The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How 2 find RayQuaza

by jimster Oct 22, 2007

1st beat all gyms and E4

Rayquaza is in the grass maps push F5 until it appears i recommend using a masterball

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Secret - All the ways to train Pokémon easily.

by Unregistered Sep 27, 2007

Enter these names at “Battle Any Member (Computer Controlled)”
These names have high level Pokémon with weak attacks. Make sure that you bring lots of healing items for your weak Pokémon. Just make sure that you do not enter the spaces before the equal signs, otherwise you will not get to your destination.

- For Water Pokemon - = Water
- For Dark Pokemon - = Dark
Shadowstormfire = Fire
Shadowstormwater = Water
Shadowstormelectric = Electric
Shadowstormground = Ground
Shadowstormrock = Rock
Shadowstormpsychic = Psychic
Shadowstormdark = Dark
Shadowstormghost = Ghost
Shadowstormdragon = Dragon
Shadowstormflying = Flying
Shadowstormice = Ice
Shadowstormgrass = Grass
Shadowstormbug = Bug
Shadowstormpoison = Poison
Shadowstormnormal =
Zedjabug = Bug
Zedjaelectric = Electric
Zedjafire = Fire
Zedjagrass = Grass
Zedjaice = Ice
Zedjasteel = Steel
Zedjawater = Water
Zedjapsycic Zedjapsycich = Psychic
Zedjarock = Rock
Zedjaghost = Ghost
Zedjaflying = Flying
Zedjapoison = Poison
Zedjaground = Ground
Zedjadark = Dark
Trainchikorita = Grass
Badseed = Grass
Trainabra = Psychic
Train Fire Pokemon Here = Fire
Issacground = Ground
Issacwater = Water
Issacgrass = Grass
Chambs = Water
Soneric = Fire
Ttkai = Electric
Zedjaphysic = Psychic
Zedjaelectrick = Electric
Flyhighbirds = Flying

Im still working on it

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Secret - How 2 train water grass pokemon quick

by jimster Oct 10, 2007

u can either use shadowstorm or zedjawatergrass or u can just battle a gym leader over and over again

type badge(GYM)
grass rain badge dude, pyshic twins
water the pyshic twins

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Secret - How 2 catch Legenderies

by jimster Oct 22, 2007

1st beat E4 and all gyms

then move around on the maps until u find 1 *note will take time use masterball*

if the legendery is fire -lava map
if water/ice- water on grass/cave maps
ice -ice cave
Psyhic/Ghost-mansion cave
grass/normal- grass maps

theres mnay differnt possiblities some r found on 2or 3 maps others found on 1 so just look until u find 1

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Password - Fear's cheazt list

by Lonley_13 Oct 22, 2007

theses are other ther people cheatsto train pokemon. Go to cumpter battle type in passwprd. u have to battle lv.100

Zedjagrass or shadowstormgrassThis Trains grass
Zedjaelectric or shadowstormelectricThis Trains electric
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Secret - Zedja grass and zedja water

by jimster Oct 10, 2007

has u may know zedjas help train ur pokemon but zedja grass and zedja waters pkmn r weak and r differnt lvs so find a way 2 train around this

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Unlockable - LAva pokemons

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

You must down the the gym leaders and elite 4 first

Unlockable:How to unlock:
heatranat the lava place higher grounds
giratinacave higher grounds
shaymingrasslands place
palkiacave (water place)
pokemon leaguegrass lands between map 9 & 10h
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Secret - How 2 get alot of money

by jimster Nov 15, 2007

all u need 2 do is use the Zedja/shadowstorm trick many many many times i recommend u use it on ground or ghost or flying but keep using it and watch both ur pkmns lv and ur money rise

