The Pokemon Crater Cheats

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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Chose it

by Unregistered Oct 24, 2007

when you started pokemoncrater of if you started pokemon crater chose torchic as the starter pokemon. when torchic evolves in to a blazkien teach it dynamicpunch becose it is good on most of the elitefour.and my user name is (caps) my user name is CALEBS BLAZKIEN!

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Glitch - Hehehehe...

by Roar_Chidori Oct 22, 2007

I have discovered a glitch... Not a bad one, but heck is it funny. You know at the end of the URL when you're on a map, it says map=#? Well, change the number at the end and you'll teleport around the map everytime you refresh the page! I don't know how many times this works. I think it depends on the number you put in.

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Secret - Beating Clair in Gym Battle

by Unregistered Oct 22, 2007

What you need to do is to get a Rotom. Use that throughout the battle using Thundershock. Doing this will cause Clair's pokemon to have no effect on you. This is kind of like Zedja or Shadowstorm.

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Secret - Earn more points

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2007

Hey guys this is not a cheat,rather a useful hint that you should use for earning more points in pokemoncrater.

ok for earning points the only way is to battle,but the other thing is you to catch pokemons too.If you battle a lot but a have less pokemon you will not get much points.
If you are in legendary catching stage then try to catch more of legendaries.This will help earn you more points.

I have discovered this after being three months in pokemoncrater.

My id is fearfactorkrish.

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Secret - Better Zedja Hints

by sammstoise Oct 11, 2007

To raise base pokemon to an easy 65 or 70 in one battle, fight a zedja account.
most people will tell you this, but i have a better tip.
If you just want exp. or money, use a pokemon with an immunity against a zedja acount. this way, you can fight it from base level and not lose ANY hp. It may take a little while but you'll do it without spending any money on potions.

i find Zedjaground the funnest.

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Secret - How to catch

by Nickson25 Nov 29, 2007

this is how u catch legendaries:
i only no 5 but i hope this helps!!

Celebi:In cave map near sand
Garatina:Near rocks in cave map/in mansion bottom map
Deoxeys:in ice map near rocks
Mew-two:in cave map on top levels
Dratinice:near rocks in cave map

this is were i found them
hope it works!!

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Secret - WHERE to obtain legendary pokemon??????

by ZAQWAN93 Nov 26, 2007

here are the places!!!!!

ice map(top)=suicune u can also find lugia here
fire map=ho-oh n other (fire) legend
mansion map= psychic legend

good luck!!!!!

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Secret - How to have many wins without losses

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

if you want to have many wins read this
first make sure you have enough experience to battle brock or other weak gym leaders keep on battling them until you have many wins

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Secret - Infinity Potions

by James_MMX Nov 05, 2007

Everybody know you can open many window of your own I.D but you all doesn't know this.
Open around two windows and leave one alone(move it sometimes but not after 30 minutes)
Fight in a gym or shadowstorm or live battle. When you almost out of potions, Go to the window that I call you to leave it. Remember that you leave at least one potions as thelast potions before you add more potions. The window that doesn't fight go to the buy Iventory and buy potions. The next round after you use the last potions, It will add how much you buy the potions. Keep doing this when you are almost out of potions.

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Secret - Where or how to get fast & good pokemons

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

go to the main map and go to map #6 there might be a house go to the bottem left corner of the house and walk south-west keep refreshing till you see a pokemon.

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Secret - Cheats for crater

by sukhman_ice123 Oct 25, 2007

Pokemoncrater cheats from the website (

Pokemoncrater cheats.01.00

1.0 How to catch palkia and diagla how to actually catch it is you need to beat all gym badges and e4 and you need 3,mil of exp. To catch them fast. And there is a faster way how to catch them you donít need to keep clicking links all you do is
2.0 Ok now how to train fast
1. Need to know links like zedja and shadow storm and nitro down all you do is add this fire electric and water and you can train but not for nitro down its like numbered 1 3 4 5 thatís all.

Catches for Pokemoncrater: did you know that Pokemoncrater has its own pattern for catching pokemon just like that thatís why you f5 so its easir so you donít need to waste your time or if you want all water stand in water and f5 for fire to the same and for other types instead of wasting your time clickling found out

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Glitch - Where to find what (for beginners)

by Unregistered Oct 18, 2007

Rayquaza: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; grass map, cave map, electric maps
Regigigas: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; cave maps, grass maps
Articuno: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; Ice cave, grass maps
Dialga: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; cave maps

I'll only paste this much for now. BRB

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Secret - WHERE TO GET WHAT by ashamatey

by Unregistered Oct 18, 2007

Dratinilic: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; grass map, electric maps
Dratinire: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; grass map, lava map
Dratinice: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; grass map, cave map, ice map
Deoxys; Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; Cave maps, ice maps, mansion maps
Celebi: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; grass maps, cave maps
Articuno: Defeat the Elite Four and all gyms; Ice cave, grass maps

I just cant helping Yer all. Im toooooooooooooooo good!

