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Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Cheats :

This page contains Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty cheats list for PC version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 1 password, 10 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Alternating Background Screens.

by javier Jan 14, 2011

Complete the Campaign.

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Easter Egg - Cow Chat Channel

by Venom Jan 14, 2011

When in the Starcraft 2 menus press the blue symbol under the title. This will place you in a public chat channel called cow. Every time you speak your message will be followed by ...moo!

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Unlockable - Jukebox Songs

by eeerrrrrrooorrrr Dec 10, 2010

You can unlock the following songs for the jukebox by performing the actions below.

Terran Up the NightBeat Campaign Mode
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Unlockable - Secret Marauder on Zero Hour

by gamedevil Dec 10, 2010

On the mission Zero Hour, if you attack the Zerg base to the north/northwest you can find a nuetral Marauder. If you click him 3 times the words "Secret 3...2...1" will appear and then the marauder will disappear. Works on all difficulties but good luck doing it on hard or brutal.

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Unlockable - Diablo

by Soccertime94 Dec 10, 2010

On "The Devil's Playground," Redstone III (planet), head to the bottom right corner of the map to locate Diablo, surrounded by lava. He is hostile and will attack your units when encountered. He's not especially powerful.

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Unlockable - Night Elf

by Dec 10, 2010

In the Hyperion Cantina, look at the top left corner. You will see a hologram a female Night Elf from World of Warcraft dancing.

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Unlockable - Nova on the Hyperion

by TIRTH Dec 10, 2010

After beating the mission Ghost of a Chance and unlocking the ghost, go to the armory on your ship. Left click the Ghost rifle to examine it. Keep looking at the screen for about a minute and Nova should appear briefly before re-cloaking. This is a reference to the unreleased/cancelled game Starcraft: Ghost in which Nova was set to be the protagonist.

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Unlockable - Marines

by greggo111 Dec 10, 2010

Marines can be found in various places in the single player campaign.

  • On the mission "Havens Fall," search the bottom left corner near the refugees. Just before the bottom left Zerg base in the water is a Marine frozen in "carbonite."
  • On the mission "Zero Hour," where you wait 20 minutes for evacuation, search the top of the map, just above the left vespene geiser. Here you can find a Tauren Space Marine. He will enter an outhouse -- if you click it 3 times it will shoot into space, unlocking that level's secret.
  • On the mission "Welcome to the Jungle," you can find a Murloc Marine near the left edge of the map. He's slightly north of your base. He is standing on a cliff edge, surrounded by trees.
  • During the mission "Piercing the Shroud," in the loading bay before the room with the Brutalisk, go outside through the door and follow the rock ledge upwards. A large area of the map will be suddenly revealed, and you will find a Murloc Marine. This is a reference to Murlocs in Warcraft. The Murloc Marine is also found in World of Warcraft as a exclusive companion given to those who attended BlizzCon 2009.
  • Inside the sercret mission unlocked via destroying the Science Facility on Korhol (which can be unlocked in replays btw), send a unit as far as you can at the drop point when you get reinforcements (outside, not entering the brutalisk room first). Here you can see a Murloc Marine just minding it's own buisness on a nearby asteroid.
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Unlockable - Shooter Minigame

by alicia Dec 10, 2010

Click on the arcade machine on the Hyperian to play a space shooter mini game called "Lost Viking." This is named after an early Blizzard game.

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Unlockable - Hidden Dialogue

by stevenjohn4 Dec 10, 2010

Left click any unit a few times to hear hidden dialogue.

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Unlockable - Dance Party

by Calisinoa Dec 06, 2010

Select units and press Enter, then type the command /dance to make them dance. Currently this only seems to work with ground units. The list is:

  • Zerglings
  • Hydralisks
  • Ultralisks
  • Zealots
  • High templar
  • Marines
  • Marauders
  • Thors (confirmed only for CE variant of thor)
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Secret - Zerg Queen Quick Larval Injection

by pujols#1fan Dec 06, 2010

BACKSPACE is used to cycle through your species's command center. For the Zerg player, this is handy since each queen needs to "do stuff" with larvae.

What I do is bind BACKSPACE (or the cycle command center function) to one of my extra mouse buttons and speed up the process.

