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The Sims 3 Review :

The Sims 3 A Review

by MegZLovesPCGames Jul 25, 2012

I have been playing The Sims 3 for just over a year now, and have played some previous 'The Sims' games, its a fun game overall but sometimes needs a lot of brainpower, be evil or nice towards your sims, If i was you i would definitely buy this game, but its rated teen so kids under 13, don't buy it. There is many mods and content to download just be careful were you get it from, i recommend mod the sims as they have a guide to placing and installing mods.

But try reading a couple more reviews (like my own) to see if the game is right for your tastes, because its quite expensive, and you wont be happy wasting your money!

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10Story line
Basically the in the Sims 3 you just control your characters lives, make them enjoy there lives or simply make it horrible, get them married make them die, it's your choice!
Great Graphics, but too many mods and custom content and it slows, try adjusting your graphics level for a better experience .
Great sound,you can adjust it to your liking with many popular songs and some you haven't heard of, you wont have sore ears!
Great game play, this game comes with a manual to help you, just to help you with the basics but don't play on it 24/7 it gets boring (Is should know!)
9Lasting Appeal
Buy the Sims its awesome, its fun and is good for time passing, make a mini version of your family if you like the possibilities are endless!
(Out of 10)


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