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Stick RPG 2 CS Cheats :

This page contains Stick RPG 2 CS cheats list for PC version. Now we have 61 cheats in our list, which includes 35 cheats codes, 6 unlockables, 5 glitches, 15 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Stick RPG 2 CS on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Walkthrough for Tiffany

by superelite1 Jun 14, 2011

Walkthrough by: superelite1

To get Tiffany, you must have Strength, over 80 Strength is fine.

Then at around 11:30 in the morning, go to the Second World and find Tiffany with a heart over her head.

She will ask if you can give a puppy to her sister in the Third World, Tiffany's sister will give you keys,

that belong to Tiffany. Tiffany will give you karma, charm, and a scarf. At night, go to the Third World with ''The Club'' she will need something to keep her warm, her scarf , so give her the scarf she will give you her purse. The Next Day, go meet her at Mobster's Tower in the morning and give her purse back, she will exchange it with a watch, go to the Casino (when its opened) and click on a dark-headed man who will trade you the watch Tiffany gave you with a ring. This is your big moment and your time to shine, the final step is to marry Tiffany..... Go to Skye's Bar (at around 5:00) and you will see Tiffany with a heart over her head, click on her it will say -

(Strength) Will you Marry me?

and something else

This is your final moment.... You may pick whatever you choose...

I would pick to marry her, you get 100 Charm and a cute wife

When you go home, click on Wife 1Charm/Day, then sleep hen check your I.D. card and your Charm will go up 1, I hope this helped

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Code - How to get Millions of Cash in Stick RPG 2!

by Vandolphvibar09 Feb 02, 2011

First activate the Time Travel cheat, Then go to the bank and Deposit all your money, Then press "T" to time travel. Choose any day you want to stop at and stop pressing "T" look at your Bank Account. Congratulations! You finally got 1 Million dollars!

Pressing TTime Travel
Putting Money on your Bank + Time TravelGet 1 Million Dollars
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Code - How to REALLY get married

by Unregistered Sep 09, 2011

that guy on the top ain't got the right thing. Have 60 intelligence and meet Kate (that's her name) at stickbucks in the morning and answer sure. She'll give you a calculator then go to U of S and give the green guy the calculator at anytime before evening (4:00) go meet Kate at Skyre's bar at midnight and give kate the ( I don't Know). The next day meet kate at U of S somewhere near 10:00 to 3:00 and she'll give you a watch on the same day go to the casino in the third area and give the watch to the guy near the poker machines (do this before 10:00). 4:00 to 9:00 give kate the ring and walla SIM SALA BIM!

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Code - Easy Money

by Unregistered Feb 16, 2011

Download Gary's Auto Clicker by looking it up on Google. After that go on Stick RPG 2 and deposit money in the bank (helps if your wall street wizard). After that go to your home and put the cursor on the sleep button and turn on auto clicker. After that just leave the game alone for a while and check back in the bank. I'm right now at 12 digits and counting.

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Unlockable - What you get when you master each job

by Jiah98 Jan 06, 2011

mcsticks-you get a free food card pay:$35

pizza boy-a free slice of pizza pay: ranges from about $0 to $110

pro skateboarder- a pro stake board pay:$140

hacker- the internet (+50 intelligence) pay:$220

policeman- a combat shotgun(weapon) pay:$206

corporate zombie- a cheap watch pay:$75

doctor- stethoscope(+75 intelligence) pay:$594

xgen studios- the masamune(weapon) pay:$175

rock star- platinum record(+40 charm) pay:$390

sniper- secret weapon(weapon) pay:$357

milkman-cow bell(+10 strength and +10 charm) pay:$60

pimp- pimp hat(+100 charm) pay:$270

drug dealer-hall of fame bat(weapon) pay:$240

graffiti artist-infamous arts(+something) it was a glitch and it didn't give it to me but I'm pretty sure that one of you guys know pls comment and tell me :) pay:$82

kitty exterminator- nothing pay:$5

all the pay is the top rank in all your pay may be different because you are not the highest rank in that job the pay i have entered is regular without anything happing cause to get more pay...

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Code - MineCraft Creeper!

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2012

if you go to the right of the city hall (fourth dimension) you will se a mine craft creeper!

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Code - How to work a icecream place fast

by Unregistered Jul 10, 2012

just save money go to the jail and buy about 50 ids than you will have over 900 karma

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Secret - Get Millions of Cash!

by DJAlfredeo Jan 06, 2012

Ok, this is how it goes.

