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The Pokemon Crater Cheats :

This page contains The Pokemon Crater cheats list for PC version. Now we have 196 cheats in our list, which includes 25 cheats codes, 8 passwords, 28 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 13 glitches, 119 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Pokemon Crater on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlockable-Mewtwo

by Unregistered Nov 15, 2007

First u must beat the gym leaders and elite four

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Mewtwoupper ground in cave on the sand by the water
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Secret - Double Window Cheat

by wickedspyne Oct 15, 2007

After logging in the game, yuo open again another window and log in it your account... Now you two window with the same account... with this you can LeveL-Up your pokemon on the other window or hunt some wild pokemon...

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Secret - A Easy Way To Catch Pokemon!

by aid4321 Aug 29, 2007

I found out a good way to catch Pokemon the fasy and easy way is to just keep moving backwards and forwards on the same spot until you cath the Pokemon youre looking for!

Thanks,Happy gaming!

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Secret - How to make your pokemon team powerful

by dialga123 Aug 27, 2007

ok, first pick the pokemon that are powerful. (tip: you should have elements of fire water ice physic ghost electic and choose one from the last pokemon in your party)TRAIN THEM, NOT
in the maps train them in gym like brock misty that are weak and ur pokemon team will level up and you get money too. (be sure u fite their weakness not their advantage)After you get a lot of money buy pokemon items that they need and pokeballs superballs masterballs etc. Then
FIGHT the ELITE FOUR 1st bruno because his weakness is ghost pokemon you should need ghost pokemon and lvl 40-50 you can beat bruno now. BYE BYE

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Secret - Its Easy

by XxNeMeSiSxX Sep 07, 2007

Juz point ur cursor 2 BATTLE,click battle any member(computer controlled).
Type the username as zedja(fire,dark,ghost.etc)

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Secret - Look 4 it

by lowell99thomas Oct 29, 2007

ok all of u who didn't beat elite go back when ur pokemon are on lv100 after u beat everybody then u will b able 2 catch legendary.

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Secret - Zedja cheat

by Unregistered Nov 01, 2007

hi my name is roshan and i m goin to tell you all how to get your pokemon to level really fast.
1. go to your account
2.put computer controled battle
3.type the name of the player who u r goin to battle as zedja
4.and with zedja you have to write something it is fire,electric,poison,grass,rock,ground ghostly,dark and steel.Eg-zedjafire

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Easter Egg - The Ditto Clone

by Unregistered Apr 04, 2008

The ditto clone is a 1:912956 chance Ditto like pokemon. It looks like a ditto with a nose arrow going down. It only appears at level 12 and only appears on the LAVA MAP. It knows (and can learn) the following moves:
TRANSFORM (but only does 30HP damage always)
This DITTO CLONE is called Ditto* in the game. Unfortuanately it only goes up to lvl 75

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Unlockable - The pokemon hot cheat codes

by nexus07 Aug 29, 2007

it is to make ur monster become high lvl.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
badseedfor water type pokemon
chambsfor water type pokemon
sonericfor fire type pokemon
ttkaifor elitric type pokemon
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Code - I know only 5 legendarys

by solidsnake6275 Sep 17, 2007

on the map

on the map select first the cave onthe left down side on yellowish spot before the wateryou will caths a legendary
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Secret - Good practice for fire pokemon

by Unregistered Aug 29, 2007

go to battle thing and click battle any member (computer controlled)then battle zedrafire
he should have his whole team full of these thing that are really bad against fire so make sure u have at least 10 potions and if u bring a houndoor i think (which is what i did) at lvl 19 and kill the whole enemies team u will be have a lvl 51 houndoor!! which u can evolve
and also if u do it again your houndoor/houndoom will go to lvl 62!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great right??!!!!

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Easter Egg - Choclate

by Unregistered Oct 19, 2007

go to the manchan and go by the satue and write the abcs

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Secret - Just a reminder

by karampole217 Oct 10, 2007

since you have beaten all of the elite 4 and when you are going to find a legendary, always remember their type for example dialga is in the cave and mew is in the mansion maps

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Secret - Good trick up my sleave

by pokeking1122 Oct 01, 2007

when you deafeat the gym leaders and elite 4 you can get lv 70 - lv85 pokemon but there legends

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Code - Luna cheats

by Unregistered Nov 05, 2007

type in battle any member these usernames

lunathemapletrains lvl70+
lunathemaplertrains LVL3+
lunathemaple1trains lvl40+
lunathemaple2trains LVL50+
1234trains lvl90+
macroman2918trains LVL94+
lunatheconquerertrains lvl97+
jj6755trains LVL60+
Zedja(your pokemon type)trains any LvL
shadowstorm(your pokemon type)trains any LvL
ammotrains lvl 10+
lunathemaple3trains LVL8+
low soundi dunno wat lvl this account trains
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Secret - F5 + Enter = fast Zedja battles! :)

by cduki Sep 06, 2007

(I use Mozilla Firefox)

Go to Tools, Options... then turn off JavaScript. Then battle a Zedja depending on the Pokemon you're training. I'll use my Ghostly Sableye as an example I guess, but it knows Overheat. ;)

Anyway~! I would type in ZedjaFire (if Sableye didn't have that move, I would type in ZedjaDark or ZedjaGhost) and select Overheat. Then Attack! :3

After that, press F5 and Enter a bunch of times. This will refresh the winding lotsa times.

