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Team Fortress 2 Cheats :

This page contains Team Fortress 2 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 21 cheats in our list, which includes 18 unlockables, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Team Fortress 2 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Heavy Achievements - Heavy Update

by cGub May 26, 2009

These achievements can only be earned while playing the heavy class, by getting a certain number of these achievements you unlock new heavy weapons:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
0wn the Means of ProductionRemove 20 stickybombs by killing the Demomen who produced them.
Borsht BeltKill 10 Heavies with The K.G.B
Class StruggleWork with a friendly Medic to kill an enemy Heavy & Medic pair.
Communist Mani-FistoKill an enemy with a critical punch.
Crime and PunishmentKill 10 enemies carrying your intelligence.
Crock BlockSurvive a direct hit from a critical rocket.
Division of LaborKill 20 enemies with a Medic assisting you, where neither of you die.
Don't Touch SandvichKill 50 Scouts using Natascha.
Factory WorkerKill 20 enemies while being recharged by a dispenser.
Five Second PlanKill an enemy in the first 5 seconds after you exit a teleporter.
Gorky ParkedKill 25 enemies while you're standing on a control point you own.
Heavy IndustryFire $200,000 worth of minigun rounds in a single life.
Heavy Milestone 1Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Heavy Pack
Heavy Milestone 2Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Heavy Pack
Heavy Milestone 3Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Heavy Pack
Icing on the CakeGet 20 kills on players that you're dominating.
Iron KurtainTake 1000 points of damage in a single life.
KollectivizationGet 1000 assists.
Konspicuous KonsumptionEat 100 sandviches.
Krazy IvanKill 100 enemies while both you and your victim are underwater.
Lenin a HandHelp 5 teammates get revenge on their nemeses.
MarxmanKill 10 enemies in mid-air with the minigun.
Party LoyaltyKill 50 enemies within 3 seconds of them attacking your medic.
Permanent RevolutionKill 5 enemies without spinning down your gun.
PhotostroikaProvide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you taunting while invulnerable.
PurgeKill 15 enemies capturing a control point you own.
Pushkin the KartGet 50 caps on payload maps.
RasputinIn a single life, get shot, burned, bludgeoned, and receive explosive damage.
RationingKill an enemy with your shotgun while you're out of minigun ammo.
Red OktoberfestEarn a domination for a Medic who;s healing you.
Redistribution of HealthHeal 1000 damage with med-kits in a single life.
Show TrialKill an enemy with a taunt.
Soviet BlockWhile invulnerable and on defense, block an invulnerable enemy Heavy's movement.
Soviet UnionGet 25 enemy kills where you either assist or are assisted by another Heavy.
Spyalectical MaterialismKill or assist in killing 10 cloaked Spies.
Stalin the KartBlock the... 

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Unlockable - Steam Achievements - General

by cGub Feb 26, 2009

Your achievements and stats can be viewed in Steam under: "Community -> My profile -> View all my games -> Team Fortress 2 (view stats)"

Dynasty → Win 20 games.

Flamethrower → Set five enemies on fire in 30 seconds.

Grey Matter → Get 25 headshots as a Sniper.

Hard to Kill → Get five kills in a row without dying.

Hardcore → Accumulate 1000 total kills.

Head of the Class → Play a complete round with every class.

Impenetrable Defense → Successfully defend Dustbowl without giving up a capture.

Impossible Defense → Successfully defend Gravel Pit without giving up a capture.

Lightning Offense → Win Well in 5 minutes or less.

Master of Disguise → Trick an opposing medic into healing you.

Nemesis → Get five revenge kills.

Powerhouse Offense → Win 2Fort with a shutout.

Relentless Offense → Win Hydro without giving up a capture.

Sentry Gunner → Accumulate 10 sentry gun kills with a single turret.

Team Doctor → Accumulate 25000 heal points as a Medic.

With Friends Like these... → Play in a game with 7 or more players from your friends list.

World Traveler → Play a complete game on 2Fort, Dustbowl, Granary, Gravel Pit, Hydro, and Well (CP).

