Team Fortress 2 Review

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Team Fortress 2 Review :

A unique FPS.

by mudkipmaster Dec 19, 2011

This is one of the most unique FPS games you will ever play. Why? Your about to find out. In this game you have from a selection of two teams, Red (Reliable Excavation Demolition) and team Blu (Builders League United) and from each team you pick a certain class, there are nine to choose from and they are (in order from attacking to support): The scout (attack) the scout is a very fast class who attacks with a shotgun and a baseball bat ,who can double jump and capture control points faster than the other classes, The Soldier (attack) the soldier wields a rocket launcher which gives him the ability to rocket jump a shotgun and a melee weapon, The Pyro (attack) the pyro is a flamethrower wielding class hat has the ability to set other players alight and detect invisible spies with the flamethrower, he carries a flamethrower, a shotgun/flare gun and a melee weapon, The Demoman (defence) the demoman wields a grenade launcher, a stickybomb launcher and usually a sword or an axe, the demoman can place stickybombs and detonate them with a simple right click, you can place up to 8 sticky bombs (more with other types of stickybomb launchers) he can also decapitate enemies with his sword or axe, The Heavy (defence) the heavy can sustain more damage then other classes and can heal with the sandvich (must be found) and wields a minigun capable of killing multiple enemies with ease, The Engineer (defence) the engineer can build a sentries, dispensers and teleporters all which aid the team to victory, the sentries can kill enemies trying to pass it, dispensers provide ammo and health for yourself and your teammates and the teleportes provide transportation from one point to another, the engineer must upgrade his buildings to level 3 by hitting them with a wrench which consumes metal for the buildings to be at maximum strength, The Medic (support) the medic has a medigun used to heal other players he also has a bonesaw and a syringe gun both used for attack but are not that effective, the medic can also 'Ubercharge' other players meaning he can make them invincible fro a certain amount of time (a few seconds), The Sniper (support) can headshot enemy players simply by using the cross hair he can also throw Jarate (must be found) at them making all hits on them critical for a while jarate can also extinguish teammates, and last but not least the Spy (support) the spy can become invisible, disguise as enemy players, sap enemy buildings and instant kill with a backstab he us equipped with a gun, a knife, a sapper, disguise kit and a watch for becoming invisible. The gameplay and controls are generally good and the game has a unique cartoonish design and has six different game play modes: Payload, King of the hill, Attack/defense, Payload race, Capture the flag, and control points, which makes is a I said before a very unique FPS. (the game is free-to-play)

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8Story line
No basic storyline your goal is the objective such as in capture the flag you have to take the enemies' intel and return it to your base 3 times without them doing the same
A unique cartoonish style unlike any other game, the graphics are genrally good and funy at times like when the you or the enemy get exploded, in any FPS you would get disgusted in this game you'd probably laugh
The game has some funny sound effects such as the weapon sounds and what the characters say, Such as when the sniper says "wave goodbye to your head, wanker".
The game play has basic FPS controls such as 'w,a,s,d' to walk and clicking to shoot, but it doesn't usually glitch up and the camera is good.
10Lasting Appeal
This game will probably never get boring with constant updates going on and new achivements to get, I'll gurantee you'll never go hungry. ;)
(Out of 10)


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