1) Go to Dimension Banks

2) Deposit all your money

3a) Go to your basement/condo/penthouse and sleep for LOT of days. (Consider about 1 hour or half an hour)

3b) If you have the "Time Travel Cheat", just use it.

Hope this helped and enjoy your cash.

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Secret - Main Goal

by superelite1 Jun 15, 2011

Walkthrough for Stick RPG 2 - By: superelite1

Walkthrough is for the Main Goal for Stick RPG 2

Your Main Goal was to get back to your original 2-D world, I am pretty sure it was.

You need help, well you got Tutorial Ted, maybe he could help!

He tells you to go see Professor Ansel, did he not?

Go visit him in the Second World at U of S (University of Stick)

Get him a Mobius Strip, a 4-D Hypercube, and a Klein Bottle.

But you don't want to help him with his evil plans do you?

Anyways you still have to give him those items unless your stuck as a Stick Figure for a while...

He will give you a key to get into a lab, and the key is called 'Lab Key' (pretty obvious)

Now, go into the mysterious lab with the key Professor Ansel gave you.

You are probably wondering why you must fight people... right?

Well its because he is a Evil Mastermind and you must fight his cronies until you reach him!

Wait... what about weapons! You don't have any weapons?! Well then, go get some!!!


(Now this is superelite1 I would recommend getting 'The Masamune' 'Double Barrel Shotgun' and a 'AK-47' those weapons could help and I will tell you how to get those weapons, if you don't have them)

Weapon List and Location of the Weapon -

The Masamune - Become a Miyamoto 2.0 at XGen, where Skye is the Company Owner.

Double Barrel Shotgun - (Strength) Beat the gangsters hanging out near your basement and get the key and go to the Gangsters HQ and beat it.

AK-47- (Strength) Beat the Eastside Mobsters in the Third World on the grass, in front of Vinnie's Bar and get the key and go to the Mobsters Tower and beat it.


Got weapons? Good, now go and defeat Professor Ansel!

---fighting through cronies---

You made it... Uh - Oh Professor Ansel is gonna attack! Fight until you can't breathe no more!

---fighting Professor Ansel---

You Beat Him!!!

Now this is your final chance to live in this Dimensional 2-D World.... Or is it?

You have three options

Stick RPG Complete - You go back to your original life, where people are different

True Ending Portal - Beat the game and go back to Title Screen with all stats

Stick RPG 2 - Back at your house... with no weapons and cash? But you still have trophies!

I hope you beat the game and you liked my Walkthrough!

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Secret - Boxing Strategy

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2014

(Not actually a code/cheat) This is the best strategy for Boxing you take little to no damage it works ok for other meelee weapons but best for boxing. You go forward and punch one they're in range but keep going thru them so that they can't punch you back, they'll punch the air and almost never hit you I've won tons of boxing matches with that trick

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Code - Save Gamble Risk Money Increase

by Unregistered Nov 26, 2012

This trick helps you get good starting cash from 1k-100k in 1 hour max (reccomended for starting players looking for fast cash.) 1.Get at least 1k cash. 2.Go to the casino. 3.Save your game on the x-phone. 4.Play either the blackjack or unicorn race (pick unicornelius for unicorn race 1:3) and bet all your cash. (Unicorn race better chance of winning but you will get 1/3 the amount winning for ex: you bet 1k and you win 1.75k while Black Jack doubles cash but harder chance of winning) 5. If you win/increase your cash stack save the game on x-phone immediately. Tip- Be smart and dont constantly bet the highest amount, if you have a win streak bet low for once so you lose, and then bet high you win (statistics show win:lose 1/3)

6. If you lose then exit the page and log in back from another page WARNING: DO NOT SAVE AFTER YOU LOST 7.Continuously performing this trick can triple your cash in 20-30minutes (I personally got 100k on my 7th day character getting me 2 trophies)

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Code - How to marry Tiffany

by 1sickguys May 21, 2012

Alright, first get at least 50 strength then in afternoon go to second area and you'll find Tiffany(I think sometimes she's not there)she will have a heart above her head, she will give you a puppy. Go to 3rd area and by penthouse estates(the posh flats)there's a girl called cathy with a thingy above her head, give her the puppy, she'll give you house keys. Go back to Tiffany and give her the keys, she will give you a scarf.At night go to the nightclub in 3rd area and then to the dance floor and she'll have a heart again.Give her the scarf, she'll give you a purse. Then in afternoon go to 2nd area by the tree and give her the purse, she'll give you a watch. Go to the Casino in 3rd area in evening then theres a guy with a item thing round his head and give him the watch. He'll give you a ring, then in same evening go to skyes bar in 2nd area and tiffany is next to the snooker table.You need at least 100 strength here, give her the ring and bang you're done.