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Unlockable - Christmas Event achievements

by Julio Apr 13, 2013

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Gift GrabCollect three gifts dropped by opponents.
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Unlockable - Astro-Achievements

by caljimal Apr 13, 2013

This is a list of the Astro-chievements. There are 11 achievements and 1 milestone in the Astro-chievements pack, released in the Pyromania Update on June 27, 2012. They can currently be achieved only in the map Doomsday.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Best Case ScenarioKill 6 enemies carrying the Australium during the same round.
Cap-ogeeWin a round with at least 5 teammates on the elevator.
Doomsday MilestoneAchieve 7 of the achievements in the Doomsday pack.
Escape FerocityKill an enemy who has damaged the Australium carrier in the last 3 seconds.
Failure to LaunchKill 3 players riding the elevator within 10 seconds.
Flight CrewPlay in a game with 5 or more players from your Friends list.
Lift-offedPush a player into the rocket's exhaust path at the end of the round.
Mission ControlPick up the Australium from its home position and capture it without dropping it.
Plan Nine to Outer SpaceLaunch the rocket as all 9 classes.
Rocket BoosterWin a round after the enemy team has opened the rocket lid.
Space CampKill an enemy within the broken crate area while they attempt to pick up the neutral Australium.
The Fight StuffWin 138 Rounds.
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Unlockable - Halloween 2012 Acheivements

by honey baby Nov 20, 2012

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A Lovely Vacation SpotGet to Skull Island and claim your reward!
Wizards Never ProsperKill MERASMUS!
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Unlockable - Halloween 2012 Acheivements

by ipod__ Nov 20, 2012

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A Lovely Vacation SpotGet to Skull Island and claim your reward!
Wizards Never ProsperKill MERASMUS!
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Unlockable - Mann vs. Machievements

by samthehotdog Aug 21, 2012

These achievements can only be earned in the game mode "Mann vs. Machine."

Unlockable:How to unlock:
.executionerIn a single wave, kill 15 bomb-carrying robots in a row before they level up.
Balls-EDestroy the tank during the final seconds of the bomb being deployed.
Brotherhood of SteelComplete a mission with 5 people on your Friends List.
Clockwork CarnageDestroy two tanks within 5 seconds of each other.
Clockwork ConquerorDestroy a tank within 20 seconds of its arrival.
Control + Assault + DeleteDestroy a sentry buster before it reaches its target.
Deus Ex MachinaDefeat a wave in an advanced difficulty mission without dying once.
Do Androids Dream?As a Scout, use the Sandman to mark 15 robots for death in a single wave.
Engine BlockPrevent the bomb from ever reaching an alarm zone during the final wave of an advanced difficulty mission.
Fast CachePick up a credit pile that is about to expire.
Frags to RichesEarn all credit bonuses in an advanced difficulty mission.
German EngineeringUse a canteen charged with 'UberCharge' to destroy 15 robots.
Ghost in the MachineUse a canteen charged with 'Teleport to Spawn' and then kill the bomb carrier within 5 seconds.
Hack of All TradesPlay an entire mission as a single class, and do this for every class.
Hard ResetAs a Pyro, reset the bomb 3 times in a single wave.
Heavy MettleDuring a wave, use rage as a Heavy to push a robot about to deliver the bomb.
Kritical TerrorUse a canteen charged with 'Crit Boost' to destroy a giant robot.
Maximum PerformanceMax out all resistances on a single class.
Metal MassacreDestroy 1,000,000 robots.
Negative ChargeKill 5 Medics that are ready to deploy an UberCharge in a wave.
Raid ArrayComplete the Crash Course, Doe's Drill, and Manouvers missions.
Real StealAs an Engineer, escape with your sentry as a sentry buster is about to detonate.
Shell ExtensionDuring a wave, use a canteen charged with 'Ammo Reload' to refill an empty weapon slot.
Silicon SlaughterDestroy 100,000 robots.
Sly VoltageAs a Spy, sap 10 robots at once.
Spam BlockerDuring a wave, defend the hatch 10 times from robots about to deliver a bomb.
Spark PluggerAs a Sniper, kill 4 enemies simultaneously.
Steel FragnoliasComplete all waves successfully in a mission.
System UpgradeMax out all primary weapon upgrades.
T-1000000Collect 1,000,000 credits in your career.
Tech WreckerAs a Demoman, kill 10 robots in a single detonation.
TurbochargerBuff 4 or more teammates as a Soldier at the same time in a single wave.
UndeleteDuring a wave, use a... 

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Secret - How to get weapons by doing almost nothing

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2012

I will tell you how to just write something and then you get weapons (depends on how long you're doing this).

1. Open steam, go to library and right-click on Team Fortress 2, select properties.

2. Click on "SET LAUNCHER OPTIONS" and type in:

-textmode -nosound -noipx -novid -nopreload -nojoy -sw -maxplayers 2 +sv_lan 1 +map "itemtest" , click OK.