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Glitch - Guys i dicoved somethig cool

by darkdragon36 Oct 15, 2007

okkkk so when u log in right u will see gamma/alfa/betta ect logout then log in keep tryind that untle u get delta

u have to keep walking around and the u will find s legs cause i looked for hours on gaama/alfha/betta and found only one leg in 10 days now delta i found s cellebi yesterday and s latias todayy hope my (cheat) helps

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Secret - Training Accounts

by Roar_Chidori Oct 15, 2007

Yes, there are such things as Training Accounts! And heck do they make life much easier! Of course, you've heard of the Zedjas, but did you know that some people make fake accounts? That's why there's also the Isaac training accounts. There's much more, and if you look at the Pokemoncrater Training Guide (found in the Crater forums), you can find all of the Training Accounts! Hope I helped.

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Secret - Keep pokemon alive

by Unregistered Oct 15, 2007

if your in a battle and your pokemon is about to die press f5 and enter at the same time and youll go back to pokemon select page!

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Secret - Were to get shaymin

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2007

go to the electric map and then walk out of it and near there you can find shaymin

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Glitch - How to catch Legendaries fast

by Rookie Nov 15, 2007

in the top of your screen on the address bar you can see delta.gamma.alpha.zeta and many more but if you want to catch legendaries make it zeta
that example is the place where you can find Lugia /Manarphy/Kyogre/Phione in the water near rocks...

PM me if you have a M/S/G/D Zapdos

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Secret - Legendaries

by Lucario_136 Nov 14, 2007

You must have beaten all gyms and all elite fours to get legendaries.

Here are some really good places to find legendaries.

1. in the cave map (not mansion) go to the higher ground which is sand with no water on it on the same map it has the computer trainer steven. There i found darkrai,arceus,mew,dark mewtwo, registeel,regirock,dratinice,regice,groudon and some other guys all in the same day.

In the mansion beside the mew statue (looks like marowak) there are many legendaries. my friend saw azelf there on his first shot.

Eevee-go to the grass map that is right of the grass map with the entrance to the electric place
The first one is the best

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Code - Gotta catch em all

by Unregistered Oct 29, 2007

im gonna tell u how 2 get tonnes of legendaries (u need 2 be able 2 beat all gyms and all leagues)

step 1:create a new acount
step 2:catch 7 pkmn and put em up 4 trade (easier putin em up at same time)
step 3:get ur good pkmn and trade em 2 ur new acount
step 4:beat all da gyms and leagues
step 5:trade the good pkmn bak ova
step 6:catch legendaries
hint:if u alredy got the legendaries u catch find sum1 2 trade with (that doesnt hav the same pkmn)
step 7:trade all the gud 1s bak and do it again with other acounts
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Glitch - Get multiple guys

by Lucario_136 Nov 16, 2007

when you encounter a pokemon you want right click on click here to capture instead of left click. the it will come up with some options. click open in a new tab the you can catch the guy on both tabs. (havent tried with legendary but i know it works for others)

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Secret - Taleporting

by abdurrahman Nov 05, 2007

hey guys do u know ho wto teleport it is just simple ujust go to the addres bar (where type dont erase anything it must remains the same.
u type 1877 in the adress is very usefull
please give me thumbs up thank u.

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Code - Training dark, ground, ghost pokemon fast

by Unregistered Nov 02, 2007

first go to battle, select battle any member computer controlled, type these codes for what type your training.. If you train dark, ghost and ground pokemon through these, the attacks will not affect your pokemon. doesnt matter if your level 8 to 15.

shadowstormdarktrains dark
shadowstormgroundtrains ground
shadowstormghosttrains ghost
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Secret - Increase your pokemon level

by rconnect Sep 03, 2007

Zedjafire = 6 parasects
Zedjapsychic = 3 croagunks 3 toxicroaks
Zedjawater = mistake do not use!
Zedjaghost = ralts, abra, krilia, kadabra, gardevior, alakazam
Zedjagras =6 blastoise
Zedjaelectric = 6 pelipers
Zedjafighting = 6 aggrons
Zedjaground = 6 aggrons
Zedjadark = ralts, abra, krilia, kadabra, gardevior, alakazam
Zedjadragon = 6 shelgons
Zedjanormal = 2 whismurs, 2 loadreds, 2 exploads
Zedjaice = 2 hoppips, 2 skiplooms, 2 jumplufs
Zedjarock = 6 charizards
Zedjasteel = 6 nosepass'

can anyone give me kyore and palkia if you can give me please selected the pokemon from my id king_king7_king and message me which pokemon you want from my pokemon list

thank you

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Secret - Zedjas

by Unregistered Jul 30, 2007

If you want your pokemon to gain levels quicker, go to battle, then click on the option to battle a computer controlled trainer. Make sure you have a ghastly (Or any other ghost type pokemon) with you. Type in zedjapoison. The trainer will have 6 level 100 pokemon, but they only know the move splash. Try to get all your pokemon with you to battle and after you do that keep attacking the trainer's pokemon with your ghost type pokemon until you win the battle. You should get a lot of money and the pokemon with you will gain a lot of experience points. There is also zedjafire, zedjaice, zedjabug, zedjapsychic, and more. I hope this helped!

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