(1) Select all queens with control group

(2) Hold down inject larvae hotkey

(3) Press BACKSPACE to jump between each hatch, and click that hatch. This will use the closest queen to cast inject larvae, without having to press inject larvae each time

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Secret - "Zero Hour": Marine

by mulamp Aug 09, 2010

In single player campaign, search the top of the map just above the left Vespene geyser. You can find a Tauren Space Marine that enters an outhouse. Repeatedly click the outhouse and it will shoot into space.

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Easter Egg - Exploding creatures

by cGub Aug 05, 2010

Left click any creature several times to make it explode.

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Secret - "Piercing The Shroud" secret mission

by cGub Aug 03, 2010

In the "Media Blitz" mission, where you control the Odin in the city, go to the far bottom-right corner of the map. Destroy the red civilian building on the little floating platform. There is a pathway to the building from the small enemy expansion base that is just north of the player's starting position. Once the building is destroyed, "secret documents" will be revealed. Pick the "secret documents" up with any ground unit, and then complete the mission as normal. The "Piercing The Shroud" secret mission will now be accessible through the Star Map. Note: You cannot play the secret mission after going to Char, as you have to go to another planet. Thus, you must go to the load menu and load a game from before Char to play the mission.

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Code - Cheat Codes (Lost Viking mini-game)

by cGub Aug 03, 2010

While playing the Lost Viking mini-game, press [Enter] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

-score [number]Add indicated points to score
-addlifeExtra life
-lifeTen extra lives
-puSpawn power-up
-levelclearLevel skip
-bonusMan ends
-bossBoss appears
-behindWave of enemies
-mbAlternate background
-ssDisplay "Boss Incoming" message
-sineDisplay the sine of three angles: 180, 90, and pi
-endView ending sequence
-noquitHide "Quit" button
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Secret - Secrets

by cGub Jul 29, 2010

Exploding creatures

[Left Click] any creature multiple times to make it explode.
Hidden dialogue

[Left Click] units multiple times to hear secret dialogues.

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Code - God mode

by cGub Jul 29, 2010

While playing the game, press [Enter] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling cheat codes will prevent achievements from being earned until a new game is started or a saved game is loaded.

terribleterribledamageGod mode
whysoserious5 billion credits in single player campaign
realmendrilldeep5,000 gas
moredotsmoredotsUnits do not cost resources
jaynestownResources granted
sosayweallDisable tech requirements
tyuhasleftthegameDisable victory conditions
eyeofsauronCinematics menu
iamironmanUpgrade Armor by 1
hanshotfirstDisable Ability Cooldowns
overengineeredcodpiecePlays "Terran Up the Night"
cadeasygoinLose Mission
basestarsprimitiveFast Build
fsbcomunicacionFast Heal
mintmansoperatorFood (Supply/Control/Psi) Usage On/Off
smoldersboldsAdd 5,000 Minerals + Gas
stroaksmoltsAdd 5,000 Minerals
ypoonsvoicemailDefeat Conditions On/Off
sawnoutofmemoryReveal Map
qroteroTime of Day Progression On/Off
cmethodfeedbackWin Mission
lyingpectShow Mission Progress
furabrancheryTV News Cheat (Use Outside of Mission)
wapboinkersAdd Research Points
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Password - Cheat Codes

by cGub Jul 07, 2010

The tricks only work when you play against the computer in either normal campaign or a little game. Network obviously do not serve these tricks. The tricks are good when you are doing a campaign and want to see how the AI works and if the computer does everything you want to do. All the tricks are activated in the same way. The following codes are used during your games in one player mode. Press ENTER, type the code and then ENTER again.

show me the money10,000 of Minerals and Gas
whats mine is mine500 of Minerals
breathe deep+ 500 vespene gas
Something for NothingEverything is upgraded
operation CWALConstruction and upgrade quick snapshot
The GatheringUnlimited psionic ability
war is not what it used to beNo fog of war
Food for thoughtNo limit supply to the building units
black sheep wallReveal map
nogluesNo psionics for opponent
modify the phase varianceBuilt something
Medieval manUpgrades units
there is no cow levelSkip mission
staying aliveContinue after the end of the mission
man over gameWinning the game
game over manLosing the Game
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