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jan 30, 2008TPPC Online RPG [ PC ]   Submitted

can anyone tell me how to gain more faction points?

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Code - How to get fraction points:

to get fraction points all u have to do is:

keep on battleingsomething is going to appear and tipe in the words it tells u to and you will get fraction points



Secret - How to gain more faction points in TPPC.:

See. First of all, let me explain it to you. This is for example. You are a member of Team TPPC. If you defeat a trainer belonging to another team, when his pokemon are stronger than yours, then you gain 5 team points. If your pokemon are stronger, you will gain 3 points. But in Team Stats, they have rewards that you can enjoy for redeeming that many points. So, if you win two battles and gain 5 team points in each, then you will be eligible to buy a reward called Team Boost. Now , this Team Boost is an item which you can attach to any of your Pokemon.Suppose you attach it to your starter and defeat a trainer belonging to a different team, and your pokemon is stronger, you will gain 300 points. If his Pokemon are stronger, then you gain 750 team points. Now, is it clear If it isn't, contact me at . My TPPC Trainer account name is NaveenIAS and trainer no. is 2488746(If you want to trade). Iam a Sergeant of Team TPPC. Bye and hope this helps and good luck, mate.