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Stick RPG 2 CS Cheats :

This cheat for Stick RPG 2 CS [PC] has been posted at 12 Mar 2012 by halo12345 and is called "To help you in Stick Rpg 2". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users and has been commented 4 times. Also 7 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up halo12345 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 40 other cheats for Stick RPG 2 CS, look them as soon as possible!

Code - To help you in Stick Rpg 2

by halo12345 Mar 12, 2012

Weapons (in order least to most powerful)

  • Old Baseball Bat - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Major League Bat - Alley Contraband Dealer, Screen 2
  • Hall of Fame Bat - Zev, Master Profession Drug Dealer, Screen 1


  • 45cc Chainsaw - Hardware Store, Screen 4
  • 55cc Chainsaw - Hardware Store, Screen 4
  • 70cc Chainsaw - Canuck No. 7, Master Profession Wood Cutter, Screen 4


  • Ornamental Katana - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Carbon-Steel Katana - Alley Contraband Dealer, Screen 2
  • The Masamune - Skye, Master Profession XGen Video Game Developer, Screen 1

Laser Sabers(DC)

  • Glowy Sword - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Light Laser Sword - Jebedia, Screen 4, Master Profession Light Knight
  • Dark Laser Sword - Sithia, Screen 4, Master Profession Dark Knight

Sledge Hammers

  • Weathered Sledge Hammer - Guy in Skye's Bar, Screen 2, give Toilet Paper
  • Heavy Sledge Hammer - "Recon" Bob, Screen 1, Give Einsteinium
  • Super Sledge - "Recon" Bob, Screen 1, Give Unobtainium

Electric Helmets(DC)

  • Zappy Hat - Quincy "Zap Happy" Ferris, Screen 4
  • Electro Helmet - Benjamin Club Premium Gun Dealer, Screen 4
  • Tesla Helmet - Master Profession Professor - Screen 4


  • Pistol - Steel & Hawk, Screen 3
  • Glock - Alley Conraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • Doomsday Glock - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2, Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4


  • Prototype Railgun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Blast Cannon - Solve Murder Mystery, Kill Tutorial Ted, Screen 4<- Transposed with AutoRailer thanks to Speedoiex.
  • Auto Railer 9,000 - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4


  • Single-Barrel Shotgun - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • Double-Barrel Shotgun - Defeat Mobster Tower, Screen 2
  • Combat Shotgun - Master Profession Police Officer, Screen 1


  • Homebrew Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Leaf Blower, Cheap Watch, 40 oz., and Zippo Lighter
  • Improved Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Fuel Cell and Screwdriver
  • Nova Flamethrower - Pyro Perry, Screen 4, Give Solar Matter and 4D Hypercube

Machine Guns

  • Machine Gun - Alley Contraband Salesman, Screen 2
  • AK-47 - Defeat Gangster HQ, Screen 1
  • Secret Weapon - Vinnie, Master Profession Hitman, Screen 3

Chainguns (DC)

  • Minigun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • Chain Gun - Benjamin Club Premium Weapons Dealer, Screen 4
  • King - Sarah Phailin, Master Profession Politician, Screen 4


Marrying Tiffany

  • Talk to Tiffany on the corner of the second screen in the afternoon (possibly morning). Get the puppy.
  • Take the puppy to Tiffany's sister by the penthouse on the third screen. Get the keys.
  • Take the keys back to Tiffany. She'll give you the scarf.
  • Go to the club at night. Talk to Tiffany and give her the scarf. She will give you the purse. Leave the club and go to bed.
  • Go to Tiffany by the apartments on the second screen in the morning (possibly afternoon). She won't be on the corner at this time. Give her her purse. She will give you the expensive watch.
  • Take the expensive watch to the casino near the bank in the evening. The dealer will give you the ring.
  • When you have high strength go to the bar on the same screen as the apartments in the day. Ask Tiffany to marry you. She moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day.

Marrying Kate Intelligence

  • Go to starbucks in the early morning (before 10am). She gives you a text book.
  • Go to the university. Talk to the green guy and give him the book. He gives you a calculator.
  • Go to Skye's Bar (on the second screen) at night. Talk to Kate and give her the calculator. She gives you the mechanical pencil.
  • Go to the university in the afternoon (after 10am). Give Kate the pencil. She should give you the watch.
  • Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.
  • When your intelligence is high enough, give the ring to Kate outside of the university in the evening. Again, she moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day

Marrying Devin -Karma

  • -Go to the porn store in the afternoon. She'll give you the bag.
  • -Go to Jimmy, outside Vinnie's Bar. He'll give you the switchblade.
  • -Go to the club at night. Go to the dancefloor and talk to Devin. Give her the switchblade and she'll give you the coolcard.
  • -Go to Vinnie's bar and talk to the smoking guy. He'll give you the package.
  • -Go to the police station in the morning (before 10am). She gives you the watch.
  • -Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.
  • -When your karma is negative enough go to Starbucks in the evening and give the ring to Devin. She moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day.

