The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Answer

by Unregistered Aug 02, 2007

Only Shiny Pokemon at level 100 can get 500 hp

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Secret - Train Pokemon EASY!

by Blastoisedude Aug 30, 2007

ok heres how u train pokemon EASY!

Step 1. Go to Computer controlled battle

Step 2. type in zedja and then put the TYPE the pokemon is u want to train, like if you want to train a fire type pokemon you put zedjafire.

Step 3. Then click Battle Member

Hope I helped!
Notice: The best way to train your pokemon doing this is to use the lowest level they possibly can be. That way the get more Exp!

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Unlockable - The zedjas

by someonedied Oct 05, 2007

train pokemon faster

Unlockable:How to unlock:
zedjarockfor Water,Rock
zedjagroundfor ground
zedjapoisonfor poison
zedjasteelfor steel
zedjaelectricfor electric
zedjanormalfor normal
zedjadarkfor dark
zedjaghostfor ghost
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Secret - Get mewtwo,giratina,deoxyss and others!!!

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2007

go to the second floor in the mansion there youll see a statue go in front of it and go around it you will see many legendaries. ive got many legendaries

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Code - This is Great than The zedjas

by navine0622 Oct 02, 2007

Go to the battle any member(computer controlled) Then Type Tihs CODES

shadowstormfireThis Trains Fire Type pkmn
shadowstormwaterThis Trains Water Type pkmn
shadowstormelectricThis Trains electric Type pkmn
shadowstormgroundThis Trains ground Type pkmn
shadowstormrockThis Trains rock Type pkmn
shadowstormpsychicThis Trains psychic Type pkmn
shadowstormdarkThis Trains dark Type pkmn
shadowstormghostThis Trains ghost Type pkmn
shadowstormdragonThis Trains dragon Type pkmn
shadowstormflyingThis Trains flying Type pkmn
shadowstormiceThis Trains ice Type pkmn
shadowstormgrassThis Trains grass Type pkmn
shadowstormbugThis Trains bug Type pkmn
shadowstorm poisonThis Trains poison Type pkmn
shadowstormnormalThis Trains normal Type pkmn
shadowstormsteelThis Trains steel Type pkmn
shadowstormfightingThis Trains fighting Type pkmn
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Secret - A very good cheat

by pokeking1122 Oct 01, 2007

when in battle you pick the wrong pokemon press F5 to go back to the pokemon select

good if your doing the elite 4

p.s dont give me thums down plz k

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Unlockable - Legendary Pokemon

by hannibal Nov 22, 2007

place to look for legendary pokemon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ArceusCave maps, lava map, ice maps
ArticunoIce cave, grass maps
AzelfMansion maps
CelebiGrass maps, cave maps
CresseliaMansion maps
DarkraiCave maps, ice maps, mansion maps
DeoxysCave maps, grass map, mansion map, ice map
DialgaCave maps
DratiniceGrass map, cave map, ice maps
DratinireGrass map, electric maps,lava map
DratinillicGrass map, electric maps
EnteiGrass maps, lava map
GiratinaMansion maps, cave maps
Groudoncave map, electric maps, ice maps
HeatranLava map
Ho-ohGrass maps, lava map
JirachiCave map, mansion map, electric maps
KyogreWater in cave map, ice map, water in grass maps
LatiasGrass maps
LatiosGrass maps
LugiaWater in grass maps
ManaphyWater in grass maps
MespritMansion maps
MewMansion maps, cave maps
MewtwoMansion maps, cave maps
MoltresGrass maps, lava map
PalkiaWater in cave map
PhioneWater in grass maps
RaikouGrass map, electric maps
RayquazaGrass map, cave map, electric maps
RegiceCave map, ice maps
RegigigasCave maps, grass maps
RegirockCave map, ice maps
RegisteelCave map, ice maps
ShayminGrass maps
SuicuneWater in cave map, ice map
UxieMansion maps
ZapdosGrass maps, electric maps
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Unlockable - Where to find Legendaries

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2007

Look in these places (This is where I found mine)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
EnteiFire place
HeatranFire place
RegisteelGrassland, Cave
KyogreWater in Grassland
Latias, Shiny LatiasIn the sand on the grassland map
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Secret - How 2 find shiny palkia

by jimster Nov 15, 2007

Palkia is in the water on grass maps or cave water go in the water and search for one.This means that u have 2 move.Since shiny Palkia is shiny it WILL take longer 2 find,but remember DON'T GIVE UP

or u can go 2 trade pkmn and search 4 a shiny palkia that is up 4 trade(if searching through trade i recommend u offer something REALLY good pehaps another shiny kegendeary)

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Secret - Trading with dark,metallic and other pokemons

by pop001 Nov 12, 2007

go to trade search and type pop003,you can see unique pokemons for can make any pokemon to be offered and i'll accept it quickly and as time goes by,there would be many pokemons up to trade so you can wait for other dark,metallic,ghostly and shiny pokemon -PS pls. give me thumbs up-

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Secret - How 2 find Uxie

by jimster Oct 22, 2007

1st beat all gyms and E4

then go 2 the pokemon mansion and push F5 or move around until 1 shows up

*Note will take time 2 find and master ball recommended*

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Unlockable - Legendarys

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2007

First, You need to beat all the gym leaders and the Elite four.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
RegigigasGrassland maps
Registeelcave, grassland
EnteiFire place
HeatranFire place
LugiaWater in Grasslands
RegiceIce cave, cave
ZapdosElectric (powerplant), Grassland
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Secret - Level 100 unown

by Unregistered Sep 26, 2007

This will tell you and help you get a real level 100 unown.