By doing this, you've beaten a Zedja in less than half a minute if done right.

The only annoying thing is that by turning off JavaScript, you can't access the tabs very easily and you can't decline offers etc.

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Secret - Cheat testing

by BLASTOISESHNY Nov 02, 2007

if you want to make sure the change your e-mail cheat works then do this first then do this first have a weak file test the cheat on the weak file then if it dosent work dont try it on the strong file but if it works try it on the strong file

hope i helped

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Hints - Easy gym badges and level ups

by Unregistered Aug 15, 2007

get at least a level 10-15 pokemon and keep on vsing brock then you will have high leel pokemon then go to different gym leaders and keep on vsing them until you get level 100 pokemon i got a level 100 dark charizard because of that

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Secret - Drifblim Lv100

by BENDA10 Sep 03, 2007

1st:Catch a S/D/G/N/M Drifloom any level.
2nd:Take on Brawly use gust over and over
(Brawlys team cant effect you)
3rd:Take on bruno when LV45-65
(pack ultra potions just incase)
After not long youll have Drifblim LV100

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Glitch - Do as many battles as u want in one time

by good2food Aug 02, 2007

first you have to open as many pages of pokemn crater as you want for example 5 or 6. then write ur id and passwords in all any battle u want.(in all 6 pages). when u will battles u will see that u have got all experience and money frm every will also save ur time because u will be able to do more then one battle in one time.

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Secret - DrifblimLV100

by BENDA10 Sep 03, 2007

To get a LV100 S/D/G/N/M DrifblimLV100
1st:Catch a S/D/G/N/M Drifloom any LV
2nd:Withdraw that pokemon to party
3rd:Take on Brawly keep using gust(opponent cant effect U)
4th:Once at LV50-65 battle Bruno pack ultra potions
5th:Before long you'll have LV100 Drifblim

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Secret - Where to find more pokemons in Pokemoncrater?

by cheats_pokemon_dex Aug 02, 2007

A way that have worked for a while to find more Pokemons in Pokemon Crater.
I don't know if it is still working or not.

Regions are where pokemon are found - for example, this is the address to find Unown:
The bunch of numbers and letters in the middle is my account, so it will not work if you go to that address. The main part we want to concentrate on is this part:
If you are in a map, you won't see the region and you will have to type it in. The number next to the name of the pokemon is what you add to the end of Region= .

Kanto Map 1 (grid=1)

* Geodude = 18
* Oddish = 25
* Pidgey = 51
* Charmandar = 53
* Scyther = 76
* Venonat = 83
* Grimer = 91
* Meowth = 107
* Eevee = 156
* Psyduck = 164
* Bulbasaur = 167
* Squirtle = 201
* Dratini = 224
* Goldeen = 245

Kanto Map 2 (grid=2)

* Poliwag = 314
* Tentacool = 323
* Bellsprout = 335
* Seel = 382
* Horsea = 460
* Cubone = 476
* Growlithe = 511
* Abra = 529
* Vulpix = 541
* Koffing = 566

Johto Map 1 (grid=4)

* Hoppit = 880
* Chikorita = 904
* Mareep = 907
* Totodile = 926
* Syndaquil = 972
* Snubble = 992
* Marill = 1013
* Sentret = 1033
* Pichu = 1070
* Ledyba = 1099
* Togepi = 1102
* Dratinice = Table in Arron's Room

Johto Map 2 (grid=5)

* Zubat = 1113
* Mantine = 1123
* Cleffa = 1154
* Sneasal = 1209
* Igglybuff = 1216
* Spinarak = 1221
* Natu = 1321
* Aipom = 1340
* Magby = 1345
* Hoothoot = 1350
* Elekid = 1366
* Wooper = 1431

Johto Map 3 (grid=6)

* Nidoran (F) = 1454
* Onix = 1458
* Nidoran (M) = 1471
* Phanpy = 1512
* Goldeen = 1565
* Chinchou = 1588
* Slowpoke = 1602
* Tyrogue = 1615
* Sunkern = 1658
* Larvitar = 1665
* Slugma = 1678
* Shiny Scyther = Table in Shiny Room (1:30 - 2:30 Monday)

Johto Map 4 (grid=7)

* Murkrow = 1715
* Magikarp = 1805
* Staryu = 1815
* Gastly = 1846
* Delibird = 1857
* Yanma = 1875
* Unown (A-Z) = 1877
* Houndour = 1881
* Smoochum = 1945

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Secret - How to get lugia

by Unregistered Aug 02, 2007

defeat all the gym leaders then go to the cave in the sand and look and find him

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Secret - Spiritbombs

by IrishBeauty Aug 13, 2007

If anyone wants to find on of those round swirly spirt orb pokemon just go to the right mansion map and walk near the mew statue you might have to do it a couple of times but go around the sides of it and keep doing it you will find one. i found 3.

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Secret - Get Flying Legendaries

by someonedied Aug 28, 2007

To get flying Legendaries go to the mansion and go look at the window if you can't find one keep walking near the window

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