The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - How to get legends

by groeen Oct 01, 2007

If u want legends look here.First, beat the gyms and elite.U should start off with the gyms.Trust me.All the pokemon in the elite r lvl. 100!Then keep walking around.It might take u a few days.Sometimes it could be the first pokemon u see after the first step.Start with the mansion map. It's the best.BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Secret - Ghost-Training

by Darkrai-Rules Sep 26, 2007

Ghost-trainings-easy=LV8 around level75, LV9 around level70, LV10 around level65, LV11 around level60 withdraw with Attack'Night-Shade' battle computer zedjaghost keep using night shade over and over opponent dosnt affect you when beat all six ghost pokemon (they arnt really psychic)when defeated high level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please give me thumbs up -*Thankyou*-

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Secret - Easy legendaries

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2007

if you found a legendary, log out shut down your computer and start your computer NO RESTART!!. if you log in and you go to the same place. you will find another legendary.
it works by my computer. i go always to the right mansion map. by the stairs you see a statue of mew if you walk around there you will find psycic legendary pokemons i found giratina,ghostly mew, mewto,celebi,jirachi,uxie (3 times but you may have only one) and mesprit over there

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Easter Egg - Alot of expirience and money

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2007

this is a hint.first get a level 20 gyarados and go to battle a member (computer controlled)and put in zedjaflying then battle with the gyarados and keep using aurora beam until you defeat all of the parasects.then you will get 15000 expirience and 20550 money.mines got to level 50

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Secret - Psyhic pkmn

by jimster Nov 27, 2007

can be found in diffenrt places some are in the grass maps others are in the pokemonmansion thingy the building thing (not grass maps cave maps electric maps or lava the other 1) and some are even found in the cave maps (rock and ice unown)

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Secret - Useful tips:

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

for zedja and shadowstorm cheat:
1.mostly,all of pokemon in the cheat have 20 damage in the cheat
2.lvls 10-20:40+lvl increase
30-40:20-10 lvl
3.most useful heal:SUPER POTION NOT ULTRA

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Secret - Fire map

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

more fire pokemon are by the cliff on the fire map

more ground pokemon are found on the edges of the map

more legendary pokemon are on high ground

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Secret - Findin arceus

by Unregistered Oct 16, 2007

u can find arceus in the fire cave after u beat all gymz and all elite 4'z!!hope i helped

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Secret - Groudon

by jimster Nov 26, 2007

u can find groudon on the cave map the regular cave and u can also fid him on the lava map but i usually find him on the cave maps

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Glitch - Teleporting In Different Parts Of The Map

by blizz07 Nov 02, 2007

click ur URL,then at the end change the number to any numbur u like...
then press F5+Enter
you will teleport in diff. parts of the map.....

~It WOrks~

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Secret - Pokes

by Unregistered Sep 28, 2007

how to find and get legendarys

to find them :

ho-oh= fire map
mettalic deokys= ice map
mewtwo and mew= cave map
darkrai= cave map on sand, left down side

to get them:

use a master ball for an easy no hit catch tip: try beating all elite fours an gyms first

if u want to message me my username is frew4

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Unlockable - Crazy man unlocks

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

dont use this cheat if you didnt beat all gyms and elite four

Unlockable:How to unlock:
groudongo to power plant second map
mewtwoin the mansion anywere
jarachiin the mansionanywere
manaphyon the rocks in grasslands
kyogreon yhe rocks in grasslands
registeelin the ice maps
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Unlockable - Get easy legends

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

beat all gyms and elite can only get one of each plus you can only get one legendary in a time have to wait about an hour

Unlockable:How to unlock:
mewtwoin the mansion anywere
mewin the mansion anywere
registeel,rock,ectin the ice maps
groudonthe powerplant generaters
manaphyon the rocks in grasslands
kyogreon the rocks in grasslands
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Unlockable - Were the legendarys are

by derderder Oct 22, 2007

Go to these places to catch these pokemon

Unlockable:How to unlock:
GroudonThe cave map
Kyogre,PalkiaThe cave map water
Phione,Manaphy,LugiaGrassland map in water
Regirock,Regice,Registeel,RegigigasThe cave map in the sand near water
Uxie,Mesprit,Azelf,mew,mew-two,cresseliaMansion map 2nd floor
DialgaCave map high ground
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Code - Gotta catch em all

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

im gonna tell u how 2 get tonnes of legendaries (u need 2 be able 2 beat all gyms and all leagues) so listen up

step 1:beat all da gyms and leagues
step 2:create a new acount
step 3:catch 7 pkmn and put 1 up 4 trade
step 4:get ur best 6 pkmn and trade em 2 ur new acount
step 5:beat all da gyms and leagues on the new acount
step 6:send the pkmn u traded bak 2 ur original acount
step 7:catch legendaries
hint:u will come across alot of the same legendaries u alredy hav so keep the beta 1 and trade the other1
step 8:send all the legendaries bak 2 ur original acount
hope it helpscya puta thumbs up wen u got more legendaries
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Secret - Raising the level of pokemons

by good2food Aug 06, 2007

its an easy way to raise ur pokemon level with the help of zedja code.if u want to train a fire pokemon go to battle any member computer controlled,then type in the bar zedjafire and if u wan to train a electric then type zedjaelectric.u can also open more then one pokemon pages at a time and also start a battle in every page.(fighting should be against zedja for maximum results). i hope i have helped u.