Marrying Victoria (DC [Quest-wise]) Money [Thanks to Pie Guardian]

  • Go to the Benjamin Club, at screen 4, at night with a lot of cash on you ($100k does the job)
  • Talk to Victoria; she gives you a bag and tells you to give it to the Pie Guardian (outside Giovanni's Bakery).
  • Give the bag to the Pie Guardian in exchange for a piece of Pecan Pie.
  • Go back to the Benjamin Club and give the pie to Victoria; she gives you 150 Charm and the Refillable Coffee.
  • Go to StickBucks (screen 1) in the morning and talk to Sean (the yellow-headed guy); exchange the Refillable Coffee for 30 Charm and a Coupon Book.
  • Go to the Dangling Pianist in the evening and talk to Victoria again. Give her the Coupon Book for 150 Charm and a Watch.
  • Talk to the Jewelry Flipper at the Casino; exchange the Watch for the Ring.
  • Propose to Victoria near the castle in the afternoon. If you have enough money, she says yes (+200 Charm).


Jobs: Requirements and Rewards
Screen 1

  • Pizza Delivery: Promotion: Work 10 times. Master: Pizza, $18 salary, varied tips, from $0-$120
  • StickBucks Employee: Promotion: Work 5 times. Master: Fancy Coffee, $35 salary
  • Hacker: Promotion: -Karma, INT. Master: The Internet, $220 salary
  • Pro Skateboarder: Promotion: low CHA. Master: Pro Skateboard, $140 salary
  • Police Officer: Promotion: med STR, +Karma. Master: Combat Shotgun, $165 salary
  • Drug Dealer: Promotion: low STR, low INT, -Karma. Master: Hall of Fame Bat, $240 salary
  • Pimp: Promotion: med CHA, -Karma. Master: Pimp Hat, $270 salary
  • Graffiti Artist: low CHA. Master: Empty Paint Can, $82 salary
  • Corporate Zombie: med INT. Master: Cheap Watch, $75 salary
  • Kitten Exterminator: -Karma, $5 salary
  • Ice Cream Tester: +Karma, $10 salary
  • Video Game Developer: low CHA, low INT. Master: The Masamune, $175 salary

Screen 3

  • McSticks Employee: Promotion: Work 5 (thanks to Pie Guardian) times. Master: Free Food Card, $35 salary
  • Hitman: Promotion: low STR, -Karma. Master: Secret Weapon, $357 salary
  • Doctor: Promotion: med INT, +Karma. Master: Stethoscope, $475 salary
  • Milkman: Promotion: med STR. Master: Cowbell, $60 salary
  • Rock Star: Promotion: high CHA, med STR, smokin' hot groupies. Master: Platinum Record, $390 salary

Screen 4 (DC)

  • Professor: Promotion: high INT. Master: Tesla Helmet, $1,120 salary
  • Pianist: Promotion: med CHA. Master: Grand Piano, $625 salary
  • Escort*: Promotion: high CHA, -Karma. Master: Crab, $999 salary
  • Government Official: Promotion: high INT, med CHA. Master: King, $2,240 salary
  • Personal Trainer: Promotion: high STR. Master: Bow Flecks, $800 salary
  • Lumberjack: Promotion: med STR, Chainsaw. Master: 70cc Chainsaw, $475 salary
  • Light Knight: Promotion: med STR, med INT, +Karma, Glowy Sword. Master: Light Laser Sword, $1,200 salary
  • Dark Lord: Promotion: med STR, med INT, -Karma, Glowy Sword. Master: Dark Laser Sword, $999 salary