1.Log on

2.Catch a level 15 or 14 unown(any one but it has to be level 15 or 14)

3.Get that unown in your team
3/half.Buy 20 potions thats just 10,000 dollars
4.Go to compuer battle and write down Zedjapsychic

5.Use Unown and use hidden power(Duh)

6.Contine and you'll get over 20000 exp and over 30000 dollars


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Code - Luna cheats(2nd)

by lunathemapler Nov 12, 2007

click battle offline member and type these

the rest you should now.-------------------for luna cheats
980364929188192this acc got loads of psychic types and one fire type so prepare your selves
flyhighbirdsheracross fever (beware)
1234this is what i call fevar hehehe
cheatmon2918fever half
macman2918fever full
macman2918fever super high
i created luna cheats so plz look at it toothat time i did not have an account in cheatsguru thats why im unregisterd
plz give me thumbs up ok?????do not give me thumbs down!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unlockable - Easy Training Other Then zedja's.

by XxNeMeSiSxX Sep 07, 2007

Juz press BATTLE,then computer controlled,then copy and paste this username.DonT forget the space Or it wonT work.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
- For Water Pokemon -for water pokemon
- For Dark Pokemon -for dark pokemon
trainchikoritafor grass pokemon
badseedfor grass pokemon
trainabrafor psychic
Train Fire Pokemon Herefor fire
issacgroundfor rock poke
issacwaterfor water
issacgrassfor grass
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Secret - Hackers

by azndude_101 Nov 19, 2007

If you have your email address on Pokemon Crater and you changed it to the hackers email address, you will be really sorry and by the way, DO NOT give anyone your password because they might hack you and take all of your hard worked pokemon, well give me thumbs up PLEASE?


P.S.=Add me on Pokemon Crater and my account on Pokemon Crater is azndude_101

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Secret - How 2 find Palkia easy

by jimster Oct 22, 2007

1st beat all gyms and E4 members

then go to the water in the grass maps push F5 until u find Palkia *note Palika may take some time 2 find has all the legenderies do

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Password - Zedja

by tyler-the-best Nov 05, 2007

go to battle computer Control and type in

zedjagroundtrains ground
zedjawatertrains water
ZedjabugTrains bug
zedjaelectrickTrains electric
ZedjafireTrains fire
ZedjagrassTrains grass
ZedjaiceTrains ice
ZedjasteelTrains steel
ZedjapsycicTrains Psycic
Zedjaghosttrains ghost
zedjaflyingtrains flying
zedjarocktrains rock
zedjapoisontrains poison
zedjadarktrains dark
zedjadragontrains dragon
zedjanormaltrains normal
zedjafightingtrains fighting
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Password - Really easy lvl up

by plantjl01 Oct 05, 2007

go into battle then battle member computor controlled and type in shadowstorm and the type of pokemon you want to train up etc

shadowstormfireyou fight a team that doesnt effect you or does hardly any damage
or any type of pokemn you want to train up but make sure your pokemon is about lvl 20 so its a bit strongmessage me for ore info and if this cheat is good im plantjl01
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Unlockable - Unlock some legendary pokemon and a lv.100 gengar

by gamerguru12345 Oct 31, 2007

do this to unlock some cool pokemon:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
lv.100 gastly,haunter, or gengarget atleast a lv.19 gastly then battle bruno in the elite,he does not affect you that much.keep on battling him until lv.100.
lv.100 giratinalook for it in fire cave.type in
zapdosi found it in the lab at the 3rd map.
dratnirei found him in the right side of fire cave.
azelfi found it in 2nd floor of the mansion.
mewi found it in the right side of the carpet in the mansion.once your in,go to the carpet then take 50 steps forwad then go left.
arceusfire cave on the right side.
latiosgrass map on water
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Unlockable - Get dialga and other legendaries fast!!

by toady50 Oct 25, 2007

just move around afer u beat every trainer (E4 too)

Unlockable:How to unlock:
dialgacave map press F5 or move around
palkiawalk into the cae map and go into water then refresh or move around
arceus-darkraigo to cave map for both (incredibly hard)!!!!!!
shaymingo to grass maps and walk or refresh
lugiago to grass map and walk or refresh in water
celebigo into cave or grass map and move or refresh
mewgo into cave map and and move or refresh
mewtosame as mew go into cave map and and move or refresh
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Code - To train gost pokemon easily

by cheater699 Sep 24, 2007

at battle computer controled

trainabraeasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
shadowstormghosteasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
Zedjabugeasy to become lvl 100 for gohst
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Code - How to get pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

type the cheats at the gym battle that you are battling on a gym leader

keletoto get blastoise
selaloto get latias
hipdamusto get latios
dragonto get jirachi
rettingto get entei
asenterto get mew-two
pokemonto get lugia
salorto get groudon
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Unlockable - Weakness of pokemon types

by KevinPatrickAndrei Nov 28, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
rock typeswater, grass, steel, ground
water typesgrass, electric
grass typesflying,fire,ice
fire typeswater,ground,rock
flyingelectric ,rock,ice
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Secret - Legendaries(where i found mine)

by Unregistered Oct 24, 2007

regigigas-grass map
mewtwo-mansion map second floor
shiny mewto-mansion map second floor
kyogre-water in top right cave map
rayquaza-grass map
celebi-grass map
entei-lava map
heatran-lava map
deoxys-cave map
regice-ice map

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