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Super Meat Boy Trainer :

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SuPer Meat Boy +16 Trainer PROMO

by phodosoft Jul 04, 2011

SuperMeatBoy +16 Trainer PROMO

0 - NUMPAD 4 Enables / Disables KEY BINDING for u to talk on STEAM chat or MSN wihtou interference.
1 - Numpad 1 makes time go back
2 - Numpad 2 Goes Down
3 - Numpad 3 makes time go normal
4 - Numpad 5 Makes grav stall
5 - Numpad 6 Freezes danger
6 - Numpad 7 Disables Grav Control
7 - Numpad 8 Goes up 3 times. (3 dif. speeds press num8 3x)
8 - Numpad 9 Press to Lock Checkpoint when u die. ( PRESS TWICE to make sure u check it when u die! )
9 - Numpad 0 freezes time
10 - D Pauses everything except u and the game.
PROBLEM : D is also the Key for the in-game special phases select.
SUGGESTION for this problem : Press D twice cuz it will pause the phase selection menu.
11 - C Unlocks Characters
INFO : when totally in-game inside a phase for example, pres ESC , choose SWICTH CHARACTERS in menu, press C and select ANY character U DO NOT have. Press ENTER, press ESC and u will see you have that
character now. To de-activate press C again.
GO IN - GAME , MENU > SWITCH CHARACTERS , PRESS C then V Wait to see if both beep , ok now press ENTER then esc u should have ninja . Go to Switch Character menu again , press V once more and enter , u should have rock boy. De-activate pressing v and c again. Good game
12 - V Unlocks Special Characters (hidden)
INFO : To select them special hidden characters read above INFO.
13 - A Unlock Special Characters infinite Habilities. (Commander Video fly forever etc.)
INFO : When in-game playing with commander video press A.
14 - S Saw Hack ( makes flying Saws disapear cool !)
INFO : Press S to disable Flying Saws. I have had bugs with this turned ON some times.
Start Trainer, then game, or game then trainer. When it says Activated, selected START GAME, go in chapter one do not select any phase.
Press Numer 1 to 8 to select the Chapter. Then Press ESC to go back to Chapter Selection , u will be in the desired Chapter.
To de-activate press 9.
When about to select phase (1 , 2, 3 ..etc ) press D for SPECIAL version
U have to have GRADE A to unlock the special PHASES. Get Grade A with Numpado0
16 - Unexpected quit and memdump(hehe) msg solved. =)
To use this enable in setup.ini
memhack=1 then start trainer, then game. =)

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phodosoft    wrote on jul 26, 2011 12:57 pm


Super Meat Boy Cheats


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