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The Sims 3 Review :

What I think about Sims 3 :3

by BubblesXD Jan 09, 2013

Sims 3 is possibly the best game ever invented! I love creating all types of families: evil spies, rich pompous girls, poor happy brothers or even vampires, witches and mermaids! But that's not even the best part: making tree houses, villas, mansions or trailers! Then you get to lead there lives! Would they stay single, become rich and famous? Maybe they'll dominate the world with pure evil? OR even get married and have millions of children! You get to decide! And what's more, you can make amazing movies with this game: from horrors to comedies to romance films! It's amazing that there's so much to do with just ONE game!

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10Story line
Become a famous rock star or an eeevil scientist! Build a castle or a small cottage! It's all up to you!
See the trees rustle in the breeze... wait, are there breezes in the game? Whatever, the game is still realistic to me!
The sound is perfect. Your ears will never get sore from listening to the Sims chatter or listening to the music from the stereos!
Get married to a rich bachelor or die young of a terrible... fly infestation? Feel free to be creative!
9Lasting Appeal
Summoning all up into one, I recommend this game to "anyone" (guys and girls older then 13 of course) who love to mess with other peoples lives, making it there own or creating a life they would like to live in! Oh the joy of it! Just make sure you don't spend too much time on this game...
(Out of 10)


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