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Unreal 2: The Awakening Cheats :

This page contains Unreal 2: The Awakening cheats list for PC version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Unreal 2: The Awakening on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

While playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Enter "BeMyMonkey()" to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function. Enter "BeMyMonkey()" again to disable cheats.
Cheat Code
Toggle God mode God()
Toggle invisibility Invisible()
All weapons Loaded()
Ammunition for all weapons AllAmmo()
Toggle God mode for selected actor GodEx([actor])
Toggle Phoenix Powersuit Phoenix()
Enemy fears you FearMe()
Ghost mode Ghost()
Flight mode Fly()
Underwater mode Amphibious()
Return to normal walking mode Walk()
Slow motion SloMo([number])
Set jump height SetJumpZ([number])
Toggle unlimited ammunition ToggleInfiniteAmmo()
Toggle reloads ToggleReloads()
Toggle invisibility ToggleInvisibility()
Teleport to location looked at Teleport()
Level skip NextLevel()
Map select Open([map name])
Double speed ToggleSpeed()
Set player speed SetSpeed([number])
Set player size ChangeSize([number])
Toggle God mode on selected pawn TogglePawnInvulnerability([pawn])
Summon array pf goodies Goodies([number], [number])
Spawn indicated item Sum([item name])
List all actors Actors()
Go to selected actor location GotoActor([actor])
Give specified damage to target Damage([number], [target])
Give specified damage to NPCs DamageNPCs([number])
Give specified health to target SetHealth([number], [target])
Set player health SetMyHealth([number])
Harm player by specified amount HurtMe([number])
Damage all visible pawns ManCannon([number])
Toggle animation servos ToggleServos()
Show player teams ShowTeams()
Change game difficulty Difficulty([number])
See view from indicated actor CheatView([actor])
Target camera on player ViewSelf()
Enable time demo ToggleTimeDemo()
Toggle scoreboard ToggleScoreBoard()
Toggle free orders EnableFreeOrders([0 or 1])
Toggle behind view BehindView()
Set particle density SetParticleDensity([number])
Toggle impacts ToggleImpacts()
Toggle weapon tick code SetWeaponTick([0 or 1])
Toggle weapon firing SetWeaponFire([0 or 1])
Show all hidden actors ToggleShowAll()
Show all keypoints ToggleShowKPs()
Show all navigation points ToggleShowNPs()
Toggle Rmode ToggleRMode()
Set player eye height SetEyeHeigth()
Kill indicated actor KillActor(x)
Kill actor under crosshair KillHitActor()
Kill NPC under crosshair KillHitNPC()
Kill all active NPCs KillActiveNPCS()

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Cheats - Unreal II: The Awakening cheats

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Press '~' during game-play to bring up the console then type 'BeMyMonkey'to enable cheat mode and then enter the following codes. To disable the cheats enter 'BeMyMonkey' again.

Bemymonkey: Toggle Cheat Mode

God: Toggle God Mode
loaded: All weapons
Allammo: Gives 999 ammo
SetWeaponFire (0 or 1): Weapon Firing
fly: Flight Mode
walk: Normal movement (deactivates noclip or fly mode)
Open (map name): Map Select
nextlevel: Warp to next map level
Invisible [1 or 0]: Turn on (1) or turn off (0) invisibility

SetWeaponTrick [1 or 0]: Turn weapon trick on or off

Amphibious: Underwater Mode
behindview: 1 for 3rd person view, 0 for normal 1st person

