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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats :

This page contains Unreal Tournament 2004 cheats list for PC version. Now we have 0 cheats in our list, which includes . We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Ball turret (mothership mission)

by Unregistered Aug 01, 2006

summon ut2k4assaultfull.asturret_ballturret

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Cheats - Bonus characters

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Speak the following commands into your microphone:
Result Command
Bot dies [bot name] suicide
Bot dances [bot name] dance
Bot jumps [bot name] jump
Bot taunts opponents [bot name] taunt
Bot gets out of vehicle in Onslaught mode [bot name] get out

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Cheats - Heavy artillary

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Open console by pressing ~ and enter in these codes:
behindview 0 - 1st person view.
behindview 1 - 3rd person view.
allammo 999 - Ammo For Every Weapon.
addbots # - add the numbers of bots specified
loaded - All weapons.
allweapons - All weapons(not full ammunition)
stat audio - audio stats.
FOV # - changes "Field of View" to specified number (in degrees)
setname (name) - changes player name.
setres WxHxD (example - 1600x1200x32) - Changes resolution to the
specified values.
switchteam - changes team.
suicide - commits suicide.
stat all - displays all stats.
quit - Quits game entirely.
exit - Exits the game entirely.
playersonly - freeze time (type again to unfreeze).
stat game - game statistics.
god - Infinite Health.
killbots - kills all bots.
stat net - network play statistics.
open (mapname) - opens specified map.
setgravity # - set amount of gravity.
setjumpz # - set height of jumps.
setspeed # - set speed of gameplay.
stat fps - shows (Frames per Second).
slowmo # - slow motion.
summon xweapons.redeemerpickup - spawns a redeemer.
summon xweapons.assaultriflepickup - spawns assault rifle.
summon onslaught.onsavrilpickup - spawns avriL.
summon xweapons.bioriflepickup - spawns bio rifle.
summon xweapons.flakcannonpickup - spawns flak cannon.
summon onslaught.onsgrenadepickup - spawns Grenade Launcher.
summon xweapons.painterpickup - spawns ion painter.
summon xweapons.sniperriflepickup - spawns lightning gun.
summon xweapons.linkgunpickup - spawns link gun.
summon onslaught.onsminelayerpickup - spawns Mine Layer.
summon xweapons.minigunpickup - spawns minigun.
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup - spawns rocket launcher.
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup - spawns Shield Gun.
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup - spawns shock rifle.
summon utclassic.classicsniperriflepickup - spawns Sniper Rifle.
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverTank - Summon a Goliath.
summon Onslaught.ONSPRV - Summon a Hellbender.
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup - summon a instagib shock rifle.
summon Onslaught.ONSHoverBike - Summon a Manta.
summon Onslaught.ONSAttackCraft - Summon a Raptor.
summon Onslaught.ONSRV - Summon a Scorpion.
togglefullscreen - switchs between fullscreen and windowed mode.
walk - turns fly off (you will fall from the sky).
stat none - turn off stats.
ghost - turns off clipping and gravity for the player.... 

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Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

On the HellBender's back license plate, underneath the name of
the driver, it says "Licensed to Frag".
On rocket launcher ammunition, there is a label that says "WARNING:
If you touch this, then you have a problem."
There are play, pause, stop, and eject buttons on either side
of the Bio-Rifle.
On Minigun pickups, the smaller gear (that is visible in first-person
view) is missing.
In the Deck 17 level, there are labels on the large crates near
the ASMD pickup. The labels read: "Extreme Temperature Containment
System: Magma (Avg. Temp 1170°)".
In some levels, there is a blue screen with scrolling text on
it. The text reads as follows:
"There is no reality. There is only this. This time. This
place. This Contest. Be the best. Unleash your power. Lead your
team in a battle of the mind. Win the Tournament. If you can't,
step aside for someone who will.
Keep your eyes on the prize, and your finger on the trigger. If
you're reading this, you're already dead."
On the side of the link gun pickup, where the energy conduit connects
from the battery to the gun, there is a small label on the side
of the battery housing that says "Hose Goes Here You Stupid
Dumbass". Also, underneath where it says GBR-22 on the side
of the barrel, it says "Generative Beam Rifle", which
is obviously what GBR stands for.
On the side of the Redeemer missile, it says "Swallow This!"
There are also several secret rooms throughout the game, that
one can only access by enabling the ghost code. These rooms
do not have anything in them, and they are usually simply concrete
walls, floors, and ceilings. However, somewhere on any of the
walls, floor, or ceiling, there is some writing, that usually
says either "What are you doing here?" "You're
not supposed to be here", or "Cheater."

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Cheats - Cheats for UT2004

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

These are the UT2004 cheats and most of them should work in UT2004
Press ` in game to bring down the console, or press TAB for the quick console. Then type one of the following commands:

God - Toggle God Mode
Amphibious - Underwater Breathing
Fly - Fly Mode
Ghost - Walk Through Walls
Walk - Return Walking to normal
Invisible <bool> - Turn Invisbility on or off (true/false)
Teleport - Teleport to where your crosshair is pointing
AllAmmo - Full Ammo on all possessed weapons
Allweapons - Give all weapons
Loaded - Give all weapons and full ammo on them (combo of allammo and allweapons)
SkipMatch - Win the current match and advance on the ladder
JumpMatch <int> - Jump to a specific match on the ladder, where <int> is a number. for example 43 for ladder 4, rung 3
ChangeSize <float> - Change the player size by factor # (i.e. 0.25 or 2.0)
SetJumpZ <float> - Change Jump height
SetSpeed <float> - Mutiply the player water and ground speed with the given value
PlayersOnly - Toggle the level to a players only level
summon xweapons.rocketlauncherpickup - Get rocket launcher
summon xweapons.shieldgunpickup - get shield gun
summon xweapons.shockriflepickup - Get shock rifle
summon utclassic.classisniperriflepickup - get sniper rifle
Summon onslaught.ONSHoverTank - Get a Goliath
summon onslaught.ONSPRV - get a hellbender
summon xweapons.supershockriflepickup - get a instagib shock rifle
and others, If you want them ask for them at my mailadress: k0a0i7@hotmail.com

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Cheats - Cheat Codes

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

Open the ParticleExamples.ut2 file in the maps directory. This is a level built to show off all the particle effects in the game.

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Cheats


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