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Urban Rivals Cheats :

This page contains Urban Rivals cheats list for PC version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Urban Rivals on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Urban Rival Newbie Guide

by _espada_ Sep 09, 2010

This is A Guide Not a cheat....There is no Cheat!!!!!!

Start with the basics:

  • 12 Pills
  • 12 HP
  • Power*Pills=Attack

Use the pills wisely....


  1. Bait-means don't put any pills on it and he will use 4-8 pills 12 is insane if he uses it.
  2. When baiting choose the characters that has the ability with "-X opp. damage" or Stop opponents ability(SOA).
  3. When you are multiplying pills and powers you should add more because of it's original power(like 1+ X power*Pills=attack).
  4. When you see his cards are really strong and you're chance of winning is 2 Hit KO(means you have to kill him in2 rounds because he have a great car) Or just use your own strategy

Understand the ability of your cards wisely

  1. When it says "Support +3 attack" it means that attack points are increased by 3 points for each character belonging to Rescue’s clan and who is part of their team. Remember that Rescue is also taken into account.
  2. Stop opponents ability(SOA) I think all of players know this.
  3. How does a Bonus activated? When you have a character belonging to the Same clan with that character.
  4. What is Stop:+ X Power or Damage? This is activated when he uses Stop opponents ability(SOA)

How Do I get leaders characters

2 ways

  • Level Up
  • Buy it


  1. Lvl-5=Timber
  2. Lvl10=VAnsaar
  3. Lvl15=Hugo
  4. Lvl20=Bridget
  5. Lvl25=Ashigaru
  6. Lvl30=Eyrik
  7. Lvl35=Ambre
  8. Lvl40=Eklore
  9. Lvl45=Morphun
  10. Lvl50=Vholt

THis is for today have not much time to do the Rest

IF you need more help contact"_espada_" or" "LaggerJack"

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Code - Free credits

by Unregistered Jul 04, 2011

put your sponsor Darkrixd and you get 5 times credits you buy and a bonus 5000 clintz when starting also a kolos! try it out does work :D.

Darkrixd5 times credits 5000 and kolos
Darkrixd1234sponsor does the same exsept you get a bonus all of the cr cards
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Code - 100% Working Hack (Has nothing to do with entering a name)

by Unregistered Sep 26, 2011

So what you have to do is realize that the game utilizes an external server and as such in order to truly hack the game you would need to access it via some hacking suite. Entering a name really does nothing but give that person 10% of the credits you purchase. If you don't mind that someone is getting free stuff after lying to you (because entering names in the sponsor box will do nothing to your own account despite what these scummy wastes of human life would want you to think) then feel free to do so. As of now, there is no true hack for Urban-Rivals short of accessing their server. The easiest way to try to hack the game for free credits involves intercepting the Allopass codes and trying to inject your own packets to dupe the system into thinking that there has been a code paid for and created. However, this too is extremely hard as Allopass is made to make money and will, without a doubt, have a solid security system in order to make sure their company stays afloat.

I'm sorry to break you heart about trying to hack the game, but it's simply impossible right now. If people add comments saying they have a way to hack this game then they are lying to your face. The best way to do well in this game is just keep playing it.

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Secret - Duplication de code allopass / Duplicate you code allopass

by ecorta Aug 19, 2010


Bonjour je travaille a la mairie de ma ville et je met mes service a dispositions; j'ai dvelopp un programme permettant de dupliquer des codes allopass sur urban-rivals UNIQUEMENT !En effet je peut dupliquer jusqu'as 10x fois vos code (pour eviter de me faire reperer je limite a 10)pour cela il me suffit d'avoir votre nom de compte PAS LE MDP et l'allopass avec la mthode d'achat et le pays. Le programme consiste a recuperer au moment ou je valide vos code allopass je recupere les infos et les change (je change le nom de compte et le nombre de allopass)
Offre pour les 2 premiere semaine (comme programme encore inconue je peut dupliquer plus de 10 les premiere fois)
pour 1 code je duplique 12x !!
2 code je duplique 25x !!
3 code je duplique 40x !!
Attention seulement valide les 2 premiere semaine apr 10x chaque code !

Merci de remettre vos code a :dannettes@hotmail.fr

Je ne pique pas vos code !! je ne joue meme pas as urban rivals ! (Je l'ai developper pour mon fils)
Je n'ai meme pas besoin de creer de compte pour le faire il me suffit du nom du votre et c'est rgl !
Aucune obligation de me croire mais vous ete perdant !
Sachez que le programme sera detecter dans 2 mois environ depechez-vous !

Merci d'avoir lu et bonne chance sur urban-rivals (assez facile avec vos code ^^)


Good morning I work has the town hall of my city and me put my service has dispositions; j 'ai developed a program allowing to duplicate allopass codes on urban-rivals ONLY! In effect I can duplicate jusqu 'as 10x time your code
for it it meyour name of count NOT MDP and l 'allopass with method d 'achat and country is enough d 'avoir. Program consists have recuperer at instant or I validate code your I allopass recupere information and change them (I change the name of count and the number of allopass) Offer for 2 premiere week (as program still inconue I can duplicate 10 more than premiere time)
for 1 code I duplicate 12x!!
2 code I duplicate 25x!!
3 code I duplicate 40x!!
only valid Attention 2 premiere week apr 10x every code
Thank you for delaying code your has:dannettes@hotmail.fr

I do not prick code your!! I play whizzes meme not urban rivals! (I l 'ai developper for my son)
I n 'ai meme not need of creer of count to make it the name of your and c 'est regulated is enough to me!
No obligation to believe me but you ete losing!
Know that... 

