Stick RPG 2 CS Requests

 [ PC ]

jul 17, 2011Stick RPG 2 CS [ PC ]   Submitted



Code - EASY:

Well first you need over 60 intelligence. then meet her in Stickbucks (coffee shop) and click on her and answer sure. She will give you a calculator. Go to U of S and give the green guy the calculator. He will give you something. theeeen go to Skyes bar and click on Kate (night time) the next morning in middle time about 11:00 will do go to U of S and give kate the Now she'll give you a watch. go to the casino and give the guy with a sword and a sheid on top he'll give you a ring. Study hard until you have 330 intelligence. and at 4:00 to 9:00 give her the ring and walla IM SALA BIM.



Code - How to REALLY get married:

that guy on the top ain't got the right thing. Have 60 intelligence and meet Kate (that's her name) at stickbucks in the morning and answer sure. She'll give you a calculator then go to U of S and give the green guy the calculator at anytime before evening (4:00) go meet Kate at Skyre's bar at midnight and give kate the ( I don't Know). The next day meet kate at U of S somewhere near 10:00 to 3:00 and she'll give you a watch on the same day go to the casino in the third area and give the watch to the guy near the poker machines (do this before 10:00). 4:00 to 9:00 give kate the ring and walla SIM SALA BIM!



Code - How to marry smart girl:

first go to stickbucks (with enough intellect) and she will give you a textbook

second go to u of s and give it to green head he will give you a calculator

third go to skyes bar and give her calculator she will give you mechanical pencil

fourth go to u of s ( again) and give her mechanical pencil and she will give you a watch

fifth go to casino and give a person the watch then go in front of u of s you will need to be really smart then ask her to marry you and you will get 1 charm everyday



Unlockable - How to marry kate:

1st you will need a lot of intellect and go to stickbucks (morning) and talk to her she will give you a textbook

2nd go to u of s and there will be a green guy that will give you a calculator

3rd go to skyes bar ( at night ) and give her a calculator she will give you a mechanical pencil

4th go to u of s and give her the mechanical pencil she will give you a expensive watch

5th go to the casino and a guy will trade the watch for a ring

6th go to skyes bar (with really high intellect) and ask her to marry you she will give you 1 charm everyday :D



Unlockable - Here:

  • Go to starbucks in the early morning (before 10am). She gives you a text book.

  • Go to the university. Talk to the green guy and give him the book. He gives you a calculator.

  • Go to Skye's Bar (on the second screen) at night. Talk to Kate and give her the calculator. She gives you the mechanical pencil.

  • Go to the university in the afternoon (after 10am). Give Kate the pencil. She should give you the watch.

  • Go to the casino and trade the watch for the ring.

  • When your intelligence is high enough, give the ring to Kate outside of the university in the evening. Again, she moves in and you gain +1 Charm per day



Code - Marrying kate:

ok so go to university with good intelligence in morning /afternoon girl has heart on top. now she will give you a book to give to kyle her freind and in return u get a pen and she will have you keep it. give it back somewhere i dont remember . you get a good watch. go to casino and trade it for ring then get about 200 intelligence go to u of sa and propose and congrats! your married. private message me your account.



Code - How To Marry Kate (The smart Girl):

You will need intiligence to marry her.

  1. First, talk to Kate in the morning in stickbucks. she will give you a textbook.

  2. Give the book to Kyle, the NPC sitting on the sofa in the U of S for a calculator.

  3. Exchange the calculator with cate at night in Skye's bar (the bar in the second island) for a Mechanical Pencil.

  4. Exchange the Machanical pencil with Kate in the afternoon in the U of S for a gold watch.

  5. Go to the casino from the afternoon onwards and look for the jewerly Flipper. Exchange the Gold Watch for a wedding ring.

  6. Kate can be proposed to in the evening on the steps of the U of S.

Hope this can help you