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TPPC Online RPG Cheats :

This page contains TPPC Online RPG cheats list for PC version. Now we have 35 cheats in our list, which includes 7 cheats codes, 2 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 2 glitches, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing TPPC Online RPG on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Train pokemon fast

by cutedj96 Oct 27, 2008

1. Get Team Boost
2. Earn enough faction points to unlock a high level pokemon
3. Get exp.share and attach it to the pokemon you want to level
4. Set your high level pokemon to your starter
5. put double kick in your high level pokemon
6. choose from any of the trainers below

1113640Blissey x6 Level: ~150
1325349Blissey x6 Level: 200
924714Blissey x6 Level: 250
489507Blissey x6 Level: 300 - 312
913641Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 350
620891Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 353 - 531
995561Chansey x6 Level: 725-727
1328976Blissey x6 Level: 6x 1,000
981310Blissey x6 Level 2545 - 2752
403525(my personal favorite)D.Blissey x6 Level 3470 - 3580 - Total Exp: 5279472 - Money: $855763
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Secret - Level up pokemon fast!

by garyisthebest Jul 29, 2008

ok if you want to level up, you do these following steps:
1.get some 5 level pokemon that you want to evolve
2.set moves too Toxic , double kick , then fly or dig either is fine
3. have a battle with 403525(don't think you will lose cause all off his pokes are level 3,000+!)
4.then use Toxic
5.Then double kick
6.then fly or dig so you'll miss his Flamethrower
7.then usually you will get that level 5 pokemon to level 88! Hope this works , if your attack doesn't take about this much damange | | (from the first line to the next) then you need to restart

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Secret - Get 700000 XP in 5 minutes!

by xSheikh Nov 17, 2008

Step 1: Choose a Pokemon and change it as Starter
Step 2: Set moves to: Fly, Toxic and Doublekick
Step 3: Click Trainer Battle and type 403525 or 482301
Step 4: Attack using Toxic, Doublekick then Fly
Step 5: Attack using Doublekick, Doublekick then Fly
Step 6: [Repeat Step 5 a few times]

Don't forget to add me at TPPC Online RPG, xSheikh (#2349143)

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Secret - How to level pokemon faster

by Unregistered Dec 17, 2007

ok. go to where it says team stats. if you are a specialist than get a snorlax. it costs 1000 points. Then get your super weak pokemon you want to train. teach snorlax fireblast,crosschop,karatechop, and flamethrower. have that weak pokemon first then switch it to snorlax in a battle against the mahogny gym. use fireblast on piloswine and crosschp on dewgong it will gain like 20 levels when you beat him! you will also get 4000 something dollars!

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Code - How to get fraction points

by avary10 Feb 11, 2008

to get fraction points all u have to do is:

keep on battleingsomething is going to appear and tipe in the words it tells u to and you will get fraction points
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Easter Egg - Get Team Faction Points Fast

by Trivixian May 07, 2008

First Beat The Other Teams
You Are Team Tppc,Beat The Team Rocket,Team Magma,Team Aqua
Then Put All Your Team A Team Boost
Each Team Boost Cost Of 10 Faction Points
Then Battle The Other Team Again
If Your Pokemon Is Higher Than Your Opponent's LvL They Will Give You A 300 Team Points
But If Your Pokemon Is Lesser Than Your Opponent's LvL They Will Give You 750 Team Points

Try It

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Unlockable - Challanges

by Dabadboystrikes97 Jan 28, 2008

To unlock legenderies

Unlockable:How to unlock:
SuicuneTppc Legend
EntaiTppc Legend
RaikouTppc legend
ArticunoGet lots of team points
RegiiceTppc Legend or Unown tower
RegirockTppc Legend or Unown tower
RegisteelTppc Legend or Unown tower
MoltresGet lots of team points
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Code - How to get the three regis!

by Pokemaster784 Aug 11, 2009

You will need the pokemon armaldo and cradily that are level 100+. and then get the unknown r,e,g, and i. Then for your poke team put armaldo first,cradily second then the unknown in r,e,g,and i. Then you go to hidden cove and search on the mountain not the sky or water.(be patient because it will take a long time) After you find regirock put regirock on your team then get a relicanth and put it in the cradily's position. Then go to ice rift and u will find regice very quickly. Then go to your team and put regice as your second pokemon. Then finally go to magic mountain and i guarantee you that it will come in 5 moves or less. After you find all the regis, you can fing shiny and dark treeckos,mudkips and torchichs.