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Unlockable - Here

by halo12345 Mar 12, 2012
  • Go to starbucks in the early morning (before 10am). She gives you a text book.
  • Go to the university. Talk to the green guy and give him the book. He gives you a calculator.
  • Go to Skye's Bar (on the second screen) at night. Talk to Kate and give her the calculator. She gives you the mechanical pencil.
  • Go to the university in the afternoon (after 10am). Give Kate the pencil. She should give you the watch.
  • Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.
  • When your intelligence is high enough, give the ring to Kate outside of the university in the evening. Again, she moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day
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Code - To help you in Stick Rpg 2

by halo12345 Mar 12, 2012

Weapons (in order least to most powerful)

  • Old Baseball Bat - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Major League Bat - Alley Contraband Dealer, Screen 2
  • Hall of Fame Bat - Zev, Master Profession Drug Dealer, Screen 1


  • 45cc Chainsaw - Hardware Store, Screen 4
  • 55cc Chainsaw - Hardware Store, Screen 4
  • 70cc Chainsaw - Canuck No. 7, Master Profession Wood Cutter, Screen 4


  • Ornamental Katana - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Carbon-Steel Katana - Alley Contraband Dealer, Screen 2
  • The Masamune - Skye, Master Profession XGen Video Game Developer, Screen 1

Laser Sabers(DC)

  • Glowy Sword - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Light Laser Sword - Jebedia, Screen 4, Master Profession Light Knight
  • Dark Laser Sword - Sithia, Screen 4, Master Profession Dark Knight

Sledge Hammers

  • Weathered Sledge Hammer - Guy in Skye's Bar, Screen 2, give Toilet Paper
  • Heavy Sledge Hammer - "Recon" Bob, Screen 1, Give Einsteinium
  • Super Sledge - "Recon" Bob, Screen 1, Give Unobtainium

Electric Helmets(DC)

  • Zappy Hat - Quincy "Zap Happy" Ferris, Screen 4
  • Electro Helmet - Benjamin Club Premium Gun Dealer, Screen 4
  • Tesla Helmet - Master Profession Professor - Screen 4


  • Pistol - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Glock - Alley Conraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • Doomsday Glock - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2, Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4


  • Prototype Railgun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Blast Cannon - Solve Murder Mystery, Kill Tutorial Ted, Screen 4<- Transposed with AutoRailer thanks to Speedoiex.
  • Auto Railer 9,000 - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4


  • Single-Barrel Shotgun - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • Double-Barrel Shotgun - Defeat Mobster Tower, Screen 2
  • Combat Shotgun - Master Profession Police Officer, Screen 1


  • Homebrew Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Leaf Blower, Cheap Watch, 40 oz., and Zippo Lighter
  • Improved Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Fuel Cell and Screwdriver
  • Nova Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Solar Matter and 4D Hypercube

Machine Guns

  • Machine Gun - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • AK-47 - Defeat Gangster HQ, Screen 1
  • Secret Weapon - Vinnie, Master Profession Hitman, Screen 3

Chainguns (DC)

  • Minigun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Chain Gun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • King - Sarah Phailin, Master Profession... 

continue →

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Code - How to marry Kate

by Unregistered Dec 19, 2011

Get over sixty Intelligence. Find Kate early (ish) in Stickbucks, she will give you a textbook. Give textbook to the guy in the U of S and he will give you a calculator. Meet Kate late in the evening and give her the calculator and she will give you a mechanical pencil. Sleep. When you wake up go to the U of S. Kate will be there. She will have a heart above her head and will say she needs a pencil. Give her the pencil. She will say thanks. Go to the Casino before 10pm. The guy with the job symbol above his head will say I need a watch or something. Give him the watch, he will give you a diamond ring. Sleep. When you wake up give Kate the ring. I don't know what (if anything) you do after that. Voila - you're married...

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Glitch - How To Get Many MONEY!

by SRPG2MasterDX Nov 16, 2011

Hey,Wazzup? SRPG2MasterDX Here.Today,I Will Tell You On How To Get Many Money.You Have To Be PATIENT.