Bonuses, Easter Eggs, and References

  • Teen Cocaine: Talk to the girl in the girl's room with high CHA at night. She will give you Cocaine.
  • Ishmael: Talk to him to hear about his life story. Listen to him for +Karma, -Karma for not.
  • Buying 4D Objects: Every once in a while, a Dimensional Traveller will appear to sell 4D objects for $100,000 each. Pricey.
  • Skater Dude: He's the guy from SRPG1.
  • Homeless Harold: Same.
  • Creeper: The Creeper from Minecraft is visible near the City Hall. Go southeast until you find him.
  • Sad Keanu: A reference to Unhappy Keanu Reeves, sitting on a bench alone, in Canada.
  • Masamune: The sword in all Final Fantasy games.
  • Ice Cream Tester: To the very deserving people.
  • Your wife: The icon of a girl, as commonly seen on bathroom doors, makes a giggling noise when clicked.
  • Doodads: Buying the Skateboard, Coma-Snooze Bed, Higher-level houses (degrades after Mansion for some reason), Alarm Clock, earning Trophies, marrying someone, and the default Star Trek poster are visible.
  • Money Spam: The easiest way is to have Time Traveler, and spam tap T. Otherwise, buy an autoclicker, and use it to sleep a lot.
  • Most Interesting Man In the World: With high CHA, talk to him in Skye's bar (screen 2), get CHA and INT. From beer commercials.
  • Error: At the Garage on screen 1 Error, the guy from Legend of Zelda, is visible.
  • Isaiah Musticka: Talk to him with high CHA, in his house on screen 2, get Charm. From Old Spice commercials.
  • Skateboard tricks: Press "K" to do Kickflips, and "O" or Ollies. Kickflips are done at most directions. Ollies are done at East and West. The tricks done for the regular skateboards are extremely awkward. Only the hoverboard has the smoothness of the tricks.
  • Tutorial Ted: His last line before the battle "But enough talk, have at you!", is a reference to Dracula. (thanks, Pie Guardian)
  • Dr. Nick: The Doctor promotion, from the Simpsons. "Hi, everybody!"
  • Hoverboard: The Hoverboard from Back to the Future II.
  • Creed and Mr. Schrute in the New Lines Inc. are a reference to "The Office."



  1. Maxed Baby! - Master a Profession: Best done with any Work Done only job.
  2. Great Scott! - Get the Hoverboard: See Trophemon Sidequest.
  3. Rhodes Scholar - 999 Intelligence: Study at the S.I.T with DC, or U of S if not.
  4. Hef (DC) - Own the mansion Key: See Money Spam
  5. Vigilante Justice: Eliminate all Mobsters, Gangsters, and miscellania, and the combat zones.
  6. Workaholic: Master 15 professions: Keep the stats up, and work 3 times for stat jobs.
  7. Game Over Man: Get married: See the Marriage Sidequests.
  8. Golden Glove Champ: Win 5 boxing matches: Either Jim's Gym (DC) or the Easy Gym will do.
  9. Penthouse Living: Buy the Penthouse Key: See Money Spam.
  10. Castle Crasher: Win a Castle: Money Spam, take all money, play Castle Quest.
  11. E.T Go Home (DC): See E.T sidequest.
  12. Used Car Salesman: 999 Charm: Get a wife, or drink 3 times in a row, sleep once, drink again, eat to 100 HP.
  13. Hail to the King, Baby (DC): Master Politician: High stats.
  14. Caged Animal: Win 10 cage fights. Again, Jim's Gym or Easy Gym.
  15. Charlie Sheen: Eat, Drink, or Smoke to needing medical attention: Eat: Eat 20 Old Hotdogs. Drink: Drink 4 times. Smoke: Smoke 10 times.
  16. Gym Rat: 999 Strength: Exercise, fights.
  17. Power Overwhelming: 999 STR, INT, and CHA: Exercise, fight, study, drink.
  18. Monopoly (DC): Buy every available business: See Money Spam.
  19. "To the Lab!": Own the Lab Key: Main Quest.
  20. Satan Incarnate: -999 Karma: Spam-buy fake IDs, or for non-inventory spammers, Devil's Food Cake.
  21. Career Criminal: Go to Jail 5 Times: Occasional upon aftermath of fighting, and Evil jobs.
  22. Five Million Dollar Man: Have $5,000,000 on hand: Money Spam.
  23. 10 Million Dollar Man: Have $10,000,000 on hand: Money Spam.
  24. Hustler: Win $50,000 gambling. Bet $50,000 at Benjamin Club (DC) on Unicornelius, or at the regular casino.
  25. Fast Cash: Earn $100,000 in the first 10 days: Become a Politician, work 10 days, bet for the 10th night.
  26. Mother Theresa: +999 Karma: Same as Satan Incarnate, but Real ID or Angel's Food Cake.
  27. Armed to the Teeth: All weapons owned. The Rank 3 Sledgehammer and Flamethrower is what matters to the achievement.
  28. Maximus Prime: All stats to 2,000 (DC): Basically Power Overwhelming, but for Director's Cut.
  29. Speed Run: Get the Lab Key within 15 Days: Challenge Broski to Arm Wrestle, get 4 Cocaines, give to Cowboy or Officer, challenge Chase to chess.
  30. Pwnerer's Clearing House: Clear all combat zones 5 times: Need Ironium Skin, a Doomsday Glock, and an Auto Railer 9,000.
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