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Stick RPG 2 CS Cheats :

This page contains Stick RPG 2 CS cheats list for PC version. Now we have 20 cheats in our list, which includes 5 glitches, 15 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Stick RPG 2 CS on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

WaLkthrough for Tiffany

by superelite1 Jun 14, 2011

Walkthrough by: superelite1

To get Tiffany, you must have Strength, over 80 Strength is fine.

Then at around 11:30 in the morning, go to the Second World and find Tiffany with a heart over her head.

She will ask if you can give a puppy to her sister in the Third World, Tiffany's sister will give you keys,

that belong to Tiffany. Tiffany will give you karma, charm, and a scarf. At night, go to the Third World with ''The Club'' she will need something to keep her warm, her scarf , so give her the scarf she will give you her purse. The Next Day, go meet her at Mobster's Tower in the morning and give her purse back, she will exchange it with a watch, go to the Casino (when its opened) and click on a dark-headed man who will trade you the watch Tiffany gave you with a ring. This is your big moment and your time to shine, the final step is to marry Tiffany..... Go to Skye's Bar (at around 5:00) and you will see Tiffany with a heart over her head, click on her it will say -

(Strength) Will you Marry me?

and something else

This is your final moment.... You may pick whatever you choose...

I would pick to marry her, you get 100 Charm and a cute wife

When you go home, click on Wife 1Charm/Day, then sleep hen check your I.D. card and your Charm will go up 1, I hope this helped

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GeT Millions of Cash!

by DJAlfredeo Jan 06, 2012

Ok, this is how it goes.

1) Go to Dimension Banks

2) Deposit all your money

3a) Go to your basement/condo/penthouse and sleep for LOT of days. (Consider about 1 hour or half an hour)

3b) If you have the "Time Travel Cheat", just use it.

Hope this helped and enjoy your cash.

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MaIn Goal

by superelite1 Jun 15, 2011

Walkthrough for Stick RPG 2 - By: superelite1

Walkthrough is for the Main Goal for Stick RPG 2

Your Main Goal was to get back to your original 2-D world, I am pretty sure it was.

You need help, well you got Tutorial Ted, maybe he could help!

He tells you to go see Professor Ansel, did he not?

Go visit him in the Second World at U of S (University of Stick)

Get him a Mobius Strip, a 4-D Hypercube, and a Klein Bottle.

But you don't want to help him with his evil plans do you?

Anyways you still have to give him those items unless your stuck as a Stick Figure for a while...

He will give you a key to get into a lab, and the key is called 'Lab Key' (pretty obvious)

Now, go into the mysterious lab with the key Professor Ansel gave you.

You are probably wondering why you must fight people... right?

Well its because he is a Evil Mastermind and you must fight his cronies until you reach him!

Wait... what about weapons! You don't have any weapons?! Well then, go get some!!!


(Now this is superelite1 I would recommend getting 'The Masamune' 'Double Barrel Shotgun' and a 'AK-47' those weapons could help and I will tell you how to get those weapons, if you don't have them)

Weapon List and Location of the Weapon -

The Masamune - Become a Miyamoto 2.0 at XGen, where Skye is the Company Owner.

Double Barrel Shotgun - (Strength) Beat the gangsters hanging out near your basement and get the key and go to the Gangsters HQ and beat it.

AK-47- (Strength) Beat the Eastside Mobsters in the Third World on the grass, in front of Vinnie's Bar and get the key and go to the Mobsters Tower and beat it.


Got weapons? Good, now go and defeat Professor Ansel!

---fighting through cronies---

You made it... Uh - Oh Professor Ansel is gonna attack! Fight until you can't breathe no more!

---fighting Professor Ansel---

You Beat Him!!!

Now this is your final chance to live in this Dimensional 2-D World.... Or is it?

You have three options

Stick RPG Complete - You go back to your original life, where people are different

True Ending Portal - Beat the game and go back to Title Screen with all stats

Stick RPG 2 - Back at your house... with no weapons and cash? But you still have trophies!

I hope you beat the game and you liked my Walkthrough!

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BoXing Strategy

by Unregistered Jan 30, 2014

(Not actually a code/cheat) This is the best strategy for Boxing you take little to no damage it works ok for other meelee weapons but best for boxing. You go forward and punch one they're in range but keep going thru them so that they can't punch you back, they'll punch the air and almost never hit you I've won tons of boxing matches with that trick

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hoW to get the warehouse key

by dstn Jan 07, 2011

keep working until you can work at the police. Work until its three. Then go into Skyes bar and fight the yellow Drunk. I recommend using a sledge.

