The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 61 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

whEre to find some legendarys

by Unregistered Sep 13, 2007

well its not a code cheat but its still good p.s hope theas help

registeelin the cave, ice cavern or the power plant
lugiain the water on the big grassland map
groudonin the cave
kyogrein the water in the big grassland map
deoxysin the cave
darkraiin the cave
ho-ohin the fire cavern
giratinain the cave
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poKemoncrater legendary cheats how to get legendary pokemon esaly

by slangboy123 Sep 18, 2007


articunoiceplace and grass place
groudonelectricplace cave place
mewtowelectric place
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by Unregistered Sep 10, 2007

enter on battle any trainer (Computer Controlled)(Note:this is much better than zedja)

shadowstormfiretrain 4 fire
shadowstormwater4 water
shadowstormelectric4 electric
shadowstormground4 ground
shadowstormrock4 rock
shadowstormpsychic4 psychic
shadowstormdark4 dark
shadowstormghost4 ghost
shadowstormdragon4 dragon
shadowstormflying4 flying
shadowstormice4 ice
shadowstormgrass4 grass
shadowstormbug4 bug
shadowstormpoison4 poison
shadowstormnormal4 normal
shadowstormsteel4 steel
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Hi guys this code mite help it's to do with (ZEDJAS) codes

by troutmen3 Sep 17, 2007

go to battle any member (computer controlled

zedjarockHelps rock type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjapoisonHelps poison/fire type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjafireHelps fire type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjaelectricHelps electric type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjagroundHelps ground type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjaghostHelps ghost type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjadarkHelps dark type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
zedjagrassHelps grass type pokemon level up to 100 faster.
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by AMKO Sep 28, 2007

go to battle any computer controled

zedjaflyinghelps raise the level faster for flying type pokemon
zedjafirefor fire pokemon
shadowstormwaterfor water pokemon
shadowstormgrassfor grass pokemon
zedjaicefor ice pokemon
shadowstormelectricfor electric pokemon
zedjapsychicfor psychic pokemon
zedjapoisonfor poison pokemon
zedjaghostfor ghost type pokemon not ghostly
zedjadarkfor dark type pokemon not for darks
zedjasteelfor steel pokemon
zedjagroundfor ground pokemon
zedjarockfor rock pokemon
zedjadragonfor dragon pokemon
zedjanormalfor normal
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ThE litte things on pokemon crater

by Master_Cheater03 Oct 02, 2007

Go to battle on a offline mamber then put this username

shadowstormfire4 fire
shadowstormwater4 water
shadowstormelectric4 electric
shadowstormground4 ground
shadowstormrock4 rock
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ThIs is Great than The zedjas

by navine0622 Oct 02, 2007

Go to the battle any member(computer controlled) Then Type Tihs CODES

shadowstormfireThis Trains Fire Type pkmn
shadowstormwaterThis Trains Water Type pkmn
shadowstormelectricThis Trains electric Type pkmn
shadowstormgroundThis Trains ground Type pkmn
shadowstormrockThis Trains rock Type pkmn
shadowstormpsychicThis Trains psychic Type pkmn
shadowstormdarkThis Trains dark Type pkmn
shadowstormghostThis Trains ghost Type pkmn
shadowstormdragonThis Trains dragon Type pkmn
shadowstormflyingThis Trains flying Type pkmn
shadowstormiceThis Trains ice Type pkmn
shadowstormgrassThis Trains grass Type pkmn
shadowstormbugThis Trains bug Type pkmn
shadowstorm poisonThis Trains poison Type pkmn
shadowstormnormalThis Trains normal Type pkmn
shadowstormsteelThis Trains steel Type pkmn
shadowstormfightingThis Trains fighting Type pkmn
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luNa cheats(2nd)

by lunathemapler Nov 12, 2007

click battle offline member and type these

the rest you should now.-------------------for luna cheats
980364929188192this acc got loads of psychic types and one fire type so prepare your selves
flyhighbirdsheracross fever (beware)
1234this is what i call fevar hehehe
cheatmon2918fever half
macman2918fever full
macman2918fever super high
i created luna cheats so plz look at it toothat time i did not have an account in cheatsguru thats why im unregisterd
plz give me thumbs up ok?????do not give me thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!
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to train gost pokemon easily

by cheater699 Sep 24, 2007

at battle computer controled

trainabraeasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
shadowstormghosteasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
Zedjabugeasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
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hoW to get pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

type the cheats at the gym battle that you are battling on a gym leader

keletoto get blastoise
selaloto get latias
hipdamusto get latios
dragonto get jirachi
rettingto get entei
asenterto get mew-two
pokemonto get lugia
salorto get groudon
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by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

because the cheat code

articunoiceplace and grass place
groudonelectricplace cave place
mewtowelectric place
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WhEre to find Legendaries

by Rookie Nov 15, 2007

Where to find Legendaries Easy

PalkiaIn the water(CAVE) in the middle
GroudonIn the cave Near the shore
KyogreIn the Water near rock in the big grassland map
GiratinaIn the cave sides or in Mansion near mew statue or Electric place
MewtwoIn the mansion near mewtwo statue
Shiny MewIn the cave left side Up higher ground in the side
Lugiain the big grassland map water not near rocks
Articunoice map on the side
HO-OHlava map higher ground
Deoxysgrassland map anywhere or cave map near rock or side
Regice/Regesteel/Regigigascave on left side higher gound
DialgaCave map Higher Ground
Latios and latiasgrassland map anywhere
Arceuscave map higher ground
Celebiin the cave near the shore
darkraiin the cave side
Azelf/Uxie/Mespritin the mansion near windows
Rayquazagrassland map anywhere
Shiny GiratinaMansion Near Mew statue
Shiny Rayquazaon grassland near the yellowish sand
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hoW to get legendary pokemon

by asdfg187 Oct 25, 2007

first you must have defeated all the gym leader and all three sets of elite four .hope these cheats help

dialgapower plant
shiny suicuneon the top left side in the cave in the water
dark deoxysbottom ice map on thick ice
deoxystop left side in the cave on the sand
dratinicetop left side in the cave in the water on low ground
moltressfire place low ground
ho-ohfire place high ground
mewhigh ground cave top left side in sand high ground
mewtwohigh ground cave left side top on sand
regicetop left side sand high ground
regigashigh left side high ground on sand
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by Lucario_136 Nov 14, 2007

Zedja does work i will explain it go onto the tab battle then battle gym battle live and battle anyone will appear click battle anyone the write the username zedja and the type.

