The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - The Zedjas _ (Trains up pokemon)

by MewtwoRulesPokemon Jul 16, 2007

enter the code in battle, battle any member, then search the code!!!!! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ All The Pokemon U Battle WillBe LVL 100 and there will be 6 of them ---------- If U have any trouble with the cheat plz message me my names [~ash~]----------by peter

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ZedjabugThis Trains bug
ZedjaelectricThis Trains electric
ZedjafireThis Trains fire
ZedjagrassThis Trains grass
ZedjaiceThis Trains ice
ZedjasteelThis Trains steel
ZedjawaterThis Trains water
ZedjapsycicThis Trains Psycic
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Unlockable - The legendaries

by someonedied Aug 28, 2007

hey this is my list of captured legendaries sorry i can't list down more...give me a thumbs up!!!

Unlockable:How to unlock:
articunoice map...on thick ice
groudoncave map...on the side
zapdoselectric map...near generators
kyogrewater on grass map...near rocks
phionewater on grass map...near the shore
manaphywater on grass map...near the shore
deoxyscave map...near the entrance
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Secret - Infinity experience

by lu-bu Jul 12, 2007

train one pokemon to its max lvl then keep on training it it will still gain more exp and its an eayser to get on the top trainers list iv seen more people get on the top trainers list by this

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Secret - Get big big lvl pokes.

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

first go trade pokes, then search seetate I have plenty of good pokes up 4 trade then offer somethin for my pokes and no matter what the poke is I'll accept P.S. gimme thumbs up

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Unlockable - PLACE TO CATCH

by XxNeMeSiSxX Sep 06, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
PalkiaIn The Caves(IN WATER)
Manaphy,Phione and LugiaAt Grass Maps(IN WATER)
Latias and LatiosGrass Maps
Mesprit,Uxie and AzelfMansion Maps
ShayminGrass Maps
HeatranLava Maps
Ho-ohGrass and Lava maps
Unown(ALL LETTERS)Both Cave and Ice Maps
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Code - Where to find some legendarys

by Unregistered Sep 13, 2007

well its not a code cheat but its still good p.s hope theas help

registeelin the cave, ice cavern or the power plant
lugiain the water on the big grassland map
groudonin the cave
kyogrein the water in the big grassland map
deoxysin the cave
darkraiin the cave
ho-ohin the fire cavern
giratinain the cave
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Unlockable - Legendaries

by someonedied Aug 27, 2007

Mega Legendaries

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Latios&LatiasMansion Windows
RayquazaMansion Windows
DialgaElectric map 2
PalkiaCave water
LugiaWater on grass maps near rocks
Phione&ManaphyWater on grass maps near the shore
GroudonCave map sides
KyogreWater on grass maps near rocks
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Code - Pokemoncrater legendary cheats how to get legendary pokemon esaly

by slangboy123 Sep 18, 2007


articunoiceplace and grass place
groudonelectricplace cave place
mewtowelectric place
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Code - Shadowstorm's

by Unregistered Sep 10, 2007

enter on battle any trainer (Computer Controlled)(Note:this is much better than zedja)

shadowstormfiretrain 4 fire
shadowstormwater4 water
shadowstormelectric4 electric
shadowstormground4 ground
shadowstormrock4 rock
shadowstormpsychic4 psychic
shadowstormdark4 dark
shadowstormghost4 ghost
shadowstormdragon4 dragon
shadowstormflying4 flying
shadowstormice4 ice
shadowstormgrass4 grass
shadowstormbug4 bug
shadowstormpoison4 poison
shadowstormnormal4 normal
shadowstormsteel4 steel
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Hints - Nick

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2007

When on a map and searching for pokemon, instead of moving arround press F5 or Refresh. This is faster and produces the same results.

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Secret - Zedjacodes-pokemon that are used.

by mew2467 Jul 31, 2007

Zedjafire = 6 parasects
Zedjapsychic = 3 croagunks 3 toxicroaks
Zedjawater = mistake do not use!
Zedjaghost = ralts, abra, krilia, kadabra, gardevior, alakazam
Zedjagrass = mistake do not use!
Zedjaelectric = 6 pelipers
Zedjafighting = 6 aggrons
Zedjaground = 6 aggrons
Zedjadark = ralts, abra, krilia, kadabra, gardevior, alakazam
Zedjadragon = 6 shelgons
Zedjanormal = 2 whismurs, 2 loadreds, 2 exploads
Zedjaice = 2 hoppips, 2 skiplooms, 2 jumplufs
Zedjarock = 6 charizards
Zedjasteel = 6 nosepass'

Hope it helped!

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Secret - Trade with non-normal

by pop001 Nov 12, 2007

on the trade search,type pop003 and you will see dark metallic and others especially the legendary pokemon.I'll accept any pokemon and it will rise up so you can wait for some non-normal pokemons -P.S. give me thumbs up pls.-

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Code - Hi guys this code mite help it's to do with (ZEDJAS) codes

by troutmen3 Sep 17, 2007

go to battle any member (computer controlled

zedjarockHelps rock type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjapoisonHelps poison/fire type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjafireHelps fire type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjaelectricHelps electric type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjagroundHelps ground type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjaghostHelps ghost type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjadarkHelps dark type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjagrassHelps grass type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
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Unlockable - Legendarys-how to get them

by Unregistered Aug 27, 2007

its hard to get legends

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ledgendarysbeat all badges and elite four
electric legendselectric maps
fire legendsfire maps
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Secret - Legends

by Dbzpower Jul 23, 2007

Ice CAve:

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Secret - Get as many legendaries

by someonedied Aug 15, 2007

if you caught a legendary put it up for trade...for example-i caught a kyogre put it up for trade then find another one this way you can get as many kyogre's as you like...give me a thumbs up

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Code - Zedja

by AMKO Sep 28, 2007

go to battle any computer controled

zedjaflyinghelps raise the level faster for flying type pokemon
zedjafirefor fire pokemon
shadowstormwaterfor water pokemon
shadowstormgrassfor grass pokemon
zedjaicefor ice pokemon
shadowstormelectricfor electric pokemon
zedjapsychicfor psychic pokemon
zedjapoisonfor poison pokemon
zedjaghostfor ghost type pokemon not ghostly
zedjadarkfor dark type pokemon not for darks
zedjasteelfor steel pokemon
zedjagroundfor ground pokemon
zedjarockfor rock pokemon
zedjadragonfor dragon pokemon
zedjanormalfor normal
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Hints - Hidden houses

by blaze_girl07 Apr 26, 2007

This is just in case you didn't know. The little houses on a couple of the grass maps are able to enter. You can go in them. I haven't heard of a pokemon in any of them though, and some trainers and computer trainers hide out in them.

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Unlockable - Zedja

by 456789123 Sep 06, 2007

cheat this

Unlockable:How to unlock:
zedjawater4 water
zedjabug4 bug
zedjafireeasy training 4 fire
zedjarock4 rock
zedjaflying4 fly pokemon
zedjawild4 wild
zedjaphysic4 physic
zedjaelectrick4 electrick
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Code - The litte things on pokemon crater

by Master_Cheater03 Oct 02, 2007

Go to battle on a offline mamber then put this username

shadowstormfire4 fire
shadowstormwater4 water
shadowstormelectric4 electric
shadowstormground4 ground
shadowstormrock4 rock
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Secret - Where to find psycic legendary pokemons

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2007

if you want to catch a good legendary pokemon read this.
1.go to maps the right mansion map
3.there is a statue of mew
4.walk around over there and you will find psycic legendary pokemons

Legendaries i found over there
Ghostly mew
You can find Deoxys to over there but i have not catch him already

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Unlockable - Legendaries.

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

How to get legendaries.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
EnteiLava maps.(Center)
ArticunoIce maps.(At the thick ice,near the snow stones)
MewCave maps.(Near rocks)
MewtwoSame place as Mew.
RegigasElectric maps.(Anywhere)
RegisteelSame place as Regigas.
Arceus.Same place as Mew.
Deoxys.Same place as Articuno.
Dialga.Same place as Mew.
Groudon.Same place as Mew.
Jirachi.Same place as Regigas.
Latias.Grass maps.(Near the river)
You all can get this byDefeat all gym leaders.
By:Creater of the Pokemoncrater...:)
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Password - The real COMPLETE list of Zedja

by azndude_101 Nov 19, 2007

This complete list of Zedjas are way better than Shadowstorms and this will really help if you need to beat the E4 and all 32 Gymleaders

zedjafire6 Parasects
zedjadragon6 Shelgons
zedjagrasswater2 Geodudes, 2 Graveler and 2 Golem
zedjapsychic3 Croagunk and 3 Toxicroak
zedjaghostAbra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Raltz, Kirlia and Gardevoir
zedjadarkAbra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Raltz, Kirlia and Gardevoir
zedjanormal2 Whismur, 2 Loudred and 2 Exploud
zedjasteel6 Nosepass
zedjafighting6 Aggrons
zedjaflying6 Parasects
zedjaelectric6 Pelipepper
zedjarock6 Charizards
zedjaice2 Hoppip, 2 Skiploop and 2 Jumpluff
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Secret - All the "training" usernames

by Gary521 Sep 28, 2007

Enter these names at “Battle Any Member (Computer Controlled)”
These names have high level Pokémon with weak attacks. Make sure that you bring lots of healing items for your weak Pokémon. Just make sure that you do not enter the spaces before the equal signs, otherwise you will not get to your destination. All of these work. I have personally checked them on Pokémon Crater myself.

- For Water Pokemon - = Water
Shadowstormwater = Water
Chambs = Water

- For Dark Pokemon - = Dark
Shadowstormdark = Dark
Zedjadark = Dark

Shadowstormfire = Fire
Zedjafire = Fire
Train Fire Pokemon Here = Fire
Soneric = Fire

Shadowstormelectric = Electric
Zedjaelectric = Electric
Ttkai = Electric

Shadowstormground = Ground
Zedjaground = Ground

Shadowstormrock = Rock
Zedjarock = Rock

Shadowstormpsychic = Psychic
Zedjapsycic = Psychic
Trainabra = Psychic

Shadowstormghost = Ghost
Zedjaghost = Ghost

Shadowstormdragon = Dragon
Zedjadragon = Dragon

Shadowstormflying = Flying
Zedjaflying = Flying
Flyhighbirds = Flying

Shadowstormice = Ice
Zedjaice = Ice

Shadowstormgrass = Grass
Zedjagrass = Grass
Trainchikorita = Grass
Badseed = Grass
Zedjagras = Grass

Shadowstormbug = Bug
Zedjabug = Bug

Shadowstormpoison = Poison
Zedjapoison = Poison

Shadowstormnormal = Normal

Shadowstormsteel = Steel
Zedjasteel = Steel

Zedjafighting = Fighting

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Secret - I know some

by Unregistered Jul 26, 2007

dialga you can find in the rock cave any place except the water.
palkia you can find in the rock cave in the water.
lugia you can find in the rock cave and ice cave, but in the rock cave it must be in water.

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