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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - This trains pokemon FAST!!

by teh3legendaryGODS Sep 27, 2007

search this at (computer controlled) battle

ShadowstormFiretrains fire pokemons
Shadowstormsteeltrains steel pokemons
ShadowstormDragontrain dragon pokemons
ShadowstormIcetrains ice pokemons
ShadowstormGhosttrains ghost pokemons
ShadowstormBugtrain bug pokemon
ShadowstormPsychictrains psychic pokemon
Shadowstorm____________ <----types of pokemontrains pokemons
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Secret - Changing moves

by Lugia27 Oct 16, 2007

When you're changing a move, the move that is the same type as the Pokemon will be less expencive.

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Secret - Pokemons fast

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

go to map #6 if u c a house go to the bottem left corner and go south-west keep refreshing intill u c pokemons.

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Glitch - Awsome cheat!!!!!!!!!!

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

ok first if you wanna get legendaries first get a houndour and train it to level 50 do not evolve..
2.battle a marril any level and let your houndoor die.
3.then press continue
4.then logout
5.login again
6.send a message to pokemonstaff
7.make it say gimme a legendarie and the subject will be nothing
8.logout for an hour
9.then your houndoor will be gone and replaced by any legendarie
happing glitching! user is leonow

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Secret - HOW to get your 1st legendary???????

by ZAQWAN93 Nov 26, 2007

altough u hve already defeated the all the gymleaders n E4 u find it is very hard to find the legendary pokemons so here's the trick!!!!!!!!
when u defeated all the E4 n gymleaders go to the mansion map(top floor)then you have to play for at least 30 minutes!!!!!!!
after u find your first legendary pokemon u find it is to find legendary pokemon!!!!!!

GOOD LUCK trying this cheat!!!!!

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by OMFGitsWill Oct 11, 2007

To get 37500 exp and $68250 get a level 8 houndoor and verse "shadowstormdark" in computer battle

All of there pokemon are level 100 bat cant hit you.

Happy playing

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Unlockable - Dialga

by wi123 Nov 14, 2007


Unlockable:How to unlock:
palkiacave water
Dialgaelectric map2
lugiawater on grassmaps near rocks
Groudoncave map sides
articonoice map on thick ice
motresfire map center
zapdoselectrikmap near generators
Deoxyceve map near the entrance
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Secret - Don't lose in gym battles

by Unregistered Sep 24, 2007

If your last pokemon dies in gym battle, DON'T CLICK CONTINUE. Click one of the upper tabs. (For Example: Maps, Battles, Your account, etc) then you won't lose. It worked for me. Hope it works! ;)

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Glitch - Buy items in the middle of a match

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2007

I you're running low on items in a battle (must be against trainer with multiple pokemon, open the "buy items" section in a new window...
Purchase whatever you need then close...
Open your battle window and finish the 1st battle...
On the 2nd battle, you would have purchased whatever you bought...

(Not 100% sure, but it worked with me!)

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Password - Piyos

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

write piyos at the top of the screen to find a shiny palkia

piyosshiny palkia
dragonshiny suicune
groundshiny groudon
poohtshiny diamond
kookmetallic palkia
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Secret - Teleporting

by PokemonMasterMewtwo Nov 26, 2007

to do this u have go to any map after that go to your address bar
do not delete any thing go to the and and type in 1877......
then hit enter..before hiting enter look at the where r u...
hit enter then u see that you where far away u were before or teleported....
this cheat may be get u legendaries..........
this cheat dose really works trust me........