Zedja anythingtrains guys fast
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geT ya pokemon u fast!

by cheaterxpert Nov 28, 2007

use the key board and type these in the battle computer

zedjaicetrains up ice pokemon
zedjafiretrains up fire pokemon
zedjapsychictrains up psychic pokemon
zedjabugtrains up bug pokemon
zedjawatertrains up water pokemon
zedjanormaltrains up normal pokemon
zedjaghosttrains up ghost pokemon
zedjadarktrains up dark pokemon
zedjasteeltrains up steel pokemon
zedjarocktrains up rock pokemon
zedjagrasstrains up grass pokemon
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thE zedja family

by warstise Nov 05, 2007

go to computer battle and type the following

zedjarocklevels rock up fast
zedjaicelevels ice up fast
zedjafirelevels fire up fast
zedjabuglevels bug up fast
zedjaelectriclevels electric up fast
zedjawaterlevels up water fast
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hoW to Legendary pokemon without beating gym leaders

by Unregistered Feb 18, 2008

enter the cheat to this username:kiantiu and the code is:Legend luck

Legend luckhelps catch
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EaSy level

by rahatzaman Jan 14, 2008

First log in to your file then go to battle on the last one and enter these codes

zedjafiretrains fire type pokemon
zedjawatertrains water type pokemon
zedjarocktrains rock type pokemon
zedjaflytrains flying type pokemon
zedjapoisontrains poison type pokemon
zedjagrasstrains grass type pokemon
zedjathundertrains thunder type pokemon
zedjapsychictrains psychic type pokemon
zedjadarktrains dark type pokemon
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ShAdowstorm cheat/code deleted!!

by catlover4life Nov 05, 2007

Yesterday all shadowstorm cheats were deleted/expired or as you'd like to call them. We only have Zedja's code left!!

zedjafire2 train fire pokemon
zedjawater4 water pokemon
zedjadragon4 dragon type pokemon
zedjaice4 ice pokemon
zedjadark4 dark pokemon
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goTta catch em all

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

im gonna tell u how 2 get tonnes of legendaries (u need 2 be able 2 beat all gyms and all leagues) so listen up

step 1:beat all da gyms and leagues
step 2:create a new acount
step 3:catch 7 pkmn and put 1 up 4 trade
step 4:get ur best 6 pkmn and trade em 2 ur new acount
step 5:beat all da gyms and leagues on the new acount
step 6:send the pkmn u traded bak 2 ur original acount
step 7:catch legendaries
hint:u will come across alot of the same legendaries u alredy hav so keep the beta 1 and trade the other1
step 8:send all the legendaries bak 2 ur original acount
hope it helpscya puta thumbs up wen u got more legendaries
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goTta catch em all

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

im gonna tell u how 2 get tonnes of legendaries (u need 2 be able 2 beat all gyms and all leagues)

step 1:create a new acount
step 2:catch 7 pkmn and put em up 4 trade (easier putin em up at same time)
step 3:get ur good pkmn and trade em 2 ur new acount
step 4:beat all da gyms and leagues
step 5:trade the good pkmn bak ova
step 6:catch legendaries
hint:if u alredy got the legendaries u catch find sum1 2 trade with (that doesnt hav the same pkmn)
step 7:trade all the gud 1s bak and do it again with other acounts
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TrAining dark, ground, ghost pokemon fast

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2007

first go to battle, select battle any member computer controlled, type these codes for what type your training.. If you train dark, ghost and ground pokemon through these, the attacks will not affect your pokemon. doesnt matter if your level 8 to 15.

shadowstormdarktrains dark
shadowstormgroundtrains ground
shadowstormghosttrains ghost
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thIs trains pokemon FAST!!

by teh3legendaryGODS Sep 27, 2007

search this at (computer controlled) battle

ShadowstormFiretrains fire pokemons
Shadowstormsteeltrains steel pokemons
ShadowstormDragontrain dragon pokemons
ShadowstormIcetrains ice pokemons
ShadowstormGhosttrains ghost pokemons
ShadowstormBugtrain bug pokemon
ShadowstormPsychictrains psychic pokemon
Shadowstorm____________ <----types of pokemontrains pokemons
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i Know only 5 legendarys

by solidsnake6275 Sep 17, 2007

on the map

on the map select first the cave onthe left down side on yellowish spot before the wateryou will caths a legendary
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luNa cheats

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

type in battle any member these usernames

lunathemapletrains lvl70+
lunathemaplertrains LVL3+
lunathemaple1trains lvl40+
lunathemaple2trains LVL50+
1234trains lvl90+
macroman2918trains LVL94+
lunatheconquerertrains lvl97+
jj6755trains LVL60+
Zedja(your pokemon type)trains any LvL
shadowstorm(your pokemon type)trains any LvL
ammotrains lvl 10+
lunathemaple3trains LVL8+
low soundi dunno wat lvl this account trains
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The Pokemon Crater Cheats


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