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Team Fortress 2 Review :

TF2 in a nutshell

by yoshi114 Jun 06, 2011

ok, this game isnt the most popular but it is highly acclaimed by other websites and critics. this game belongs to the shooting genre, with first person view. although i've always enjoyed third-person view better such as Gears of war, star fox assault etc. in this game there are nine classes of characters, which i explained below, each with their own distinct style of fighting, also some classes are faster than others, with the Heavy being the slowest, and the Scout being the fastest. achievments can also be earned by completing certain objectives, like getting five kills without dying will earn the achievement "Hard to Kill." you can also get a premium account, for a lot of "advancments" such as double jumping, or using frag or conc grenades. this game is very fun, especially when you are able to Dominate somebody, it is where you kill someone 3 or more times without you killing them. if you are being dominated and you kill your nemisis, it is called a revenge kill. there are also various unlockable weapons and hats in this game for earning enough achivments to get them. I recomend this game to anyone 17 or older(because it's rated M for Mature.)

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8Story line
there really isnt a story line, in this game you join different servers to get as many kills as possible,
the graphics in this game are more cartoon than most first person shooters, the graphics were well put togethere in this game.
the sound here was quite clear, using sounds such as guns and stuff like that nothing else really more than that.
in this game you try to kill the other team so you can win. there are 3(i thnk) types of gameplay: capture points, king of the hill, and capture the flag. there are also 9 classes of characters: scout, soldier,pyro,demoman,heav y,engineer,medic,sniper,a nd spy. all with their own style.
9Lasting Appeal
ill always remember this game for being fun, strratigic, and frustrating. my favorite classes are pyro, soldier, and engineer. and allthe o dominated me. and you can also add friends to your profile
(Out of 10)


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