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Glitch - Teleportation

by cheatman2232 Nov 26, 2007

You can teleport around a map insted of running around. all you have to do is at the end of the adress bar where the numbers are, you simply add at least 2 numbers to the end and press enter then PRESTO you teleport randomly around the map NOTE if you battle a pokemon when you go back to the map you have to re-type the code and this glitch only works if you press enter

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Secret - How to get groudon

by queiei Nov 19, 2007

hes on the cave map on the upper land with water

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Secret - Where catch legendss

by Unregistered Nov 19, 2007

kyogre water near rocks i recommened zeta
groudon ground maps no.13 high ground near sides
mew mansion or ground
shiny ho-oh lava map near the high ground
mesprit at mansion

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Secret - Catching pokemon with out poke balls

by BLASTOISESHNY Oct 31, 2007

First find a pokemon i you dont have anymore poke balls open another file or if you are using MozilaFirefox just open a new tab then login and buy pokeballs go back to the other file or tab and start battle. WARNIG:MUST NOT START BATTLE WHILE DOING THIS

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Secret - Underline Profile Comments

by Darkrai-Rules Oct 29, 2007

Box Around Profile:[quote]At The End[/quote]
fonted:pick A font:[font=algerian]then end[/font]

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Secret - Beat bruno!

by Unregistered Oct 09, 2007

first capture a dark spiritomb. Next go to gymleaders and battle bruno. use dark spiritomb. It will be immune to all of the attacks for almost all of bruno's pokemon(almost all beacouse I submitted this cheat when I was on bruno's second pokemon) next keep using dark spiritomb for all of bruno's pokemon and yu will win and get an elite four badge!

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Secret - Level 100 Pokemon

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

This work sometimes so listen closey.
1.Catch a level 15 pokemon

2.Whatever that pokemons type is write Zedjawater,Zedjafire etc. Just make sure itsthat pokemons type

3.Use that pokemon and use 1 attack.

4.Press Refesh

5.Put your Strongest pokemon in the battle.

6.Keep fighting until they lose(The computer)

7.Your Strongest pokemon and the pokemon u wanted to train both got exp.

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Unlockable - This is good TRY IT!

by Unregistered Nov 26, 2007

Here's what u do to get certain legends:

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Suicunecave water
Kyogrecave water and water on grass maps
Giratinacave entrance
Deoxyscave entrance
Mewcave stairs and mansion maps
Azelf, Mespirit, and Uxiemasion windows
Celebicave and grass
Heatranlava top layer
Lugiawater on grass map
Moltreslava center
Phionewater on grass map
Manaphywater on grass map
Registeel, Regirockcave
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Secret - Cacthing cheat

by lowell Nov 12, 2007

if u are out of pokeballs remeber 2 go 2 the shop then prees the back button

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Hints - Nothing

by Unregistered Nov 06, 2007

if ur pokemon is flying then battle with zedjaflying or any of the other pokemon so type in zedja(pokemon type)
in battle computer controlled

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Secret - How to leave same health

by NarutoThief3 Oct 12, 2007

ok when you are using a weak pokemon u just press f5+enter and there u can switch your pokemon with the same health well good luck have fun

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Secret - Swampert magic

by Unregistered Oct 01, 2007

You know Swampert is a water and ground pokemon Some people think Swampert wil die easily with electric type.But,think it's ground type.I test it with apassword,and if attacked by electric type pokemon no effect happen.

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Secret - Make your Tentacool evolve into Tentacruel fast

by Unregistered Sep 26, 2007

First, make your tentacool a level 15 (Or 16). Then, fight roxanne. Keep fighting her until you get a level 20 Tentacool. When your Tentacool is a level 20, you fight Brock. If your Tentacool is a level 25 (Or higher), then you fight Roark until your Tentacool is a level 30. Now you have a Tentacruel!

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Cheats - Legendaries

by latios243 Oct 29, 2007

type in address bar while your on the map and after you type in the legends name type in the type like shinypalkia in the adress bar but u have to go in the caves to type the password or to find that pokemon but dont erase any thing in the adress bar

shinypalkialets u find shiny palkia in the cave water
shinymoltresgets u moltres
shinyzaptosgets u zaptos
shinydialgagets u dialga
shinyarticunogets u articuno
shinygiratinagets you giratina
shinyarceusgets u arceus
shinyheatrangets you dark heatran
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