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Password - Shadow

by Unregistered Oct 03, 2007

go on battle any member and type the follawing

shadowstormfire4 fire poke
shadowstormwater4 water poke
shadowstormdragon4 dragon poke
shadowstormnormal4 normal poke
shadowstormground4 ground poke
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Unlockable - Other legendaries

by Unregistered Sep 28, 2007

some easy legends to find if u want to see my account username its daylight92

Unlockable:How to unlock:
lugiathe grass map in the water
celebimansion near mew's statue
mewtwoin the caves near rocks
moltresin lava and and grass
zapdosgrass and electric maps
articunograss and ice maps in the tck ice
enteigrass and lava
rakougrass and electric maps
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Secret - How to get giratina

by Unregistered Nov 07, 2007

to find giratina go to the north left cave map

please thumes up
magic alex (thats me)

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Secret - Rase gastly to a lv100 gengar

by JONAA9 Sep 03, 2007

1:get a gastly
2:battle brawly
3:he does not affect you
3:arond 50-60-70 battle bruno
4:do not battle haiama and hitmonchan
5:you have a gengar lv100

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Secret - How to get legendaries

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

lugia grass near da shore
latias grass near da entrance 4 cave
deoxy mansion 2nd flur center
mewto cave near da rocks
hooh fire cave high ground

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Code - Cheats

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

because the cheat code

articunoiceplace and grass place
groudonelectricplace cave place
mewtowelectric place
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Glitch - How to catch Legendaries fast

by Rookie Nov 14, 2007

in pokemoncrater you can see on the top of the screen delta gamma and many more but if you want to catch legendaries try to make it ZETA its easier than the other

by it I found many legendaries try to check my account i have loots of legendaries for trade darkraider that's my name

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Secret - Cheats and more/ legandaries

by 88sabrina88 Nov 22, 2007

These are legandaries and where i found them:(notice you only have to beat all the gym leaders)

Pokemon Area

Lugia: Water in the field area
Mew: Cave map/ top left part of the cave in the sand
Mewtwo: Mansion map/top floor
Dratinice: Same map as mew in water
Moltres/Entei: Fire map low ground
Latios/Latias: In fron of cave entrance
Ho-oh: Fire map top ground
Dark Suicune: Same as Dratinice
Dratinire: Fire map
Deoxoys: bottom right part of the cave map in sand
Dark Deoxoys: bottom ice map on the ice patch
Arceus/Darkrai: cave map(ultra hard though i have them both)
Shaymin: Grass map

I have some of these. I hope this helped!!!
I announce thanks to my friend, Marcus, for telling me about pokemon crater.

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Password - Battle this to get your pokemon get a high level experience

by dialga26 Oct 24, 2007

go to battle press"battle any member" and type the following

shadowstormfirebattle 6 pokemon fire
shadowstormpsychicbattle 6 pokemonpsycic
shadowstormflyingbattle 6 pokemonflying
shadowstormicebattle 6 pokemon ice
shadowstormsteelbattle 6 pokemon steel
shadowstormpoisonbattle 6 pokemon poison
shadowstormwaterbattle 6 pokemon water
shadowstormbugbattle 6 pokemon bug
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Secret - Locations of legendary......

by lhordyjun12345 Nov 12, 2007

articuno ice map...on thick ice
groudon cave map...on the side
moltres fire
zapdos electric map...near generators
kyogre water on grass map...near rocks
phione water on grass map...near the shore
manaphy water on grass map...near the shore
deoxys cave map...near the entrance
Palkia ...In The Caves(IN WATER)
Lugia ...At Grass Maps(IN WATER)
Latias and Latios ...Grass Maps
Mesprit,Uxie and Azelf ...Mansion Maps
Shaymin ...Grass Maps
Heatran ...Lava Maps
Ho-oh ...Grass and Lava maps
Rayquaza ....Mansion Windows
Dialga ...Electric map 2
registeel the cave, ice cavern or the power plant
giratina... in the cave
darkrai... in the cave

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Secret - This is very importent read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by valglan Oct 08, 2007

if someone tells you you to change your email craete a acount then do it on new account or theye will steal yours kk just be careful and shadow storms are better than zedjas true kk wath out

