesetoast8 Aug 01, 2011

i bought this game on Amazon, and it is freakin awesome. The game is a first-person shooter about the 4 soldiers of Delta Squad- Boss, Scorch, Fixer, and Sev. the game takes you through several epic missions on 3 different locations: Geonosis, Kashyyyk, and a star destroyer. i like how the game screen is displayed, from the inside of Boss's helmet. holographic images appear inside telling you your next objectives, health, ammo, etc. you start out with 2 weapons, the DC-17m blaster rifle, and the DC-15 blaster pistol, and you pick up more weapons throughout the game. there are many different types of enemies you fight, such as Droids, Geonosias, and Trandoshans. overall, this game is excellent and if you like shooter games, you will love this even if you hate Star Wars (but come on, who could possibly hate Star Wars???)

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8Story line
the story is excellent and well put together. it goes from the the battle of Geonosis at the end of Episode II, to the battle of Kashyyyk in EpisodeIII. the story is entertaining and epic, but the way it ends happens too quickly, and they could've put in more levels.
lokking at it now, they're not great, but the game was made 6 years ago and they would be cosidered amazing then. still, there are alot of visual glitches, such as things randomly changing color, or the image flickering, but that may be due to my crappy graphics card.
the sound quality was amazing. the sound was incredibly realistic and perfectly timed. if you play this game with the sound coming through headphones, it feels like you are actually there.
the gameplay was challenging without being too frustrating. the way everything is displayed makes it easy to see what you're doing and where you're going, and the cotrols are easy as long as you have good hand-eye coordination, and trust me-don't play this on a laptop unless you have a plug in mouse
9Lasting Appeal
i have had this game for two months, i beat it in about a week, and i am still playing the levels over and over just for fun. that should tell you enough
(Out of 10)


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