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U.B. Funkeys Cheats :

This page contains U.B. Funkeys cheats list for PC version. Now we have 13 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 1 password, 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing U.B. Funkeys on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - And more codes

by Cody09 Oct 06, 2008

ROCKETWITHSPROCKET6588 25 Coins and a Robot
BOGGLETHEMIND2256 50 Coins and a Foul Smelling Chair
RADICARULES4565 500 Coins and a Diamond Treasure Chest
KELPYBASIN4564 75 Coins and a Chocolate Seaweed
BOGGLEDEN129 75 Coins and a Ghost Flame Toilet
DASCRATCHCLUB983 75 Coins and a Platinum Record
FALLOUTCOMPOUND358 75 Coins and a Solid Gold Panel
PONDERINGPARK453 75 Coins and a Sonic Shield Generator

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Unlockable - Under sea pearl

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

click on venus fly trap at north side of kelpy basin

Unlockable:How to unlock:
treasureclick on venus fly trap at north side of kelpy basin
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Secret - Hoopla secret

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2008

As lotus got to the sanctuary and play heart hoopla. you will notice you have a time limit to stop the time and still be able to play click the exit button you cant use dynamite though and the hearts dont drop!!!

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Secret - How to finish

by jamesdale123 Jul 15, 2009

If u play funkeys and cant get past a game go to RadicaGame (to find it click search my computer type the file in
anyway go to games and swap the titles this will only change the score fora gem/shard

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Secret - You dont have to get the strange orbs to go through the door

by Unregistered Aug 03, 2009

You have to have webley,but just go to funkiki island you have to play fly catcher until you get more than 6000 points.after that the webleys will reward you with a web shooter.use the web shooter to get the purple orb.once you crossed the broken bridge put the purple orb in hole and walk through it

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Secret - Techniclly a Glitch...

by Unregistered Nov 28, 2007

For the game you only need ONE rare Funkey, the other ones can be their normal color.

Go to a Funkey realm using the Funkey needed
Twinx goes to her dream realm ect.
When you get into the room, switch out with a rare or very rare Funkey and go to the shop. There should be one or two more items in there that you haven't seen before. Averaging about 700 coins each.
Side note:
Also when you play games, use the rare or very rare Funkeys. You get twice as much money as you normally would.

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Code - How to get Crystals

by Savvy Jul 18, 2011

You can get the crystals by getting all the funkeys in an area, like these:

Magma Gorge: Deuce, Bones, Stitch, and Wasabi

Kelpy Basin: Twinx, Sprout, Tiki, and Glub

Those aren't all the funkey lands and funkeys, the are just examples.

Oh, and don't worry about getting the rare and very rare funkeys, they just get you more coins and rare expensive items.

P.S-To defeat Master Lox, you must get all the ccrystals that need to be earned, so...

Hope I Helped!:)

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Code - Cheat Codes

by Savvy Jul 13, 2011

Some of these I don't know what items you get, but others I do so on some I will just put the amount of coins but not what the items are, k?

Besides, it makes it more of a mystery anyways, lol.

Hope I Helped! :)

PS-You enter these cheat codes in the options menu

drift4speed547750 coins
warningfallout445850 coins
laputastation443325 coins
funkeystown676775 coins
mayorsaysosaysso95150 coins
bonesclubhouse95250 coins
radicarules4565500 coins and a very rare, diamond tresure chest
wasabipagoda99275 coins
funkeystownmuseum2825 coins and a chocalate lava lamp
6786allworkandnoplay75 coins and a very rare, insane flaming hoop
tikihut327500 coins and a rare, diamond tresure chest
rocketwithsprocket658825 coins and a robot
bogglethemind225650 coins and a foul smelling chair
kelpybasin456475 coins and a chocalate seaweed
falloutcompound35875 coins and a solid gold panel
ponderingpark45375 coins and a sonic shield generator
boggleden12975 coins and a ghost flame toilet
dascratchclub98375 coins and a platinum record
sproutarboretem85750 coins and 5 new wall arts
iluvfunkeys34525 coins
whoisbandit885450 coins
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Code - Morph Glitch

by Unregistered Apr 18, 2011

Some certain U.B.Funkeys can change into diffrent ones! Choose one you can use, (what works that I know of so far are scratch and bones.) Blow on the bottom, wipe it on something, put it on the console, and if it didn't work then repeat.

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Code - How to get loads of coins

by Sprout Dec 13, 2010

alright, you have to have drift to do this. go to his clubhouse and go into the pinball game. instead of just playing regular old pinball play INTENSE pinball. press the left and right arrow keys as fast as you can and that will keep the ball from going in for a long time. but you have to press them INTENSELY fast over and over again. hope this helped guys!

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Easter Egg - Money in the Speed Racer Circuit

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2010

In the speed racer circuit, there is a some used oil. the oil has loads of coins in it. be careful when collecting these coins, as the oil makes you dirty.

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Secret - Hoodwink

by Unregistered Oct 13, 2008

If you see a little sparkle on the ground at ANY island, click it! It will give you a critter that wil keep master lox's henchmen from stealing your coins!

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Secret - Hoodwinks

by Unregistered Jan 15, 2008

Look for sparkles through out the game catch them and they are Hoodwinks, they will protect your coins from Henchmen.

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U.B. Funkeys Cheats


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