freecamera: 1 to enable free camera movement, 0 to disable

ghost: Activate Noclip mode

toggleservos: Animation Servos

difficulty(number): Change Game Difficulty

ManCannon(number): Damage All Visible Pawns

ToggleSpeed: Double Speed

togglehud: Enable/disable Heads-Up Display

phoenix: Enable/disable Phoenix Powersuit

EnableFreeOrders: (0 or 1) Free Orders

ToggleFreezeView: Freeze View

GibHitNPC: Gib NPC Under Crosshair

GodEx (actor): God Mode For Selected Actor

HurtMe (number): Harm Player A Specific Amount

ToggleImpacts: Impacts

Actors: List All Actors

PO: Players Only

ToggleRMode: Rmode

ToggleScoreBoard: Scoreboard

CheatView (actor): See View From Indicated Actor

SetCameraDist (number): Set Camera Distance

SetJumpZ (number): Set Jump Height

SetParticleDestiny (number): Set Particle Destiny

SetEyeHeight: Set Player Eye Height

SetMyHealth (number): Set Player Health
ChangeSize (number): Set Player Size

SetSpeed (number): Set Player Speed

ShowTeams: Show Player Teams

SloMo (number): Slow Motion

Sum (item name): Spawn Indicated Item

DamageNPCs (number): Specify Damage to NPCs

Damage (number, target): Specify Damage to Target

SetHealth (number, Target): Specify Health to Target

Goodies (number, number): Summon Array of Goodies

ViewSelf: Target Camera on Player

teleport: Teleport to location at crosshairs

ToggleShowAll: Show Hidden Actors

ToggleShowKPs: Show Keypoints

ToggleShowNPs: Show Navigation Points
ToggleTimeDemo: Time Demo

Toggleinfiniteammo: Toggle Infinite Ammo

ToggleInvisibility: Toggle Invisiblity

ToggleReloads: Toggle Reloads

KillHitActor: Kill Actor Under Crosshair

killactivenpcs: Kill all active NPC entities

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

While flying about the heart of the Drakk structure
in the NC962VIII mission (the part that has an open roof, just
before you face the Caretaker, where you also face the end result
of the Drakk experiments), you can find a second life support
tank with a seemingly live Skaarj suspended in the middle. Approach
it and Dalton will say "The experiments resulted in JUICE!",
with the word "JUICE" at the bottom of the screen. In
front of the tank are a few health/shield packs and EMP grenades.
The area is not inaccessible by walking. There is a large beam
to your right when facing the center of the room. Stand at the
top of the ramp that leads down into the lower level of the area.
Between the upper end of the ramp and the moat surrounding the
gravity lift, to the immediate left of this beam, over the edge
of the moat and down a small distance, are five small protrusions
that lead under the beam. Looks are deceiving -- no jumping is
required to move between these protrusions as long as the player
stays close to the moat's outer wall. They function like steps
with a very small landing at the lowest point. On the other side
of the beam, they lead upwards to a space between two beams. At
the end farthest from the gravity lift is the aforementioned life
support tank.

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Cheats - Various Cheats

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

BeMyMonkey() - Toggle Cheat Mode
God() - Toggle God Mode
Invisible() - Toggle Invisibility
Loaded() - Get all weapons
AllAmmo() - Give player ammo for all weapons
GodEx(X) - Toggle God Mode for the given actor
Phoenix() - Toggle Phoenix Powersuit
FearMe() - Enemy now fears you
Ghost() - Ghost Mode
Fly() - Fly Mode
Amphibious() - Underwater mode
Walk() - Normal, walking mode
SloMo(#) - Game Slomotion
SetJumpZ(#) - Set jump height
ToggleInfiniteAmmo() - Toggle Infinite Ammo
ToggleReloads() - Toggle Reloads
ToggleInvisibility() - Toggle Invisibility
Teleport() - Teleport to the spot the player is looking at
NextLevel() - Skip to next level
Open(x) - Open Map x
ToggleSpeed() - Double speed
SetSpeed(#) - Set player speed
ChangeSize(#) - Change Players Size
TogglePawnInvulnerability(P) - Toggle god mode on given pawn
Goodies(#, #) - Summon an array of goodies
Sum(x) - Summon Item X
Actors() - Full actor list
GotoActor(Name) - Change Location to the given Actor
Damage(#, Target) - Damage given target by the specified amount
DamageNPCs(#) - Damage NPC's by the given amount
SetHealth(#, Target) - Set health to the given amount for target
SetMyHealth(#) - Set player health to the given amount
HurtMe(#) - Hurt the player by the specified amount
ManCannon(#) - Gives all visible pawns damage
ToggleServos() - Toggle Animation Servos
ShowTeams() - Show player teams
Difficulty(#) - Change game difficulty
CheatView(x) - See what actor x's view is
ViewSelf() - Target Camera on player
ToggleTimeDemo() - Enable time demo
ToggleScoreBoard() - Toggle Score board
EnableFreeOrders(0/1) - Toggle Free Orders
BehindView() - Toggle Behind View
SetParticleDensity(#) - Set Particle Density
ToggleImpacts() - Toggle Impacts
SetWeaponTick(0/1) - Toggle Weapon tick code
SetWeaponFire(0/1) - Toggle Weapon firing
ToggleShowAll() - Show all hidden actors
ToggleShowKPs() - Show all keypoints
ToggleShowNPs() - Show all nagivation points
ToggleRMode() - Toggle RMode
SetEyeHeigth() - Set player eye height
KillActor(x) - Kill actor X
KillHitActor() - Kill actor under crosshair
KillHitNPC() - Kill NPC under crosshair
KillActiveNPCS() - Kill all active NPCS
KillDormantnPCS() - Kill all dormant NPCS
GibAllNPCS() - Gib all NPCs
GibHitNPC() - Gib the NPC under the crosshair
PO() - Toggle players only
ToggleFreezeView() - Toggle Freeze View
ToggleHUD() - Toggle HUD
SetCameraDist(#) - Set camera distance
FreeCamera(0/1) - Toggle... 

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