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Super Smash Flash 2 Review :


by SuperSmashFlashFan2 Oct 17, 2011

The Kaioken is very powerful. To make it very powerful you must do 5 Kamehamehas and after use Kaioken and use a Kamehameha. I will explain how to do Kaioken near the end of the review The Kaioken can be played by Goku and increases Power,Defence,Speed and Evade. To do the Kaioken you must hold the down button then the special! :) It is called Kaioken because the move was from King Kai. So he put is name to the Kaioken. Before it was called Oken. If you do not know King Kai please call it Oken. O.K.? You pronounce it like this: ki-o-ken. It uses 80 Ki points. You pronounce Ki like this: ke. That is the end. Goodbye! !)

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6Story line
This is about a very special attack that can only be preformed by Goku.It is super powerful which is a move from King Kai to Goku.
I do not have any pics. :( But if anyone has played DRAGON BALL Z:ATTACK OF THE SAIYANS. It is like when you are sparking!
It is best to put the sound to max all the time because there is always good tones all the time!!!!!!
I feel like I've been doing game play research for hours! :haha lolololololololololololol olololololol
10Lasting Appeal
Next month I'll give you the catch of the Spirit Bomb! The Spirit Bomb is more powerful than Kaioken. Try mixing them up like this: Kaioken-Spirit Bomb.
(Out of 10)


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