Just Follow These Steps:

1.Go To Dimension Bank,Deposit All Your Money or Some Cash.

2.Sleep for Many Days.OR Just Press "T" If You Enabled Time Traveler Cheats.(You Need To Have Director's Cut)

3.Just Go Back To The Bank And You Have Lots of Cash.

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Code - What to do at the start (the best way)

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2011

first once you make a new profile lower everything but charm down to 5 and make charm 25 then press start. choose if u wanna be nasty or nice to the first guy and then run strait to the pizza place close by. (NW) its next the ice creams store porn store and gambaling store. ask for a job and u will get it. it takes 25 charm to do it. u then work and get some pretty awesome tips every time. do what the heck u like after that

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Secret - How to get the warehouse key

by dstn Jan 07, 2011

keep working until you can work at the police. Work until its three. Then go into Skyes bar and fight the yellow Drunk. I recommend using a sledge.

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Code - POSITIVE and NEGATIVE Hoverboard

by aznkline Jan 04, 2011

like the other guy said, get all trophemons, however, if u want POSITIVE karma, give it to the animal activist next to ur basement. If u want NEGATIVE karma, give it to the millionaire. Either ways, u will get a smexy hoverboard.

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Secret - Hidden person

by nathan332211 Jun 04, 2012

at any time go between the garage and the XXX shop (1st island) and you will see a man with a white head, find out the rest 4 u selves

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Secret - Starter job

by Unregistered Jan 20, 2011

first start a job on mc sticks, every five times you work, ask a promotion you will get a higher rank!

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Code - How To Marry Kate (The smart Girl)

by Unregistered Jun 11, 2015

You will need intiligence to marry her.

  1. First, talk to Kate in the morning in stickbucks. she will give you a textbook.
  2. Give the book to Kyle, the NPC sitting on the sofa in the U of S for a calculator.
  3. Exchange the calculator with cate at night in Skye's bar (the bar in the second island) for a Mechanical Pencil.
  4. Exchange the Machanical pencil with Kate in the afternoon in the U of S for a gold watch.
  5. Go to the casino from the afternoon onwards and look for the jewerly Flipper. Exchange the Gold Watch for a wedding ring.
  6. Kate can be proposed to in the evening on the steps of the U of S.

Hope this can help you

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Secret - Marry Kate

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2014

First, you need to be at Stickbucks early. She might not be there, so just get high intelligence (like around 50). When you do see her with a heart on top, she will give you a calculator (or textbook, not really sure) to give to her friend at the University. So make sure its around the early morning, and go to him. Then late at night (maybe 11 PM. or 12 AM.) go to her and give her something ( I forgot what it is) She will give you a pen....Next morning close to afternoon,(not when class is over) give her the pen at the University. Take the watch and go to the casino and exchange it for a ring. Then with high intelligence (around 270 or 260 I think ) go to her at the University when shes done with class and propose. Good Luck!

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Code - Tips and Hints, Directors cut and demo.

by Unregistered Jul 17, 2013

Lots of Money: When you start out creating your character pick wall street wizard. It´s in my opinion the only trait that is actually worth it in the long run. Deposit all your money in the bank on day one. Then go home and sleep or use time travel cheat. Get a free autoclicker for the sleep one like Murgee auto mouse click or just click the sleep button a lot. After about day 200 or so you should have a fairly large sum of money. And the more money you have in the bank the more money you make every day that passes by. You can just rapidly press the t button if you have time travel cheat on.

Win a castle. Do the trick above get lots of money,go to screen 4 and go to the dangling pianist and talk to the guy in the white hat next to the female bathroom. Buy a memebership to the benjamins club. Go to the club and play castle quest. IF you win you get a castle.

Skateboard/Hoverboard tricks. Press O to do ollies while skating/hovering and K to do kickflips while skating/hovering. If you hold down the button while doing them and do it long enough without bumping into something you can get 1 charm. They look much cooler on a hoverboard.

For a bunch of other stuff:

If you would like to wield the power of Directors, search the youtube.

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Code - Small Tip : Profession Promotions

by Unregistered May 31, 2013

Not really a cheat, but if you have a lot of stats to complete a certain job, to complete it fully, you need to work 3 times on that job or sleep then the job will allow you to promote yourself again. Credits to my cousin. :3

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