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Secret - The baby tower

by Unregistered Apr 28, 2008

to beat the baby tower you have to have 6 level 5 pokemon team the set your moves to double kick then just beat'em.

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Secret - Pokemon

by zlinh Mar 12, 2008

you write bgbg in the trainer battle and three or four names will displayed then click the first one and keep battling if you have a pokemon like charmander teach him mach punch and till your pokemon reach lv 33 keep battling him and when your pokemon is lv 33,do one more battle and at the last you win click on restart battle it will give you 3,000 faction points.

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Secret - From lvl 5-78

by Unregistered May 26, 2008

go to trainer battle and battle 482301 for ex choose starter as squirtle set moves toxic and hyperbeam
use 1st move toxic
second move hyperbeam 2 times
choose the next pokemon it will die
then again choose hyperbeam 3times
follow the same steps till 4 of your pokes die then choose your starter again
you will gain 487000 exp and 97000 money and pokemon will be lvl 78

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Glitch - Lavender Tower easy EXP Cheat(any lvl)

by DaCheatingGamer Jul 18, 2011

Set up the moves Leaf Blade or Leaf Storm (I prefer Leaf Storm and recommend you to use it because its stronger) and go do Lavender Tower. If you cant two hit K.O. the first pokemon, Cubone, then set up the moves softboiled and Leaf Blade or Leaf Storm. Use Leaf Blade or Leaf Storm and defeat the first Pokemon. If your HP is lower than half, than use softboiled until you have full HP and keep using Leaf Storm until you defeat the second Pokemon, DarkMarowak. If your HP is lowered under half again, use softboiled and then Leaf Storm.

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Secret - Level up pokemon fast and earn easy $$$

by RonnieTPPC Jul 24, 2009

Firstly, you need to change your starter pokemons attacks to:
1. Toxic
2. Doublekick
3. Fly
4. Anything

Step 1 :
Click 'Trainer Battle' and enter the trainer number: 482301 Then start the battle!

Step 2 :
You should attack the ShinyBlissey's by following these simple instructions:

1. Toxic
2. Toxic
3. Fly
4. Fly
5. Doublekick
6. Fly
7. Fly
8. Doublekick
9. Fly
10. Fly

Just keep repeating steps 5 onwards.

This should defeat the Blissey and not touch your HP.
Keep doing this cheat through all 6 ShinyBlisseys and your Pokemon's level will get higher and you should gain more and more money!

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Code - Quick leveling(For those with a level 2500+)

by NitemareDemon Sep 20, 2010

First off, you do need it to be of the Dark type, as it is recommended by most trainers on the site. Make sure it is also a Breloom, a Machamp, or a Heracross. If you have a Golden one of those, then use it. Seeing as how Dark-Types gain 10+ to each stat at night, and lose 5 stats in the morning. It does make it the best next to Golden-Type pokemon. Goldens get +15 to each stat all day, every day. Which makes it the best type to use while training. Shiny-Type pokemon gain +5 to each and every stat all day every day. I prefer to use a DarkBreloom.

Set your pokemon that you will be training(Level is 2500+), to Doublekick, on each move. Doublekick will be the only move that you will be using, and it kind of speeds up training, so you rarely make mistakes. Now, that you have done that, you want to attach the Team Boost item to your training pokemon, if you are not on the Faction Team of Team Aqua! If you are on the Faction of Team Aqua, then attach the item Amulet Coin, or Scope Lens to your Training Pokemon. Scope Lens increases your Training Pokemon's chance of landing Critical Hits(Not really needed, but you can equip this onto it). Amulet Coin doubles the amount of money that you will receive from battles. Now, go to the Battle Trainer section on the left toolbar. Type in 1558599, and use Doublekick on every ShinyBlissey. You will get a lot of Experiance Points from this trainer(Isaac Newton).

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Secret - Ice Rift Magic!

by naveen_97 Mar 25, 2010

Hey everyone! I've found a new trick. If you want to search Pokemn in the Ice Rift map, no problem. I have an easy, time saving solution. Instead of clicking here and there to search for Pokemn, you can get a Pokemn at every click. First, you see the white line in the horizon Click anywhere on that line and you can get a Pokemn at every click. And I've got another thing to say, most of you may know it, but this is for the ones who don't know. Using the above trick, did a thought cross your mind and did you put on a wicked look on your face Ha Ha! Yes, from this trick, did you realize how much money you can make Think again. Thank you for taking time to see this trick, hope it helps(both of them). Bye and Good Luck, mates!