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Code - Free Clintz + Credits working as of August 06, 2010

by rayhaku Aug 09, 2010

Note: Do not type in anyone else's name as a sponsor when you create a new account. This is a mere scam. As long as they're your sponsor and when you buy credits/clintz with actual money, they get some profit off of you. Who does this exactly? Everyone who tells you to...

Enter "Name" as a sponsor when you create a new account you get 300 credits and 10000 clintz.

The above is a total scam to steal more credits and clintz from you. Do not fall for it.

If you've already done this, it can be fixed!! Email/contact Urban Rivals directly from their site and ask them if you can change your sponsor to someone else, maybe your real friend, or simply noone. They can do it with ease (And they will NOT request you for your password. They're the administrators of the game. They already have it. Duh.)

As for MY method of getting the credits and clintz? Psh. Urban Rivals allows no such thing. Are you kidding me? If this game utilizes actual money, why would there be a cheat to work around it? It makes no sense. I'm sorry. But I had to get your attention.

I love this game and I dislike seeing others' experience of this game get ruined by some people who claim to give you free credits and clintz of an insane amount.

User Name herethey get a percentage of clintz and credits off of what you buy.
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Code - The actual truth

by Unregistered Aug 16, 2011

Okay I'm an admin for urban rivals and I've noticed people trying to cheat others. The truth is that adding a sponsor is for the directors of Urban Rivals to find the most active users and give them bonuses. Only by entering an admins name into both the sponsor and promotional code boxes will you get any sort of a bonus. Mine is "dinorama" (no quotes.) If you do put this in both boxes then you still must buy credits to see any results, lest the site go broke and shutdown. Buy 1000 credits and you can get 4000 extra with the purchase.

Note: do not try saying its a lie when you don't even try it because you don't feel like spending the money. Only do this if you are willing to spend $45. This will allow you to get over 100 cards and make the account invincible.

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Code - Cheat urban rivals double credits(working)

by Unregistered Sep 03, 2014

Hello!I have searched on the internet cheats for urban rivals,and I found one that its really working(It´s a blog of a hacker that uses something to double the credits).This is what you must do:

1.Create a account ,WITH A FAKE EMAIL, then put this in ID:tiagoworgen ,and on the promotional code put what you want(Put one if you really know what It does).

2.Play at level 5 and when you receive Timber,go to Shop and buy 40 credits or more if you want.

3.Then send a message to him saying your FAKE EMAIL and he will duplicate the credits.

PS:If you want to duplicate more, buy again and use the code that the urban rivals gives you at buying credits and you will receive more 100%(of the duplicate)+(...)(the value of your code).If you want to contact him talk italian(Im spanish i don't know very much English) using the google Translation.

Enjoy your double credits :D .

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Code - Get Taylor and Castro from the Berzerks every time.

by danj666 Jul 29, 2011

I found out that if you put karnage66 as your sponsor when you buy either the Titanium pack, the full deck pack or the new blood pack then you nearly always get Castro or Taylor, sometimes both !

These are serious good cards, not only that Taylor sells for 20'000 clints on the market and Castro sells for 70'000 clints. So far I've received one of these every time I've put in this code, and when I put it in for the titanium pack I got both! Make sure you pick the Berzerks as one of your clans though or it crashes the app/window.

Have fun with your awesome cards.

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Code - This is the deal do it now cos promo code dont last for long

by Unregistered Oct 17, 2011

this is from the Walmart company they paid urban-rivals to get some kind of publicity trough sponsor and promo code SO here is the information ... PS: U DONT HAVE TO TRUST ME, IF U DONT JUST DONT READ THIS!

Sponsor ID: WalmartSponsor

Promo Code : WalmartLover

Gives: 50 credits!!! (Full Deck Booster)

250 Clintz!!!

Start with 16 cards instead of 8!!!

SO what are u waiting for :D!! try it

Sponsor ID : WalmartSponsor50 CREDITS!,,,250CLINTZ!,,,
Promo Code : WalmartLoverStart with 16 cards instead of 8!!!,,,!!!
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Code - Urban rival cheat

by Unregistered Aug 31, 2011

For all Aussies out there this is a cheat that only works in Australia. put sponsor name: Vegemite AU and you get 100 credits after reaching level five.

Vegemite100 credits once level 5 has been reached
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Code - 50% credit bonus

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

Create a new account. Enter Fangsman as your sponsor ID, and bloodnew
as a promo code. When you buy credits from the store you will get an extra
50% credit bonus and 3 packs of newblood

Fangsman50% Credit Bonus on all purchases
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Code - This really works for all places and devices.

by Unregistered Nov 21, 2011

Urban Rivals IS heavy with cheats.Type all the codes in the search box.

VansaarGet Vansaar after lvl 10.
TimberGet Timber after lvl 5.
Vegemite AUGet 5000 credits and clintz!
KennyGet the most legendary and rare character!
Nightmare ClanGet the WHOLE Nightmare Clan (including legendary characters.)
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Code - 20% more credits at Urban rivals

by Unregistered Sep 12, 2011

I use this yesterday and works. Only works with new accounts. When you create a new account, put in Sponsor nickname or ID Xalaus and the code M52XRC21, it's a promotion of Sponsorpay. At the first month you earn 20% more credits when you buy credits at credit's shop.

Xalaus20% more credits
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Code - 1 code,all other code are fake

by watcher00 Dec 20, 2010

i got this code from this site from 1newway00

i tryed them all but the only one that works was:

ID:ironlogic and the Promotioncode:745110

when i bought a 'full deck' in the store (not to expensive)
i got very good cards and a very good special one too.
that one i sold and bought other ones for them.
if i buy credits in the shop i select through 'sms' on my mobile.
i get a code and this i retyp on ruban rivals on my computer. easy
the best are the 'full deck'.

ID:ironlogicgood and special cards when get a small buy in the shop
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