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HiDden person

by nathan332211 Jun 04, 2012

at any time go between the garage and the XXX shop (1st island) and you will see a man with a white head, find out the rest 4 u selves

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stArter job

by Unregistered Jan 20, 2011

first start a job on mc sticks, every five times you work, ask a promotion you will get a higher rank!

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MaRry Kate

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2014

First, you need to be at Stickbucks early. She might not be there, so just get high intelligence (like around 50). When you do see her with a heart on top, she will give you a calculator (or textbook, not really sure) to give to her friend at the University. So make sure its around the early morning, and go to him. Then late at night (maybe 11 PM. or 12 AM.) go to her and give her something ( I forgot what it is) She will give you a pen....Next morning close to afternoon,(not when class is over) give her the pen at the University. Take the watch and go to the casino and exchange it for a ring. Then with high intelligence (around 270 or 260 I think ) go to her at the University when shes done with class and propose. Good Luck!

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HoW to always win fights in stick rpg2

by Unregistered Dec 15, 2011

In the fight get the enemy into the corner of the ring/battle area and keep clicking you'll get some damage every now and again but it wont happen very much.

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MiLlions of Dollars

by TheStickrpg2PRO Sep 02, 2011

There are 3 cheat Ways to get millions of dollars 1:Sleep 2:Cheat Engine 3:Director's cut free money by daily



Sleep: You put all your money in the bank and do nothing,go home and sleep.Your money will increase(grow).Keep on doing this if you want infinite money but it takes a long time.



Cheat Engine:(You need to download this)If you have this use it to get millions of cash,here's how:Get your millions of dollars

Cheat Engine out and click the setting button(The one that's has a computer picture on it)if your playing online go to windows list and select Stick RPG2,set the thing to double(3rd bar below the value bar)and type in the money number on your Stick RPG2 character in the value bar and click "First Scan" Click The first address,then go spend some money and type in the the new value in the value bar and click "Next Scan".

click on the first address again and change the value from the address in your address bar (any number you want)when you are done buy something again and "Poof" your money grows to the value you typed in.

Director's cut free money by daily: is do anything you want to do for a few days and your money grows(this is not like cheat "Sleep").

Good bye and have fun with your money

if you want more Walkthroughs say something in the comments list.:D :D :D "_" ._. :o hahaha!

Man Cheats guru won't let me submit my cheat,they say it's too Short MINIMUM 2000 Characters.OH WELL.




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ThE Armed to the Teeth Achievement

by kscode911 Aug 09, 2011

You don't need all the weapons to get the achievement.

You do not need the following:

Red or Blue sabers, 70cc chainsaw, the king chaingun, tesla helmet,

and maybe some other things.

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WeApons and upgrades

by Cristoforus28 Jan 10, 2011

These are all weapons, including sledge.

1-Pistol(Steel n Hawk $685)-Glock(Gun Seller at night $9,050)-Doomsday Glock( Coca seller 1,337,000)

2-Old Baseball Bat(Steel n Hawk $235)-Major League Bat($5,500)-Hall of Fame Bat(max Drug Dealer)

3-Ornamental Katana(Steel n Hawk$490)-Carbon Steel Katana(Gun Seller at night $6,200)-The Masamune(max Game Developer)

4-Old Sledge Hammer(Give a guy TP at Skyes men bath)-Eistentonium Hammer(Got by nerd at club mens bath the rock and upgraded by Recon Bob at Laundry )-Super Sledge Hammer(Unobtanium bought from Coca Seller and also upgraded by Bob)

5-Single Barrel Shotgun(Gun Seller at night $3,800)-Double Barrel shotgun(by beating Gangster HQ))-Auto Shotgun(by beating Policeman)

6-Machine Gun(Gun Seller at night $13,850)-AK-47(by beating the Warehouse)-Secret Weapon(by beating Hitman)


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eaT pizza not burger

by Unregistered Jun 18, 2012

you should eat a slice of pizza instead of a cheese burger because they cost the same, pizza gives you 2 intelligence, both give full health, but the burger gives you 9,000 flavor

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FoNt Talking CAPS or using this with non caps and caps

by justinpatrick1011 May 08, 2012

Right guys, this does is not a cheat, in talk dialog u see non caps, try to use the CAPS LOCK button and talk to anybody, then look at the letters, its completely CAPS, however it this is not a secret that annoys, and this is not a glitch.

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BeAting "The Tooth"

by breakurmama Dec 16, 2010

All you need is a very high strength level, at a minimum level of 525. being an officer helps with this because you can get motivated to get high strength and money by maxing out your rank in the job. it also helps because with the money you get, you can afford the extreme workout from Emily "Extreme".

now all you have to do is stomp Mulroney's (The Tooth's) puny face into the ground! make sure you have a good computer, because on some computers(mine), it lags when you move around in a boxing max. punch him repeatedly till he hits the ground.

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