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Secret - Guide for level 100 who has ancient power attack

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

1.login to your account
2.battle(computer controlled)
3.type nitrodown and use your pokemon who has an ancient power
4.just use your ancient power to the pokemon
(nitrodown)=4 charizard,1 moltres,1 ho-oh
defeat him you until you gain a level 100 pokemon

give me thumbs up please my account name is TaLo-KaH-Sa-AkIn please message me for more info

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Code - Where to find Legendaries

by Rookie Nov 15, 2007

Where to find Legendaries Easy

PalkiaIn the water(CAVE) in the middle
GroudonIn the cave Near the shore
KyogreIn the Water near rock in the big grassland map
GiratinaIn the cave sides or in Mansion near mew statue or Electric place
MewtwoIn the mansion near mewtwo statue
Shiny MewIn the cave left side Up higher ground in the side
Lugiain the big grassland map water not near rocks
Articunoice map on the side
HO-OHlava map higher ground
Deoxysgrassland map anywhere or cave map near rock or side
Regice/Regesteel/Regigigascave on left side higher gound
DialgaCave map Higher Ground
Latios and latiasgrassland map anywhere
Arceuscave map higher ground
Celebiin the cave near the shore
darkraiin the cave side
Azelf/Uxie/Mespritin the mansion near windows
Rayquazagrassland map anywhere
Shiny GiratinaMansion Near Mew statue
Shiny Rayquazaon grassland near the yellowish sand
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Secret - How to level up your Pokemon to LV.100

by AndresDX1 Nov 07, 2007

Go to Members, and type in this if you want to level up your pokemon to LV.100 really fast: (just the Zedja username)

Zedjaice: Trains Ice Pokemon
Zedjadragon: Trains Dragon- type pokemon
Zedjafire: Trains Fire- type pokemon
Zedjaelectric: Trains Electric- type Pokemon
Zedjafighting: Trains Fighting- type
Zedjaflying: Trains Flying- Type Pokemon
Zedjanormal: Trains Normal- Type Pokemon/ Some more cheats are coming!!!!

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Code - How to get legendary pokemon

by asdfg187 Oct 25, 2007

first you must have defeated all the gym leader and all three sets of elite four .hope these cheats help

dialgapower plant
shiny suicuneon the top left side in the cave in the water
dark deoxysbottom ice map on thick ice
deoxystop left side in the cave on the sand
dratinicetop left side in the cave in the water on low ground
moltressfire place low ground
ho-ohfire place high ground
mewhigh ground cave top left side in sand high ground
mewtwohigh ground cave left side top on sand
regicetop left side sand high ground
regigashigh left side high ground on sand
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Unlockable - Ledgendery birds

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2007

where to find them

Unlockable:How to unlock:
moltresafter you have completed elite 4 go to da lava cave and it is in there somewhere
articunoafter you have completed the elite 4 go to da ice cave and it is there somewhere
zapdosafter yo have completed the elite 4 go to da power plant and its in there somewhere
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Secret - Zedja

by Unregistered Nov 20, 2007

this is how to use zedjas go to battle any member cpu controled and the put in thiszedjafire 6 Parasects
zedjadragon 6 Shelgons
zedjagrasswater 2 Geodudes, 2 Graveler and 2 Golem
zedjapsychic 3 Croagunk and 3 Toxicroak
zedjaghost Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Raltz, Kirlia and Gardevoir
zedjadark Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Raltz, Kirlia and Gardevoir
zedjanormal 2 Whismur, 2 Loudred and 2 Exploud
zedjasteel 6 Nosepass
zedjafighting 6 Aggrons
zedjaflying 6 Parasects
zedjaelectric 6 Pelipepper
zedjarock 6 Charizards
zedjaice 2 Hoppip, 2 Skiploop and 2 Jumpluff
(example: if i want to train salamance he is a dragon type so i must put in zedjadragon and fight all 6 level 100 with him use dragon attacks)

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