3. Close down everything (except Steam) and start Team Fortress 2, a window will pop up. It'll say some things but just ignore that, then you see "(Your username) has connected" or something like that. Now you can do something else, like read a book or play a smaller game (nothing like WoW). After waiting some hours, go to Team Fortress 2 properties, "SET LAUNCHER OPTIONS" remove everything and click OK, close down everything includes Team Fortress 2 (not Steam). Then start up Team Fortress 2 again, when you are at "Select server" etc. you will see a "warning triangle" with a 1 near it, click it and it'll say "You have new items", click on the eye and see your new items.

And remember: The item cap gives you about 8-14 items per week, the item cap resets at Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. pacific standard time, wich means that you can't get more items before the Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Have fun!

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Secret - Help your Dying Medic

by yoshi114 Apr 23, 2012

you are a Heavy, and you must have the Sandvich.

If you see your medic dying, get out your Sandvich, use the Right Mouse click to throw your Sandvich on the ground for your Medic to eat and recover his lost Health! Come on, your Medic deserves it...

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Unlockable - Foundry Achievements

by zai1976 Jan 04, 2012

These achievements can only be obtained on the map cp_foundry. By earning enough of the achievements, a special hat will be given to the player.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Cap TrapKill an enemy who is capturing a control point with a critical hit.
Claim JumperCapture a control point within 12 seconds of exiting a teleporter.
ClassassinGet one or more kills as all nine classes in one round.
Dead HeatPlay through a back-and-forth battle for 15 control point captures.
Five the Fast WayCapture the final control point within five seconds of your team capturing the previous control point.
Foundry Force FivePlay in a game with five or more players from your Friends list.
Foundry MilestoneAchieve 7 of the achievements in the Foundry pack.
Raze the RoofKill two people on the roof of the center control point in a single life.
Real StealWin a round in which the enemy team has attempted to capture your final control point.
Terminated, TooKill a player by pushing them into the cauldron fire.
The CrucibleWin 137 rounds.
Two Minute WarringBe part of a team that wins within two minutes.
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Unlockable - Steam Achievements - Pyro specific achievements

by samanathajayne May 19, 2011

Your achievements and stats can be viewed in Steam under: "Community -> My profile -> View all my games -> Team Fortress 2 (view stats)" These achievements can only be earned while playing the pyro class, by getting a certain number of these achievements you unlock new pyro weapons:

Arsonist:Destroy 50 Engineer buildings.
Attention Getter:Ignite 100 enemies with the flare gun.
Baptism by Fire:Force 10 burning enemies to jump into water.
BarbeQueQ:Cause a dominated player to leave the server.
Burn Ward:Ignite 3 medics that are ready to deploy an Uber-charge.
Camp Fire:Kill 3 enemies in a row, all within the same area.
Clearcutter:Kill 6 people with your axe in one life.
Combined Fire:Use your shotgun to finish off 20 players you've ignited.
Controlled Burn:Ignite 50 enemies capturing one of your control points.
Cooking the Books:Ignite 5 enemies carrying your intelligence.
Dance Dance Immolation:Kill 3 enemies while they're taunting.
Dead Heat:Kill an enemy in the same second that he kills you.
Fire and Forget:Kill 15 players while you're dead.
Fire Chief:Kill 1000 enemies
Firefighter:Kill 500 enemies.
Firewall:Ignite 5 Spies who have a sapper on a friendly building.
Firewatch:Ignite 10 snipers while they are zoomed in.
Freezer Burn:Provide enemies with freezecam shots of each of your taunts.
Got A Light?:Ignite an enemy Spy while he's flicking a cigarette.
Hot on Your Heels:Kill 50 enemies with your flamethrower, from behind.
Hot Potato:Reflect 100 projectiles with your compressed air blast.
Hotshot:Kill a Soldier with a reflected critical rocket.
I Fry:Ignite 10 disguised Spies.
Lumberjack:Kill 3 people with your axe in one life.
Makin' Bacon:Kill 50 Heavies with your flamethrower.
Next of Kindling:Ignite an enemy, and the Medic healing him.
OMGWTFBBQ:Kill an enemy with a taunt.
Pilot Light:Ignite a rocket-jumping Soldier while he's in midair.
Plan B:Kill 10 enemies while you're both underwater.
Pyro Milestone 1Achieve 10 of the achievements in the Pyro Pack.
Pyro Milestone 2Achieve 16 of the achievements in the Pyro Pack.
Pyro Milestone 3Achieve 22 of the achievements in the Pyro Pack.
Pyromancer:Do 1 million points of total fire damage.
Pyrotechnics:Kill 3 enemies in a single uber-charge.
Second Degree Burn:Kill a burning enemy who was ignited by another Pyro.
Spontaneous Combustion:Ignite 10 cloaked Spies.
Trailblazer:Ignite 10 enemies that have recently used a teleporter.
Weenie Roast:Have 2 enemy Scouts on fire at the same time.
A Year to RememberGet 2004 lifetime... 