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Secret - Pokemon at every click in the one of the maps

by samrocks Mar 16, 2009

If u want a pokemon in every clcik then go to the cleft and there will be three triangles. click on the the top left one every time, you can also do this to the other trangles but i prefer this. So clcik on top of one of the traingles and woala a pokemon in every click.

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Secret - How 2 get charcoal and leftover

by Unregistered Dec 01, 2008

4 getting charcoal and leftover follow the steps below
4 charcoal - catch a vulpix from the map Mystic Spires
4 leftover - catch a spheal from the map Magic mountain

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Secret - How to get fast lvl up

by LOZZ Apr 04, 2008

Teach your first pokemon toxic.
than choose trainer battle.
than type in Browntown and fight him.

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Code - Rune ristars gym

by Unregistered Jun 12, 2008

go on friends list and write in rune ristars gym then change on epokemons moves to toxic then battle him and hit it three times then choose a different pokemon or else u will die

rune ristars gymmore money and exp
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Code - Goldens at Level 4 and 5?

by NitemareDemon Sep 20, 2010

If you have wondered how some people have level 5 Golden pokemon, then keep on reading.

On Shrimpy's B-Day(Owners B-Day), Christmas, and New Years, you have a chance to get Golden Pokemon. In order to keep them at level 5, have the pokemon hold the right items, and be sure you have the right pokemon as well. Go to the Evolution Gym, and let your level 4 or 5 Goldens RFaint, then send out a higher leveled pokemon, at level 30 or higher, and beat her Eevee. The pokemon that is allowed to be goldenized, will be the same level, and will not have gained any Experiance Points at all.

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Code - How to level Up fast!

by Pokemon271 Jun 01, 2010

Set your moves to Toxic, Doublekick and Fly. Go type in 482301/981310/1558599 (Use 1558599 is the best) Use Toxic first, followed by doublekick, fly, fly, doublekick, fly, fly, doublekick, fly, fly. Just repeat the pattern until the Blissey dies!

Rune Ristars Gym (482301)Will get around $97500, EXP Around 3000000
Good Daddy (981310)Will get around $100000-$110000, EXP Around 3500000
Isaac Newton (1558599)Will get around $130000-$142300, EXP Around 3600000
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Secret - How To Get 2 Of Your Pokemons To lvl 62 and get a lot of money

by Vampereon Aug 11, 2009

First think what pokemons you want to train (only one pokemon because starter needs to do not faint)

now set moves:
3.doesnt matter
4.doesnt matter

go to trainer battle and type in: 482301

use Toxic then change to your second pokemon you want to make alive and use any move(only once)

then change to your next pokemon(It will Faint)

choose your next pokemon and use any move as much as it will not faint

make your next pokemons fainted

Now ShinyBlissey is fainted by the Toxic you gave it on the starting

By Vampereon

please coment

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Secret - Easy leveling up if u have just started

by mattlovesmilk Mar 02, 2009

have you just started? if so make ur starter know....
now search on trainer battle 1648176 and he shud have 6 pikachus level 100 and over now with your weak level 4 use toxic then doubleslap then fly.
then keep reapeating
doubleslap, fly, fly.
i goes up about 10 levels for me everytime post on this if there is any probs.

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Secret - Lv fast

by gabrielkml Jun 06, 2008

go to trainer battle and battle 482301 for example choose starter as squirtle set moves toxic and hyperbeam
use 1st move toxic
second move hyperbeam 2 times
choose the next pokemon it will die
then again choose hyperbeam 3times
follow the same steps till 4 of your pokes die then choose your starter again
you will gain 487000 exp and 97000 money and pokemon will be lvl 78

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Secret - How to gain more faction points in TPPC.

by naveen_97 Mar 26, 2010

See. First of all, let me explain it to you. This is for example. You are a member of Team TPPC. If you defeat a trainer belonging to another team, when his pokemon are stronger than yours, then you gain 5 team points. If your pokemon are stronger, you will gain 3 points. But in Team Stats, they have rewards that you can enjoy for redeeming that many points. So, if you win two battles and gain 5 team points in each, then you will be eligible to buy a reward called Team Boost. Now , this Team Boost is an item which you can attach to any of your Pokemon.Suppose you attach it to your starter and defeat a trainer belonging to a different team, and your pokemon is stronger, you will gain 300 points. If his Pokemon are stronger, then you gain 750 team points. Now, is it clear If it isn't, contact me at . My TPPC Trainer account name is NaveenIAS and trainer no. is 2488746(If you want to trade). Iam a Sergeant of Team TPPC. Bye and hope this helps and good luck, mate.

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