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Glitch - Rares

by Unregistered Jan 21, 2010

On the phicic map near the top left corner there should be a hill with another hill on top of it climb the first hill when there walk around the second hill wile your on the first when you can walk no futher to the right and you cant go down you should still be able to go in a downwards diagonal derection to the left if you press the downwards diagonal to the left button u shouldint move any were if you keep presing downwards diagonal to left button the rares glich happens every 20 or so clicks will proudduce a rare pokemon to battle and catch

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Secret - Get magmortar Lvl 50+

by cyborgKING Feb 11, 2008

Go to trade in search by user wirght Unown Squad
and you will see a magmortar lvl 50+ (1 only)
I will give it 4 any grss pokmon

P.S.I will be putting it up for trade in March29

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Secret - Where to find riolu and evolve to lucario

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

go to the map and click on the right hand bottom corner and walk through the plants till you find a riolu, good luck i have 8

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Secret - How to change guys

by Lucario_136 Nov 15, 2007

to change guys refresh the page or copy and paste the adress then search the copy and paste way loads quicker.note you cannot do this in a live battle

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Secret - Worst Happenings

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

i cant believe what happened to shadowstorm.. it doesnt work already.. but zedja still works.. in zedja theres no ZedjaWater and ZedjaGrass.. heres the tip training water and grass if you want the long way:
water: battle roxxane until level 15-17. then brock until level 19. then roark until evolved completely. then flannery until level 68-72. battle blaine until level 100.
grass: battle roxxane, brock and roark until fully evolved. then misty until level 36. let your grass pokemon learn an electric move. then battle wake. use the electric move on gyarados. beware of aurora beam. use the grass move on quagsire. use any move on floatzel and then the electric move on gyarados again. do it until you reach the late 40's. battle Chuck. battle him until level 75. then battle wallace. hard.
well, for faster... i only know for water, battle zedjarock..they are charizards.ok so i did hard work to do this.. well, happy training!

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Secret - How to train ghost pokemon easy

by Unregistered Oct 30, 2007

get a ghost type pokemon(haunter)and vs bruno with it all of brunos guys cant hit it besides hitmonchan and hariama so train it a litte frist so it can stand a litte hits(not little like 60-100 dmg)then you can use this to train other type pokemon(bug grass electric)by summoning that pokemon frist and when it faints bring out the ghost 1)
if u dont know what to do and have a pokemon crater or mechquest account you can e-mail me and ask!

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Secret - Zedja and Shadowstorm code hints

by catlover4life Oct 29, 2007

When you want to lvl up a pokemon with lvl 25 or less with Zedja or Shadowstorm code, make sure you have plenty of potions or berries, cuzz the first battle against Zedja or Shadowstorm with a 25 lvl or less pokemon might be long. Also i recommend Shadowstorm code better than zedja. And if you have a physic pokemon and want to lvl up with Zedja or Shadowstorm code, be sure to type well Physic. In Shadowstorm code, physic is typed "phycic" and in zedja it is typed "physic" . If training physic, then use Shadowstorm code, believe me, you won't like zedja code 4 physic.

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Secret - Elite 4 weaknesses

by gamerguru12345 Oct 29, 2007

pokemon type:psychic
defeat by:fire,ghost, or dark[lv. 100]
pokemon type:bug/rock,poison
defeat by:ghost,fire,water[lv. 100]
pokemon type:fighting
defeat by:ghost,dark
pokemon type:poison/grass,dark
defeat by:fire,ghost[lv. 100]
pokemon type:grass,water,dark
defeat by:fire,grass,ghost[lv. 100]
pokemon type:psychic,dark,steel
defeat by:water,fire,ghost[lv. 100]
pokemon type:ice,water
defeat by:fire,grass[lv. 100]
pokemon type:dragon/flying
defeat by:thunder,fire[lv. 100]
pokemon type:bug/grass
defeat by:fire
pokemon type:water,rock
defeat by:thunder,water[lv. 100]
pokemon type:fire,psychic
defeat by:water,ghost,dark[lv. 100]
pokemon type:psychic,fighting
defeat by:ghost

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Secret - Battling

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

when you are in a battle, dying is not the only way to switch to a different pokemon. If you press the refresh button while battling you can switch your pokemon to a different one.

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