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Stronghold: Crusader Cheats :

This page contains Stronghold: Crusader cheats list for PC version. Now we have 6 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Stronghold: Crusader on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Huge walls

by Unregistered Oct 21, 2011

make walls bigger by making highest height in map editor then place a wall on it and then only delete the height and you will have huge walls

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Secret - Hints

by death from the dark Jun 22, 2011

After finally beating the Crusader Trail challenge, here's some tactics that work well. See the above tactic for using an ox tether to block the enemies gate, but only use this on particularly difficult boards as you will not be able to collect stone.

Starting tactic, set game speed to lowest possible setting and spot your initial towers and crossbowmen. Put speed back after to preferred setting after you're set up. Defense is the first priority at all times. If you can defend then you can later go on offense.

Do not get locked into the concept of enclosing your castle. Quite often the best tactic is to surround your village area with towers filled with crossbowmen and ballistas. After filling the tower, delete the bottom step, enemy forces cannot get in and they won't try to tear it down either. You can always put it back in to send up reinforcements.

Leave an opening in your castle walls, heavily defend the opening. Attackers will gravitate to that opening, leaving the rest of your castle clear with walls that don't require defending. Make a death pass between two walls at that openeing, funnelling the enemy into a narrow place filled with swordsmen or pikemen.

Enemy towers that have seige engines can be taken out with the Assassin. Sneak him to the tower and let him kill the engineers. Use fire ballistas to burn the enemies farms, he will spend resources on replacing them instead of making new soldiers.

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Secret - Hold Enemies Captive Inside Their Own Castles

by wakwik2 Jun 22, 2011

Take a small building such as an Oxen Tether. Place 1 or 2 of them right outside the gatehouse(s) of your enemy's castle, but make sure their keep is enclosed first. Immediately put the Oxen Tethers to sleep. The ground troops will walk to the gatehouse to destroy them but they can't get through, so they just walk back to their spot. Your enemy's buildings outside of the castle will spontaneously crumble because the workers can't get back inside the castle. Also, the gatehouse(s) you blocked might spontaneously crumble after a while. Soon there will be no food and the peasants will leave the castle. The small army will be trapped inside their own walls awaiting your arrival. When your army is built up, you can just waltz over and wipe the whole castle off the map. (Note: Make sure there are no enemies outside of the castle, or else they will probably come and destroy your oxen tethers.

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Easter Egg - Greeting is not normal

by Unregistered Apr 29, 2011

go to options, set identity, and change your name or give your name the which one of this name :
if you want to test it, exit game and open crusader again,
if there is a wrong inside, don't blame me

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Glitch - More than 1 worker

by ajaj Jun 28, 2010

If you don't have enough resources to make a dpulicate work building then click on the one you already have press pause (p) press the z button two times and you have two people working on building. Note: this can only happen if you avaiable peasents.

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Hints - Be Like An Allie Or Enemy

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2006

If you ever notice that sometimes when your allies or enemies get troops the peasants turn into the troops and automatically go into the keep. if you want to do that, guess what. YOU CAN!! simply put a barracks or a mercenary post by your keep, put a wall around it. buy the troops then they won't move because there is no way to the line-up. then simply drag your left clicker over then and then send them to your keep.

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Secret - Trick Or Tip !?

by Unregistered Apr 28, 2011

at main menu, press SHIFT + ALT + A .
next, type CTRL + triblade2002 ( HOLD CTRL )
and go play, press :

  • ALT + X (hold) = Money 1000 + 100 popularity
  • ALT + K = No resources use ( not include made infatry with weapon )

note : ALT + K is actived if you press it at historical campaign, and castle builder ( for Stronghold crusader extreme at custom scenarios

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Cheats - Conversation keys

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

If your having a difficult time completing a level,
try the following tips.
Try building the basic castle needs, such as a Marketplace, Mercenary
Post, Granary, Stockpiles, and Industry Buildings, then save there.
It is easier to start at that point, in case your placement of
some walls or towers do not work well.
Pause game play whenever you can to save time. It is very important
to build faster than the enemy.
Keep your money making resources (Food, Rocks, Iron, Pitch, or
Weapons) protected, or put walls around them to keep them safe.
Capitalize on them whenever you can.
Create layers of walls around or in front of important towers
and other targets that the enemy likes to knock down.
Horse archers are very useful in this game, especially when aggressing
enemy castles with Mongonels to help put big holes in enemy walls
and a few swordsman as guard dogs.
By immediately placing a group of Woodmans Huts around a enemy
base, then putting them to sleep, you will block the area and
prevent him from building Barracks or a Mercenary Camp. It costs
a lot of Wood, but it means they cannot make any troops and therefore
very easy to defeat. Note: This does not work on the pig.
When attacking a castle, concentrate on the enemy Barracks. Once
destroyed, try to block it from being rebuilt by placing troops
over its remains. Again, it makes the enemy easier to defeat without
it producing more troops.
The Ballista is good at holding positions far from the security
of your home base. Get a group of about eight built, with approximately
twenty Archers and stick a couple Trebuchets in the middle of
them. The Trebuchets can attack the enemy castle well protected.
If needed, you can always take the six Engineers from them to
make three more Ballista when the enemy counterattacks. Ballista
are also great at taking out enemy troops on the castle walls,
especially fire throwers.
On several levels there is very little farm land, but you always
find at least one resource available (Stone or Iron). Concentrate
on the mining and sell it at the market for Food.
Have both Archers and Crossbowmen on Towers (five each) for a
good defense. Add a Ballista on the Tower to make it better as
they have a huge range and can even hit attacking Trebuchets.
To protect farms, etc. outside your walls, build a Tower and a
Gate next to each other. This allows you to put Archers in and
have them protected from enemy soldiers entering the Tower. You
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