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Unlockable - Spy Achievements - Spy Update

by cGub Nov 03, 2010

These achievements can only be earned while playing the spy class, by getting a certain number of these achievements you unlock new spy weapons:

A Cut AboveKill a gun-wielding Spy with your knife.
Agent ProvocateurBackstab your Steam Community friends 10 times.
Burn NoticeSurvive 30 seconds after being ignited while cloaked.
Come In From The ColdGet a Revenge kill with a backstab.
Constructus InterruptusKill an Engineer who is working on a sentry gun.
Counter EspionageBackstab a disguised Spy.
Deep UndercoverWhile using the Cloak and Dagger, kill the same enemy 3 times, all within the same area in a single life.
Die Another WayKill a Sniper after your backstab breaks his Razorback.
DiplomacyKill 50 enemies with the Ambassador.
Dr. NoooooBackstab a Medic that is ready to deploy an ÜberCharge.
For Your Eyes OnlyProvide an enemy with a freezecam shot of you flicking a cigarette onto their corpse.
Fyi I Am A SpyBackstab a Medic who has healed you in the last 5 seconds.
High Value TargetBackstab an enemy who is dominating 3 or more of your teammates.
Identity TheftBackstab the enemy that you're currently disguised as.
Insurance FraudKill an enemy while you're being healed by an enemy Medic.
Is It Safe?Backstab 50 enemies who are capturing control points.
Joint OperationSap an enemy sentry gun within 3 seconds of a teammate sapping another.
May I Cut In?Backstab an enemy and the Medic healing him within 10 seconds of each other.
On Her Majesty’s Secret SurfaceStart capping a capture point within a second of it becoming available.
Point BreakerKill 15 enemies who are standing on a control point they own.
Sap AuteurDestroy 1000 Engineer buildings with sappers.
SapsuckerSap an enemy building, then backstab the Engineer who built it within 5 seconds.
SkullpluggeryHeadshot 20 Snipers with the Ambassador.
Slash And BurnBackstab an enemy, who then switches to Pyro before they respawn.
Sleeper AgentKill an enemy who triggered your feign death in the last 20 seconds.
Spies Like UsWhile cloaked, bump into an enemy cloaked Spy.
Spy Milestone 1Achieve 5 of the achievements in the Spy Pack.
Spy Milestone 2Achieve 11 of the achievements in the Spy Pack.
Spy Milestone 3Achieve 17 of the achievements in the Spy Pack.
SpymasterBackstab 1000 enemies.
The Man From P.u.n.c.t.u.r.e.Stab an enemy while fencing.
The Man With The Broken GunsBackstab an Engineer, then sap 3 of his buildings within 10 seconds.
The Melbourne SupremacyDominate a Sniper.
TriplecrossedBackstab 3 Snipers in a single... 

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Unlockable - Obtain Weapons via Achievements

by cGub Nov 03, 2010

Many (but not all) weapons can be obtained by unlocking a number of achievements for their respective class. These weapons will be given on the next round-end or player death after obtaining the required number of Achievements.

AmbassadorUnlock 5 Spy Achievements
AxtinguisherUnlock 22 Pyro Achievements
BackburnerUnlock 16 Pyro Achievements
BlutsaugerUnlock 10 Medic Achievements
Bonk! Atomic PunchUnlock 22 Scout Achievements
Buff BannerUnlock 17 Soldier Achievements
Chargin' TargeUnlock 5 Demoman Achievements
Cloak and DaggerUnlock 11 Spy Achievements
Dead RingerUnlock 17 Spy Achievements
Direct hitUnlock 11 Soldier Achievements
EqualizerUnlock 5 Soldier Achievements
EyelanderUnlock 11 Demoman Achievements
Flare gunUnlock 10 Pyro Achievements
Force-A-NatureUnlock 10 Scout Achievements
Frontier JusticeUnlock 5 Engineer Achievements
GunslingerUnlock 11 Engineer Achievements
HuntsmanUnlock 5 Sniper Achievements
JarateUnlock 11 Sniper Achievements
Killing Gloves of BoxingUnlock 20 Heavy Achievements
KritzkriegUnlock 16 Medic Achievements
NataschaUnlock 15 Heavy Achievements
RazorbackUnlock 17 Sniper Achievements
SandmanUnlock 16 Scout Achievements
SandvichUnlock 10 Heavy Achievements
Scottish ResistanceUnlock 17 Demoman Achievements
UbersawUnlock 22 Medic Achievements
WranglerUnlock 17 Engineer Achievements
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